Oct 122012

Roxxor to be released during Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam, 12 October 2012 – The Australian producer Simon Worthington, AKA Distrakt, releases the Roxxor EP with Basserk Records. He will be flown over for a label night the 20th of October during the Amsterdam Dance Event.

This 4 track EP is full of his signature dark techno with electro influences. Title track ‘Roxxor’ is heavy hitting techno reminiscent of the high days of acid-tekno free parties. ‘Spiral’ follows the same lines, though slightly less pounding, whereas ‘6 AM’ has an electro twist with some Berlin influences for the afterhours. ‘Tits’ closes the EP with some bouncing madness.

Don’t believe us, believe the dj’s who have already given their support. Here’s some of the feedback:
Shameboy “I really love the new direction you’re going and think it should be a huge one for you!!!”
Sound Of Stereo “I Like Roxxor the best, great percussion vibe that’ll roll in the crowd.”
NT89 “Absolutely Love Roxxor! Full support!”
Shinichi Osawa “Roxxor is dope”
John Roman “Good stuff, a wide range of sounds. I think “Spiral” and “Roxxor” are my favourites of the group :)”
Rob de Large “Distrakt blendes his hard hitting techno with class and sophisticated grooves. A big leap up the ladder for this kid. Full support.”
Sovnger “ROXXOR IS FAT!”
Egotroopers “Spiral is the one for me, great sounds, great build up, great vibe…Distraktechno!!”
Denoizerz “Big work, love Roxxor”
Deface “Roxxor it’s a very “Spiral”trip”
Rufus Baxendale “I like Tits a lot.”
Monopunk “This is pure class!!!! Lovely work!!”
Shadow Dancer “Roxxor has a great techy white noise groove, one for peaktime…by contrast, the appropriately titled 6 AM finishes the EP with a wonky 90s electronica style to listen to on the sofa when you get home from the club.”
Acidroid “Oh yeah!! Diggin Spiral and Roxxor!”
Bryan Black (Motor) “Loving this new ep from Distrakt- ‘6 AM’ is something too beautiful to miss.”

Now listen to the EP yourself and form your own opinion:

On October 20th Distrakt will play alongside Roska, Nobody Beats The Drum, Spag Heddy and Blaxton on the Basserk label night ‘Riot!’ at the OT301 in Amsterdam for the ADE.

20 October 2012 @ OT301
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

21:00 – 22:00 Last Shop Standing screening
Entrance fee: €7,50 incl entry to RIOT! (Free with ADE festival pass)

22:00 – 05:00
Basserk presents RIOT! With Roska
Roska (UK), NBTD, Blaxton & Vincent-Paolo, Distrakt (AU) and Spag Heddy
Entrance fee: €10,- (Free with ADE festival pass)