Nov 202012
After Pokorny Music Solutions have with the “Diskothek80” a new compilation series started successfully with the best dancefloor fillers and party smashes, the young German label now goes into the 90s.
Hardly another decade put his main musical feature on the dance floor and techno scene. The 90s brought many hits for bands and artists like Haddaway, Captain Hollywood Project, Intermission, X-Perience, Masterboy or the techno project U96.
So now it’s time, and also finally possible with “Diskothek90” the seminal songs in their unforgettable maxi and remixes enjoy compressed on one double CD. Once Pokorny Music Solutions invites from 30.11.2012 you to enjoy the fascination of this musical decade again with all his strength and danceability and to live through.
Track Listing:
CD 1:
01. BASS BUMPERS – The Music’s Got Me (Charismatic Mix) 6:10
02. HADDAWAY – What Is Love (12 “Mix) 6:40
03. B.G. THE PRINCE OF RAP – The Colour Of My Dreams (Dreamidnight Mix) 5:24
04th Loft – Love Is Magic (Extended Original Version) 5:00
05th RED 5 – I Love You … Stop! (Extended Mix) 6:20
06th ROLLERGIRL – Dear Jessie (Digglers Long Mix) 6:12
07th GIGI D’AGOSTINO – Another Way (Dance Mix) 7:42
08th Capella – U Got 2 Let The Music (Mars Plastic Mix) 5:46
09th GARCIA – Vamonos (Hey Chico Are You Ready) (Extended Mix) 6:13
10th X-Perience – A Neverending Dream (Extended Version) 4:26
11th CHYP-NOTIC – I Can not Get Enough (12 “Version) 5:32
CD 2:
01. U96 – Das Boot (Techno Version) 5:14
02. CB MILTON – It’s A Loving Thing (Extended Mix) 5:54
03. WHIGFIELD – Saturday Night (Extended Nite Mix)
04th Masterboy – I Got To Give It Up (Italo Mix) 5:24
05th JAM & SPOON – Right In The Night (Extended Version) 6:05
06th INTERMISSION – Piece Of My Heart (Extended Version) 6:50
07th CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD PROJECT – More And More (Extended Version) 6:20
08th CANDY BEAT – Sax’y (Extended Version) 5:24
09th ACE OF BASE – All That She Wants (12 Inch Version) 6:49
10th RED STAR – Wind Of Change (Long Version) 6:25
11th 49ers – Touch Me (Sexual Version) 6:06