Jan 122014

• HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 !!!

W We wish you a happy year 2014 and we thank you for your continuous support over the years !
In the same time, we are also very happy to welcome you on our brand new websites. We hope it helps you to discover our M-tronic and D-monic releases and buy them (if you wish) very easily ! Have a look here:

• BLACK LUNG “The business of selling” – 12″ Vinyl (M-tronic) -PRE-ORDER NOW
To celebrate the new year we are very happy to open the pre-orders for the long awaited new limited “The Business Of Seeling”.

Official release date is set for the 8th of february. Pre-orders will be shipped on the 22nd of january, reserve your copy before it is too late, only 300 copies worldwide !


Tracklisting :
A1. The Business Of Selling
A2. Access To Excess
A3. The Prophet Margin
B1. The Business Of Buying (Monster Zoku Onsomb! Remix)
B2. The Business Of Selling (Sir Real Remix)
B3. The Business Of Selling (Matta Remix)
Information :
Returning 4 years after the controversial and explosive releases ‘The Soul Consumer’ (on Ad Noiseam) and ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ (on Ant-Zen/Tympanik) Dee Thrussell reactivates the Black Lung project for a 12” vinyl release on the French M-tronic label 8th February 2014. Commissioned in mid-2013 the 6 track 12” contains 3 brand new tracks and 3 impressive remixes by talented artists such as Matta, Sir Real and australian friends Monster Zoku Onsomb!
The tracks are analogue heavy (yet perky) motivational pieces strategically designed for the inspiration and provision of ethical and sustainable business solutions in today’s turbulent corporate environment. A new kind of motivational resource, these energetic pieces are the perfect audio companion for high-powered corporate workshops, intense gym sessions, internal value conditioning and reflexive behavior modification.  Commissioned by The Pan-National Ayn Rand Institute and Patrons 2013. Original works composed by D. Thrussell (A&G Songs). Executed by Black Lung at Oak Manor & Gardens 2014.
Black Lung: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic outlook for the contemporary business environment.
“The Business Of Selling” Vinyl EP is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide and presents the best work of Black Lung so far, keeping the industrial touch but adding some massive analogic synths.

• GEOMATIC vs LAGOWSKI “Cosmochemistry” – CD (M-tronic) OUT NOW !

This album is the meeting between 2 great composers active in the wider industrial fields. Geomatic belongs to the most creative generation of talented composers, which is mainly inspired by tribal & IDM. Andrew Lagowski is an old servant of the industrial scene who explored multiple creative grounds, got involved in numerous collaborations and projects. “Cosmochemistry” is meant to be the symbolic key to enter in new/other dimensions.
This opus is a brilliant production: Geomatic remains faithful to its typical Eastern-mystic atmospheres and tribal influences we discovered on outstanding albums like “Blue Beam” and “64 Light Years Away”. The input of Lagowski appears in the darker and sometimes experimental passages of this work.
The album features 9 cuts, which progressively rise to an absolute apotheosis, and finishes with two brilliant remixes by the french industrial duo Ex_Tension and Dj Element (aka Laurent Le Fers label manager at M-tronic).
The progression of the tracks left breathless. Both artists perfectly know the way to built up a song until it reaches a pure sonic orgasm. “Plasma Spirals” is the ultimate track in the genre, which gets you in its grip for more than 8 minutes.  The electronic treatments are absolutely awesome. Moving in between space-like tones, cold sound waves and Eastern inspired atmospheres this opus brings you in a state of trance.
“Cosmochemistry” first of all is pure sound chemistry and will be for sure one of the best albums of 2014 !


• JENX “DRIFT” [By Lyynk]- CD (M-tronic) OUT NOW !

We are happy to announce you that we have just received the new Jenx album entitled “Drift”, it comes in a splendid 4 panels digisleeve on matte paper as you can see below.

DRIFT is new JENX’s album revisited by Lyynk (keyboard / sound designer from the french industrial-­metal band). This album is a real electro industrial explosion to be compared with the best songs of the likes of Frontline Assembly or Die Krupps, massive production and killers hits for the dancefloor!

Inspired by Enuma Elish, their last album released in 2012, Lyynk creates with DRIFT a total revisit of Jenx’s tracks, on which he had participated in the initial composition. A completely re-imagined content, an alternative version of Enuma Elish through a deep immersion into Lyynk’s world, much more electro – industrial, and experimental, drawing his influences from both Nine Inch Nails, Die Krupps, but also Depeche Mode, Digitalism or Aphex Twin. Beyond a single remix, DRIFT is the result of the wish to deconstruct the work that had been done, and the possibility to take Jenx’s music in a real different way. Drums are replaced with electro and samples, synths substitute for real guitars, harmonic progressions are completely rewritten. Rearrangements, destruction or development of ideas from Enuma Elish, DRIFT uses several methods : musical decomposition or recovery of elements, always in an electro , industrial and experimental spirit. With 6 tracks and a 40-­‐minutes album, DRIFT is the culmination of a reflection on both substance and form.



We are  very proud to present and exclusive line-up for the 18th edition of our festival at MJC Picaud in Cannes (France):

Followed by an after-party


More info and tickets (only 13 euros) here:

•  Astrolab “Till this river runs dry” – CD – (D-monic)  OUT NOW !

Out now is the fantastic debut album of Astrolab “Till this river runs dry”  !

Instinctive assembly of three fully aware beings, ASTROLAB evolves between shoegaze, cold wave and electro. From the city of Nice, south of France (known for bands like Corpus Delicti, Press Gang Metropol, Curl ..), their music shows an instinctive composing, mixing experimental music and barbed riffs, lucid writing, sometimes resentful, often sour.
With their debut album “Till this river runs dry”, ASTROLAB enforces immediately its touch, atmosphere : noisy, melodic, dismantled, mixing effects and biting energy. Imagine what could be a musical meeting between Jesus And Mary Chain, Placebo, Muse and Virgin Prunes !
Here is an impressive and most promising debut you will remember for a long time !
Format :
2 panels Digisleeve  on matte paper + booklet


• MONOLOG signs on D-monic …

We are happy to announce that our next D-monic release will be the album of MONOLOG “Hasta la evolucion”, MONOLOG is a great band from the city of Nizza (south of France), if you like David Bowie, Editors, Gary Marx .. you will enjoy it for sure !


17/01/2014: Neon Electronics @ Le Klub (Paris – France)
08/02/2014: Press Gang Metropol @ Industrial #18 Festival (Cannes – France)

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