Jan 282011

Sparkle in Grey & Tex La Homa:
“Whale Heart, Whale Heart”

with Andrea Ferraris, mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

12” vinyl LP, limited edition 150 copies, 180 gr. + Download (mp3 / FLAC)

whale heartIt’s the kind of album you want to put on continuously just to escape life’s erratic pace and start focusing on what really matters. […] Simply Beautiful” FOXY DIGITALIS (F. Galbrun)

“An emptiness is felt after the disappearance of such beauty.” THE SILENT BALLET (Greg Norte)

“Mellow music by and for mellow people, I’d say. Very enjoyable. Nice one!” VITAL WEEKLY (Frans de Waard)

“A nostalgic and shared afflatus that contemplates the life and death cycle.” RUMORE (Vittore Baroni)

“Un’alchimia davvero riuscita” ROCKIT (Gioele Valenti)

“Una delizia strumentale, 20 minuti di puro piacere sonico per i quali ringraziarli” IL MUCCHIO (Giovanni Linke)

Label: Black Fading / Grey Sparkle / Musica di un Certo Livello.
Distribution: Audioglobe (ITA) / Experimedia (USA)

LP (including shipping costs):
16 Euros (Italy)
20 Euros (EU)
22 Euros (
Outside EU)

8 Euros
(Bandcamp) / also available on iTunes and other digital retailers.

LISTEN / BUY HERE: http://www.greysparkle.com/sig/album_15_whale_heart.htm

SEE A VIDEO PROMO HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atYy4ckmbs0&feature=player_embedded


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