Mar 062020

Singer and producer, Addie Brik is set to release a new single on
her own Itza Music label on the 6th of March 2020.

‘Take Me
To The Riverside’ is the latest track in an ongoing series of
digitally releases that feature some of Brik’s recently
re-discovered and sought after archive studio material. The new
single, the follow up to ‘When You Have’ and ‘I Know What I
Do’, is an inspired collaboration with the late and esteemed
Cameroonian musician, author and poet Francis Bebey.

and totally uplifting, the version here is originally from 2001 and
also features Terry Edwards on horns, Danny Frankel (drums) and Dan
Schwartz (bass).

Addie explains how it came about:

“Years ago, in Box, on a balmy hot sunny day at Peter
Gabriel’s writers week at Real World Studios, I was walking by a
cottage studio and stopped dead in my tracks to the most intriguing
music and sounds coming from it. I thought I’d linger a while to
listen and slunk down in the grass under the window where no one could
see me. In a little while a head popped out, gave me a jolt and said,
“if you want to hear, come in”. I did just that and that’s the
first time I met Francis Beybe and over the next years we became good

Originally from Savannah Georgia, the multi-
talented Addie Brik began writing poetry in her teens and this led to
the prestigious Naropa Institute where she was mentored by Allen
Ginsberg and famed CBS journalist John Steinbeck Jr. She joined a
young artist’s troupe on Francis Ford Coppola’s lot at Zoetrope
with such luminaries as Ed Harris and produced and acted in a
production of Sam Shepard’s Cowboy Blues there.

relocated to the UK in 1998 and taking musical inspiration from
artists such as Henry Purcell, Joni Mitchell, Serge Gainsbourg,
Washington Phillips, Shirley Collins, Joanna Newsom and Missy Elliott
her demo recordings were discovered by Peter Gabriel which led to a
deal with Geffen Records with the late Andy Gill of Gang of Four

Since then Addie Brik has collaborated with The
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Simple Minds, Plaid, Tarwater, Wendy and Lisa,
Sugarhill Gang, Luke Vibert, BJ Cole, members of Funkadelic, Fishbone,
Maxim Rysanov, Andrei Samsonov, HB Barnum (Aretha Franklin’s
legendary writer and arranger), Kate St. John and John Philip Shenale.
Her current album,‘I Have a Doctor Onboard’ was released on Itza
Music last year.