Dec 102010

At long last, JG Thirlwell’s album The Venture Bros: The Music of JG Thirlwell is available once more in the shop. Don’t miss it this time!
Venture Bros Season Four Part One is now available on DVD. The discs contain eight episodes, brimming with new scores by JG Thirlwell. It is available at Amazon, the Adult Swim store and many fine retailers.

The acclaimed new Foetus album HIDE is now available from iTunes and other digital retailers, as well as at the Foetus Shop. It is also available on CD in a luxurious digipack exclusively from the site, and comes packed with a 5″ x 5″ sticker of the striking album artwork, signed in gold by JG Thirlwell himself.

"(on Hide) there is a strong soundtrack vibe; film noir and the aforementioned Morricone being spliced together with Thirlwell’s own vision. This is nothing new to Thirlwell but on Hide he takes this formula further and gets more out of these different strands than on even his last album Love. He brings new influences to bear on "Oilfields" where the ghost of Giuseppe Verdi and the still-living soul of Arvo Pärt meet….The music pulses with an urgency that matches the paranoia of Thirlwell’s lyrics and the album’s title becomes an imperative command; go underground to escape the inevitable doom."

– John Kealy,
"It is soundtrack music in the extreme, full of ridiculously overstated strings and bombast….Fans who have been wondering what happened to the musical terrorist Foetus should be heartened by Hide. Like all of his best work, it is a CD that keeps you guessing all the way through. "

– Greg Brarbrick, Seattle Post Intelligencer

"'Hide' unquestionably marks yet another fantastic addition to the already astounding Foetus catalogue, and is one of those albums that demands repeat listening, and lots of it."

 "…In all honesty, Hide may just be the best thing he's recorded under the Foetus name since the halcyon days of his Hole, Nail and Thaw albums. It's filled with the same massive, epic sonics as the aforementioned releases, but filtered through a lens with its eye on the sort of orchestral sounds he's perfected in his Manorexia guise, not to mention his recent score work for the Venture Brothers television series….Ambition is something that Thirlwell has always offered in generous doses, but with Hide, he successfully balances ambition and subtlety and what results is an album that stands as one of his best ever records under any moniker, and will go down as one of my favorite releases of 2010. If you dare to walk the vast, gorgeous sonic landscape created on Hide, you'll find riches aplenty." – Mikey "IQ" Jones,

JG Thirlwell’s Manorexia will be playing a rare show on a bill with Californian string ensemble Calder Quartet at Le Poisson Rouge on January 9 2011. Manorexia will be premiering some new arrangements, including some works from the forthcoming surround sound Manorexia album “Dinoflagellate Blooms”. This exciting night of progressive contemporary chamber music is sure to sell out so get your tickets now.

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