Mar 132020
March 11, 2020 – San Antonio-based dark electronic
band SHADOW FASHION are proud to announce the release of their new
video and single, "Children Of The Night."

For fans of:
Depeche Mode, The Cure and New Order

Check out the video

The theme of the song speaks of
the loneliness and isolation we have all gone through at times.
However, it is important to realize that we are never truly alone as
we are surrounded by our friends, family, and loved ones.

As a
scene we are fortunate to have clubs, DJ's, promoters and musicians
who understand the importance of community. At the "end of the day,"
we are all "Children Of The Night."

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Mar 122020
Marco Colonna – Fili 
new album for clarinets and loop station – CD and digital – release
date 13th march 2020 – Niafunken – dist. Audioglobe

dedicated to Maria Lai
Marco Colonna: clarinets,

Marco Colonna is back with a new album where he explores
all the different aspects and potentials of bass clarinet and
clarinets in general, the focus of his research in the recent
This work, inspired by Sardinian experimental artist, Maria
Lai, opens to new influences and the use of loops and electronics, a
different approach to composition for solo clarinet that leads to a
more “orchestral” approach and doesn't turn his sound into pure
electronics, keeping the acoustic element the core of his poetic.

Tracklisting: 1. Maria Pietra / 2. Fili / 3. SOS Berbos / 4. A
Matita / 5. Farina e Pianto/ 6. Pane / 7. Pietra / 8.


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Mar 092020
Following recent releases ‘Cats For Kings’ and ‘Deformer
1988’, London six piece Mass Datura are set to share the final piece
of a triptych of tracks from their forthcoming album ‘Wish
Untitled’ to coincide with a headline show at The Shacklewell Arms
on the 28th of March 2020.
‘Tongue Bones’ was recorded
with producer Nico Brusq at the Capitola Analogue studio in the South
of France. The studio’s remote location and derelict decor inspired
the track’s whimsical yet eerie feel. Primarily recorded live off
the floor using a Tascam 2” reel to reel, the track aims to capture
the band’s ability to cross genres and accentuate dynamic

Constructed by frontman Thomas Rowe together with
Tyler Mcleod and edited by Daisy Dickinson, the visual concept of the
release aims to bring the new album artwork to life and introduce the
audience to the idea of polarization The lyrics were written under an
altered state of DMT in Tom Furse’s (The Horrors) garden and
thematically intertwines the concept of past lives limiting current
potential through broken dreams and inexplicable sexual energy.
Ultimately culminating with a fragmented sense of hope… “there’s
not a planet in the sky that would fall for you but I still believe in
your Tongue Bone’.

This new LP is the band’s follow up to
their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Sentimental Meltdown’
which saw Mass Datura compared to The Flaming Lips and Animal
Collective, and play a celebrated spot at the Liverpool Psych Festival
alongside tours with Black Angels, A Place to Bury Strangers, Black
Mountain and Greg Ashley.

Thomas Rowe writes surprising and
playful songs that draw from an unusually broad patchwork of personal
experiences. He grew up in a working-class family next door to a First
Nations Reservation on Vancouver Island, became a sponsored
skateboarder in San Francisco, and is now a bespoke shoemaker in
London. He’s also published three of his own idiosyncratic poetry
books and exhibited his collage art in galleries in the capital.

Following a recent and successful UK tour with Canadian psych
rockers Black Mountain (jagjaguar), the Mass Datura line up of Thomas
Rowe (guitar & vocals), Patrick Bartlett (drums), Joseph Colkett
(bass), Christy Taylor (synths & mellotron), Leanne Roberts
(violin & vocals) and The Horrors’ Joshua Hayward (pedal steel
guitar) will play a London show at The Shacklewell Arms in Dalston on
Saturday the 28th of March 2020. More live dates will be announced in
the very near future.





Mar 092020
artist Justin ‡ Symbol (aka Star Daddy) has released the official
music video for "Mothra ft DJ Swamp." Shot by LaChelle Claypool and
Chloe D'cay, "Mothra" is off of the artist's recently released LP,
Candy Man.
Check out the video

came from a beat by DJ Swamp, the o.g. master of dark gothic hip hop.
I had gotten a ticket that day and was pissed at the meter maid. I was
able to channel my rage into an industrial trap vortex about lumbering
through L.A. like a Godzilla villain! Ryan Lynch's awesome guitar
brought the track home and gave it that heavy metal touch." – Justin

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Mar 072020
Belgian industrial act REALITY'S
DESPAIR is proud to announce the release of their new full-length
release, Melancholic Disposition.
For fans of: Suicide
Commando, Evil's Toy & Terminal Choice

Check out the video
for "Like Bootes void" HERE:

the lyrics deal with societal and human decline, the supernatural, the
occult and aliens, musically REALITY'S DESPAIR can be categorised as
ebm / dark electro with a strong 90's feel and with heavily-distorted

"The album consists of rhythmic tracks that take
listeners away in the 90s, when EVIL’S TOY and the early works of
the SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS clanked the scene. Elements of Old-school EBM
add rhythm, so some tracks may fit Post-Industrial dancefloor. Good
smooth album, which can be called a great return to the 90s. Again." –
Reflections of Darkness

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