Aug 032014


“JX-EP” (WR050, 2014)


1. Zeleny Acid (5:18)

2. Natt (3:38)

3. 7 (4:00)

4. Night147 (2:10)

5. PS-5 (5:18)

All the track are written and produced by Leonardo Barbadoro.

Mastering: Leonardo Barbadoro.

Design: Eric Adrian Lee. Concept: Leonardo Barbadoro.

Photography: Leonardo Barbadoro.

The 25 July 2014 JX-EP, the new EP by Koolmorf Widesen will be published on Wil-Ru Records in audio-cassettes and digital format. Coming all the way from Florence, Italy, Koolmorf Widesen (Leonardo Barbadoro) has already established himself as a producer to watch with his previous works which include two full length albums Koolmorf Widesen (ECG, 2007), Melodies Fork Now (EVES, 2009) and most recently a two track single called Stun E Day (Phaked, 2010). The previous works by Koolmorf Widesen span an eclectic variety of genres including IDM, glitch, ambient, electroacoustic, breakcore, jungle, acid techno and experimental music. After a four year silence, Koolmorf returns to the spotlight with his stunning new release JX-EP – a five track EP of dedicated acid music that should grab the attention of any aficionado of the genre. Immensely complex, melodically intricate and rich in atmospheric tension, JX-EP utilizes dynamic coatings of synthesized sounds to create a dark and eerie sonic space that looms overhead a frenzy of aggressive chopped android beats that effortlessly shift in tempo and complexity with acute precision throughout the duration of the EP. Over 20 minutes of highly driven, energized acid/electro tracks that will simultaneously blow your mind and send chills down your spine. Recorded direct to tape using mostly analog gear, Leonardo Barbadoro has proven to be a master of his craft and an exceedingly talented producer to keep your eyes on for future releases.