May 102010

hymen records. 05may2k10

new releases on hymen records:


01 begin (jeremy zuckerman remix)
02 slipping (nebulo remix)
03 byproducts (deru remix)
04 coiled (jeremy zuckerman remix)
05 noctilucent (anon remix)
06 endless (rekt remix)
07 artificial (ginormous remix)
08 gleaming (a034 remix)
09 mountain (hecq remix)
10 skye (salt remix)
11 robot (volum remix)
12 vacuum (groovemusher remix)
13 procession (miles maeda remix)
14 magpie (ginormous remix)

the word ginormous is a neologism, a hybrid of the words gigantic and
enormous, meaning ‘bigger than big.’ gi + normous. two words meaning
the same thing, squished together to form a new word, conveying a sum
greater than its parts. the music of ginormous has attempted to fuse
together emotions to form even bigger emotions, setting out to
sonically map landscapes that are bigger than big. but what of the
leftover parts of those source words, e + gantic?

this collection of remixes looks at the emotional landscapes of
ginormous’ music from an eclectic variety of new perspectives. on hymen
records’ first digital-only release you will hear eleven artists’
interpretations of ginormous’ work, plus two remixes by ginormous
himself. these 14 tracks showcase an array of genre-bending facets of
contemporary electronica, ranging from chilling to stimulating,
hypnotic to propellant. egantic features well-known artists like
nebulo, deru and hecq, as well as performers that might be new to the
listener, like jeremy zuckerman and groovemusher. try this set you will
know what ‘egantic’ is all about!

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release date: 26april2k10

all hymen releases are available via ant-zen mailorder-service
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