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5th October 2013
control freak records CFR444
C2 QUADRANTS: the stories of four

I threatened new C2 for years, there was a fair bit of material binned that never felt quite right. But a nightmare triggered a chain of events that drove me, over the past few years, to realise a project that has truly kept me vertical through some extremely difficult times, reaffirmed my love for a handful of very supportive humans, and produced a collection of work that I am the most proud of anything I have touched in my 20+ years involvement in underground electronic music.


I am pleased to announce the long overdue fourth full-length album from C2 entitled QUADRANTS: the stories of four is now available at http://control.bandcamp.com along with the companion book the stories of four.

01 – scream in the mirror
02 – everything dies
03 – suffering
04 – four on the floor
05 – hit and run [part 1]
06 – red noise [part 1]
07 – racing heart
08 – broken reception
09 – open sores
10 – the city
11 – portals
12 – open the door [part 1]
13 – hit and run [part 2]
14 – red noise [part 2]
15 – scream in the broken mirror
16 – open the door [part 2]
Forged in the solar powered fires of a makeshift garden shed studio, the project centres on a journey into an AM radio nightmare of a man haunted by the noise, the number 4 and four dead sirens. The soundtrack for this journey was developed with much of the sound design and filtering based on old or broken technology including transistor radios and video cassette decks. C2 has always courted a wide range of styles and this release has tracks ranging from dark cinematic, to noise, to power noise, to industrial disco. Genre tags are less important than what I want C2 to be, honest, raw, dark, vulnerable, inquisitive, breathable but not afraid to stomp a little. Spoiler alert, if you demand 24bit gloss and shine, or piles of over-distorted loops to accessorise your hard and dark fashion, it isn’t in here. The two EPs, SANGUINE EP (beats) and MELANCHOLIC EP (noise), were constructed using only sound source from each quadrant of 4 tracks on the album to make 4 totally new compositions for each EP.


For the first time in C2 history there is a vocal track and given the storyline between the everyman character and the four sirens, there is male and female spoken word throughout the album. I want to thank my friends, the voices you hear on these releases, Trevor Weeks and Cameo Wood for their contributions and for trusting me to hack their words.

The visual elements for the project depended heavily on the development of the four sirens based upon the four classical human temperaments. Long time C2 and control.org cover photographer Arvin Clay took this on and with the outlines of the story, provided visual collateral that you will see on the web, video, album and book. This helped me to finalise the text and also provided inspiration for some of the audio and the EPs. The melancholic siren is Kat Weaver, the choleric siren is Rachel Weichbrodt, the sanguine siren is Vanessa Voorhees and the phlegmatic siren is Sarah Zeffiro. I’d like to thank these women for their slightly disturbing willingness to portray dead chicks and for bringing the story to life, so to speak.
Quick shouts to the ultra early adopters on good old terrestrial radio shows who premiered tracks to get things going. Cyberage, Dark Essence, Industrial Factory, High Voltage Circumcision Show. Cheers!

There is room for this project to grow with with further audio, writing and film. With no means to subsidise pop emulating promotion, no fashionable label and a total disinterest in ripping us all off via corporate aggregators, I am depending on humans to give this work a chance and to help share the project. My literal blood and guts are in this work and I’m stronger for it so I want to share. It costs nothing to listen to all the material. More importantly, I want us to look out for each other. Call out if you are in a bad place. Let’s collectively close fewer doors.


Some doors you open, some are slammed in your face, others you are pushed through. Which do you choose? Welcome to the four.

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