Apr 292016


/DeathOven : Rebels Have
No Kings/

After it's predecessor from 2014. 'I Dreamt of a
Dragon', dreDDup's new release is out!! Seventh studio album from
serbian industrial rock band dreDDup is here! Full title of the record
is 'DeathOven:Rebels Have No Kings' . Album contains 10 new songs and
47 minutes of hard electronics. They like to call their genre –
demonic electronics. Album was recorded in the period 2014-2016 and
mixed in DURU studio in Novi Sad, Serbia. You can stream complete
record from YouTube or you can buy your digital copy directly form the
band and their Bandcamp page. dreDDup is currently looking for a
record label to release this album in hard copy.


01. Gillo Teen
02. I Dream
03. Pris
04. Disco-Taken
05. Zelia
06. VenoM
Flame still burns
08. ReMorse Code
09. Point of No Return
Lust Supper

album links::

Digital download from Bandcamp


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