Nov 022010
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The Trepanation Nation
Release Date: November 2nd
Digital release only

Trephining  is a medical intervention in which a hole is drilled or scraped into the human skull, exposing the dura mater in order to treat health problems related to intracranial diseases. Trepanation is also used as an elective surgery or extreme body modification to increase the “brain blood volume” in order to attempt to gain further consciousness and sometimes a permanent high.

Do you have a Headache, looking for that ultimate rush, or just can’t remember where you put your keys?  Polluted Axis has something to make you feel much better.  The Trepanation Nation is Polluted Axis’s highly anticipated debut album on Crunch Pod.  The Trepanation Nation will cure what’s been ailing you;  it will infiltrate your brain with catchy grooves and clog your mind infectious distortion;  all done with such a minimalistic style that you wouldn’t even know your being “improved” until it’s over.  Assisting Polluted Axis with the procedure will be C/A/T , Endif, and Sinsect with remixes. The DAQ Cave Studios makes sure the procedure is nice and neat by mastering it while  James Ashley provides excellent album art to keep your eyes busy while The Trepanation Nation works its magic.

Now please sit back and relax, the procedure is about to begin.



– Increased Brain Blood Volume
02 – The Trepanation Nation
03 – Have Ether, Will Drill
04 – Squick
05 – The Trephining Manual

06 – Trep-o-matic 2000 (The Home Trepanation Kit)
07 – The Trepanation Nation (Endif Remix)
08 – The Trepanation Nation (Sinsect Remix)
09 – The Trepanation Nation (C/A/T Remix)

If you buy The Trepanation Nation directly from Crunch Pod, you will get a bonus remix by KiEw. The remix will not be made available on any other digital download sites. Just to Crunch Pod's only.



To Piss You Off
Release Date: Novermber 16th

and Physical release (CD)

Pissing you off.  It's something Ben Arp has strived to achieve since starting his project, C/A/T, in the late 1990s.  After numerous EPs and three studio albums, Arp brings his C/A/T project back to Crunch Pod to release a definitive "Best Of" album that spans the most productive period of the band, 2005 – 2010.

Voted on by fans of the band via a poll on Arp's website, "Music To Piss YOU Off", features tracks like "Smashed (v2)" and "(We Make) Music To Piss You Off" which got C/A/T noticed in the dark underground club circuit.  Fan voting also led to some of the more abstract work that Arp is known for, such as the endcap to 2008's concept album "The Great Crisis" and the downtempo "The Brink Of Self-Destruciton" from 2009's "We Are Still Alive" EP.

The tentative street date for this release is November 16th, 2010 on both CD and digital formats. Songs that will be on the "Best Of"


Make) Music To Piss You Off
Smashed (v2)

Shoot To Kill (Reloaded)
We Are Still Alive
Left For Dead
Dead To Me
Live With Myself (Single Edit)
Theme From The Great Crisis

The Prisoner
The Brink Of Self-Destruction

Bonus Track: Bunnyman

Arp states that his goal with this "best of" album is to "create a good starting point for newcomers to C/A/T".  Arp also added that "I hope having this CD at the merch booth for future shows will make the answer to 'Which album should I buy first?' a simple question to answer!" While Arp's Crunch Pod label is primarily a digital-only entity now, "Music To Piss YOU Off" will be available as both a CD and downloadable release.

C/A/T, as a live act, is once again comprised of Ben Arp and Erica Dunham (Unter Null / Stray) and is looking for one off dates to support this new album.  Interested parties should contact the band directly at:

Arp is also working on a new C/A/T album titled "The Scene Broke My Heart" and is planning on a Spring 2011 release for the new album.

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