Dec 072019
Los Angeles synth act
More Ephemerol consists of members Sea Fjerstad and Tamara Sky. Though
the project has one previously released LP, "Fractal Bath", featuring
an array of experimental compositions by Sea, the new material ditches
all digital instruments and adds the voice and presence of Sky to the
equation, establishing More Ephemerol as a strictly analog synth duo,
delivering a newly focused sound inspired by the likes of proto-new
wave/minimal wave favorites such as Experimental Products, The Modern
Mannequins, Turquoise Days, Oppenheimer Analysis, and early Human
'Cult Classics' discusses the human desire to be
accepted into groups of individuals who we feel completely outside of,
or invisible to. The lyrics focus on intrigue and the raw sort of
vulnerability within this rather universal desire.

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Dec 072019
release new video for

Kill Your Boyfriend unveil an official video for

After unveiling
their new song Elizabeth last week, Kill Your Boyfriend have released
an official video for the track.
The video, directed by Blau!,
follows a woman’s gradual descent into a world of madness and
hallucinations, represented by the band’s sinister incursions. The
morbid obsession of the character with her loved one intensifies
throughout their relationship, until the tragic ending, in a mix of
ironic absurdity and a taste for the Italian horror classics of
Argento, Bava and Avati.

Elizabeth, the new single of Kill Your
Boyfriend, was released on Friday 29th November, by Depths Records.
The B-side features a remix by Preoccupations (formerly known as Viet
Cong) guitarist Daniel Christiansen.

The band, which formed in
Venice, Italy in 2011, is an artistic collaboration between
singer-guitarist Matteo Scarpa, standing somewhere in between a
doomsday teller and a possessed Rockabilly shouter, and drummer
Antonio Angeli, who perfectly sets the frantic and tachycardic pace
for the Noir and Post-industrial tales of his partner in

Streaming, digital download and limited edition 7"
transparent red vinyl
available here:


directed by: Blau!
cast: Irene Lay, Davide
cinematographer: Lorenzo Pezzano
editor &
colorist: Alice Lorenzon
gaffer: Gianluca Cecconello
hair &
makeup: Alice Riccoboni
set photographer: Alberto
equipment: Buona Visione, Re-Movie
thanks to: Benedetta
Albertini, Diletta Albertini, Giovanna Agrimi, Giancarlo Angeli,
Stefano Bidoggia, Daiana Bianco, Manola Carraro, Susanna Crespan,
Maurizio De Salvo, Vittorio De Marin, Alessandro Guagno, Francesca
Janes, Diego Menegaldo, Silvia Oliva, Giulia Parin, Andrea Piz, Elisa

Upcoming Tour Dates:
07/12: Catania (IT) –
08/12: Avellino (IT) – Black House Blues
30/01: London (UK)
– The Old Blue Last
31/01: Manchester (UK) – The Peer Hat

01/02: Leeds (UK) TBA
04/02: Glasgow (UK)

Dec 052019
Multi-genre artist Justin ‡ Symbol has released the official music
video for "Trash Fire (ft. VoKillz & Angel Nightmare)". Directed
& Shot by Ricky Rubinson, "Trash Fire" is off of the artist's new
album, Candy Man.

"On this album, I threw the rule book aside
of what people think I am supposed to be. I took trap, metal,
goth/industrial, witch house, and techno and threw it in a blender.
All of my influences are present, and I am creating the album I would
most want to hear. 'Candy Man' is the soundtrack to my version of the
Apocalypse: it's colorful, it's sexual, it's psychedelic, it's dark
and it's fun at the same time. Why should the end of the world be

Check out the video for "Trash Fire"

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Dec 042019
Waiting for the
new album that will mark a decisive evolution in the sound of the
Italian-French artist, Kaouenn returns with a single that is an
unexpected gift!
'Les Hiboux' is an unexpected single: a
track originally included in Kaouenn's self-titled debut album ('S/t'
2016, Ph37 SoundLab) – through which the musician had the chance to
perform in Italy, France, Belgium and Switzerland – the song is a
successful remix experiment by John Delive, producer coming from the
Rotterdam techno/trance scene and currently based in
Accompanied by a psychedelic video by Fabio
Cotichelli – Video Ex Machina (the creator of the previous video for
'Black Owl'), 'Les Hiboux' shows a new obscure, tantalizing and
well-made 'dancing mood', which immediately made a hole in the soul of
the author, always interested in beating unexplored paths from his
other projects in music. A gift for a friend.


"Les Hiboux was the first
song composed for my debut album, and, surely, it is one of the most
significant: directly inspired by the poem ‘The Owls' by Charles
Baudelaire – taken from ‘The Flowers of Evil' – highlights the
ambivalent nature of these animals, ancient and mysterious idols,
owning a wisdom from which the common man is excluded, and, at the
same time, maximum representatives of the darkness. Compared to them
man is a fragile shadow.”

Kaouenn is a creature born in 2014
from the imagination of an expatriated Italian musician in France.
Active since the early 2000s in various bands such as Butcher Mind
Collapse, Lebowski and Jesus Franco & The Drogas, the solo project
Kaouenn debuts in 2016 with the eponymous album which is well received
by European critics. At the base there is the need to stage a
multi-sensory and hypnotic show, based on musical and visual
performance, with an oblique approach between genres: psychedelia,
electronic, post-punk, trip-hop, new-wave, exotica,

Credits & Tracklist
Kaouenn | Vocals,
guitars, synthesizers, samples, programming
Remixing and mastering:
John Delive @ Bessel Sound Studio, Barcelona (ES)Recording and
editing: Kaouenn @ Ph37 Soundlab, Nice (FR)
Artwork and layout:
Music: KaouennLyrics: adaptation of the poem ‘Les
Hiboux’ by Charles Baudelaire, taken from ‘Les Fleurs du Mal’,
English translation by William Aggeler (Fresno, CA: Academy Library
Guild, 1954)Video: Fabio Cotichelli / Video Ex MachinaPhotos:
Caterina Fattori

Side A: Les Hiboux Remix
Side B: Les
Hiboux Remix (Video Edit)

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Dec 042019


A Perfect Cut in the Vacuum

(無常 Anitya Records/Acanto)

«The only legal trip you can take. A hypnotic sound experience. A perfect cut in the vacuum»

A Perfect Cut in the Vacuum” is the title of the new album by the Italian musician and producer Paolo Tarsi, released on his label Anitya Records in collaboration with Acanto. The album was released a few weeks after the success of the single “Seven Nights Awake”, which was released in collaboration with the producer Francesco Novara, and climbed the Swedish iTunes charts, reaching seventh position (Top Songs Electronic).

The 21 tracks on this new release – which consists of two CDs – pulsate towards a climax where ever more intense sounds follow one another, as if in an immense celestial dance. Ambient sounds merge with Kosmische Musik and progressive, via techno and electro, peaking in the irresistible universe of synth pop.

The first CD, entitled “Unique Forms of Continuity in Sound”, features ideas from “Furniture Music for New Primitives”, the solo debut album released for Cramps and unanimously accepted as one of the best records of 2015.

It’s a sound investigation that explores the sense of anxiety of the emptiness innate in human nature, a Horror Vacui that the early inhabitants of the Earth tried to fill by reproducing images of everyday scenes on the bare walls of caves. This is exactly the opposite condition to that faced by mankind today, completely saturated with media inputs corresponding to an excess of stimuli, generating a sort of Horror Pleni – a horror of overflow – in contrast to the ancient Horror Vacui of prehistoric man.

In contrast the second CD “Artificially Intelligent”, moves in the direction of an increasingly accentuated digitization, through a panorama of synthetic sounds. It addresses the ever-current theme of artificial intelligence, in perfect balance between experimentation and pop attitude.

Paolo Tarsi (1984) is a composer of electronic and chamber music. He writes for the theatre and video art, working regularly with visual artists, DJs, film-makers, galleries and contemporary art museums. He specialized in composition with the Oscar award winner Luis Bacalov and collaborates with musicians from the sophisticated avant-garde, as well as with leading figures in the electronic, jazz and rock scenes (Esecutori di Metallo su Carta, Calibro 35, Litfiba, CCCP, CSI, Diaframma, Area). His compositions have been performed in classic locations of contemporary music such as the Spectrum in New York and he has made music for video art and installations presented at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry (UK), as well as at the last editions of the Athens Digital Arts Festival (Greece) and Synthetic Mediart Festival (Taipei, Taiwan). In 2018, he published his first book, entitled “L’algebra delle lampade” (“The Algebra of Lamps”), available from Ventura.

A Perfect Cut in the Vacuum: collaborations & special guests

A Perfect Cut in the Vacuum” features artists who have contributed to reshaping the aesthetic canons of an musical revolution. This begins with some legends of electronics, such as the violinist Hoshiko Yamane from Tangerine Dream with and the renowned keyboardist Steve Schroyder, as well as Lothar Manteuffel of Elektric Music and three former Kraftwerk members: Emil Schult, Eberhard Kranemann and Fernando Abrantes.

The presence of the latter is particularly significant when we consider that, during the course of his career, the brilliant Düsseldorf group was engaged in collaborations with stars such as David Bowie, the band’s first supporter before the media, and also with Michael Jackson (the greatest star on the planet would apparently have liked to entrust the production of “Thriller” to Kraftwerk, but this was then passed into the hands of Quincy Jones).

Still others come from equally important and significant experiences, such as King Crimson, Tuxedomoon, Henry Cow, National Health, Area, Afterhours, Ulan Bator, Rheingold, along with session men who recorded alongside Brian Eno (“Here Come the Warm Jets”), Radiohead (“Amnesiac”), Soft Machine (“Third”, “Fourth”), Bryan Ferry, Neu!, faUSt, Ash Ra Tempel, Caravan, Hatfield and the North, as well as some of the main protagonists of the electronic scene and contemporary music, such as Robin ‘Scanner’ Rimbaud, DJ Ralf, Andrea Tich, Valerio Cosi, Alek Hidell, Violres and Fauve! Gegen A Rhino.

Bad Consumers: the exhibition

Bad Consumers” is the title of the exhibition that anticipated the release of the album “A Perfect Cut in the Vacuum”, previewing the artwork and videos made by Luca Domeneghetti, Roberto Rossini and Emil Schult – artist, musician and co-author of songs such as “Talk” by Coldplay and designer of some of Kraftwerk‘s biggest hits (including “Autobahn”, “Radio-Activity”, “Trans-Europe Express” and “Computer World”) – with the involvement of Ahmed Emad Eldin, author of the album cover “The Endless River” by Pink Floyd.
The exhibition ran from July 12th to 29th 2018 in the prestigious Doge’s Palace in Genoa and was documented in the catalogue “Bad Consumers” (Ventura Ed.). It included graphic scores, video art, as well as artwork and video clips made to accompany previous works.