Jun 192011


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To celebrate 10 years of this incredible and impossible adventure, we release this gorgious Box cd feat a best of all releases from Runes and Men, Hauruck!SPQR to SPQR label. Old and new friends contributes also with exclusive and unreleased tracks,  13 songs feat: Ain Soph, Mushroom’s Patience, Egida Aurea, The Green Man, Ballo delle Castagne, Ignis Vrbis Mithrae, Der Feuerkreiner, Hautville, etc…

The Box CD will be available only via SPQR label and Tesco Organisation distribution.

Thank you very much to all people and bands  supporting us across these 10 years.

You know who you are and you know what you did !

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We are also very proud of Egida Aurea and The Green Man performing last WGT.

Great venue,perfect organization and over 500 people join the party last saturday.

Stay tuned and be ready for next year….

Still Fresh:

The Green Man – Horus Calling- cdr – 10 €

Egida Aurea – La mia piccola guerra – cd – 13 €

Ballo delle Castagne – Kalachakra – cd digipack – 13 €

Egida Aurea – Storia di una rondine – mcd – 10 €

All orders to: info@hauruckspqr.com