Oct 092019



To coincide with the release of her
new album, Singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Amy Studt
will perform live at The Victoria in Dalston at a special album launch
party on Wednesday the 9th of October 2019.

Album Launch:

Girl In The Universe’, recorded with Hatcham Social’s Toby Kidd,
features eleven bold, intimate and heartfelt tracks including the
acclaimed singles ‘Sleepwalker’ and ‘I Was Jesus In Your
Veins’ together with the albums eponymous titled closer. Haunting
cinematic pop that recalls the drama of the late Scott Walker, the new
long player is a narrative diary of depression, hope and redemption
and is without doubt one of the most personal and innovative
collection of songs that is likely to surface this year.

“This is the work of an artist genuinely using their chosen
medium to explore and make sense of their life experience. There’s
certainly nothing glamorising suffering here”. Aural

Album Track Listing:
01. ‘ I Was Jesus In
Your Veins’
02. ‘Let The Music Play’
03. ‘
04. ‘Overdose’
05. ‘The Water’
‘One Is The Only Number’
07. ‘This Time’
‘Different Coloured Pills’
09. ‘Violently With Love’
‘Troubles Coming In’
11. ‘Happiest Girl In The

With parents who are both accomplished classical
musicians, Amy Studt’s future as a performer was always inevitable
and from an really early age she was a proficient pop musician,
playing piano, oboe and guitar. A special talent, at a mere fourteen
years of age she was signed to Simon Fuller’s roster of artists and
then quickly picked up a deal with Polydor Records.

At sixteen
she released her first single, ‘Just a Little Girl’ which charted
at number 14 in the UK pop charts and reached number 1 on US radio
play. Her second single ‘Misfit’ reached number 6 and this was
soon followed by her debut album ‘False Smiles’ which went on to
sell 260,000 copies. Leaving Polydor in 2004 at the age of eighteen
years, Amy stayed out of the public eye for a while, but in 2006 it
was announced that she was working on a new album and she’d
re-signed to Simon Fuller’s new 19 Entertainment Indie label. A new
album ‘My Paper Made Men’ was released in 2008 and after a couple
of more singles and the album becoming a cult collectors item, Amy
again withdrew from the limelight to a cottage in the countryside.

Shying away from the spotlight and constant touring, she built her
own recording studio and spent time playing the odd low-key show and
writing and recording the songs that have eventually formed the
‘Happiest Girl In The Universe’ record. Returning with a darker
and more soulful sound, she is one of the most innovative artists
around and is creating some of the most beautifully and inspirational
music in the UK right now.

“Studt’s always had an
exceptional voice and she blows us away with her control and heartfelt
emotion with a pure raw vocal which sounds beyond beautiful”.
Celeb Mix

Website: http://www.amystudt.com/


Oct 032019
The next single and title track from The Dead And Livings upcoming album ”The Author’s Curse” will be released 18th October. The video for the track was premiered by Sweden Rock Magazine yesterday.

Watch the new video here


The Author’s Curse is the 2nd single and title track from the The Dead And Livings long awaited 3rd album. The song is a musical visualization of the manic author out in the woods who’s losing control over his masterpiece. The Author’s Curse takes form somewhere between the worlds of David Koepp/Stephen Kings ”Secret Window” and Rahan Pakravans ”Evils Ending”. The later movie is used in the video for the track. A perfect dark setting for the story of the author, who’s days are numbered.

Listen to the previous single "City of the Light" here



Oct 022019










London based via Northern Macedonia, analogue duo YOVA are set to share  their debut single as a one track prior to the release of a digital bundle that includes a brand new remix on the 7th of November 2019.



‘Moondog’ was co – produced with Martin McDougall and Grumbling Furs’ Daniel O’ Sullivan and then mixed by Grammy nominated Cameron Craig (Bjork, UNKLE, Annie Lennox and Joe Strummer) will be available digitally at all the usual major outlets.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/yovamusic/moondog-2/s-cLo6R


Recorded by the YOVA line up of Jova Radevska(vocal & lyrics) and Mark Vernon (music) together with Alex Thomas (drums), Daniel O’Sullivan (bass, mellotron, programming), Martin McDougall (kalimba) and Rob Ellis (ondes martenot), the song will be accompanied by a stunning video created by Cristian Barnett from film-makers Fabulous Frank.



The first hint of what to expect from their forthcoming debut album,
the magical, haunting and liminal whispers of  Moondog’ capture perfectly YOVA’s mysterious and distinctive cinematic sound.
The emotionally charged lyrics stir the imagination and soul while quietly illuminating a unique and brave narrative.



and Mark began recording the initial sonic structures of YOVA in a variety of locations with a number of like – minded collaborators. Mark via his past work with PJ Harvey, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and John Cale contacts his friend the producer, drummer and multi instrumentalistRob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi, Marianne Faithfull, Scott Walker) to arrange, manipulate and shapeshift the emerging sound.



The music ignites and work quickly gets underway in Jova’s native Macedonia, a cellar in Seven Sisters and a coastal bedroom in West Bay. Mark re-unites bassist  Ian Olliver with Rob Ellis on drums and the rhythmic spine of the original PJ Harvey group are recording together again for the first time since the release of Polly’s emblematic first single ‘Dress’ in 1991. The results of these recordings will surface on the forthcoming album in 2020.



With a strong body of songs now in place and an album ready to go, YOVA are set to take to the stage for the first time and plan to announce a number of very special live dates to coincide with the album release next year.













Sep 302019
lawsuit has been filed in Orange County, Florida seeking injunctions
and damages and alleging misappropriation, conspiracy, fraudulent
inducement and breach of contract concerning the promotion and sale of
“A Very British Coup” on the Cadiz Music/Youth Sounds Label.

Bonczyk vs. Levene et al, Case No. 2018-CA-010631-O includes
as exhibits approximately five months of correspondence initiated by
the defendant Richard England the owner and director of Cadiz Music on
behalf of his London-based company, defendants Wardle and Glover both
of whom perform on “A Very British Coup” along with defendant
Levene. England and his company has had a long-standing relationship
with Wardle and Glover and has previously released music and/or
music-related merchandise for both.

Although England on behalf
of Cadiz, Wardle and Glover agreed in writing to credit Plaintiff and
pay her royalties on the release, England later reneged on the deal
without notice to Plaintiff and released the music for sale without
crediting her.

Wardle and Levene are both founder members of
PiL also known as Public Image Ltd., which was John Lydon’s post Sex
Pistols project, and all three worked on the seminal “Metal Box”
release together. Wardle left PiL in 1980 and Levene followed suit
three years later.

Glover’s Killing Joke band is considered
along with PiL to be a leading force in the first wave of British
post-punk genre.

Bonczyk worked with Levene from approximately
2011 through early 2016 and was first contacted by England via email
on April 16, 2019 in order to obtain her permission to use her
property in the “A Very British Coup” release. Although not named
in the lawsuit, Mark Stewart of the PoP Group sings on the release,
and Richard Dudanski a former PiL band member is the drummer on “A
Very British Coup” which has been marketed as a supergroup in the
post-punk style of alternative music.

Thus far Amazon US,
Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Spotify, Napster, Juno Records Pandora,
You Tube, BBC, Google Play, Rough Trade Music, Music Glue, Vimeo, and
other organizations have refused to promote and/or sell “A Very
British Coup” until the lawsuit is resolved. However, England,
Cadiz, Wardle, Glover and Levene continue to engage in activities
involved in the sale and promotion of “A Very British Coup”
notwithstanding the filing of the action.

Aug 232019
Contrary to popular belief, progressive rock didn’t
disappear with the advent of punk, and the lack of media support
didn’t prevent new bands from forming and new music being created,
it just drove it to the margins. It is hard to imagine these days,
with everyone being permanently connected, but there was a time not
long ago when communication was by word of mouth and letter. With no
coverage by much of the media, it was down to fanzines and
independent magazines to spread the word of what was
happening within the progressive rock scene, what was being
released, and who was worth going to see in concert.
Most of these
magazines survived for just a few issues, while others continued for
many years, all having their part to play in spreading the word.
One of the most important during this period was ‘Feedback’.
It initially started as the newsletter of Mensa’s Rock Music
Special Interest Group in 1988, but when Kev Rowland became
secretary in 1990, he determined to turn it into a magazine promoting
music which often wasn’t being written about in the mainstream
press. ‘Feedback’ soon became one of the key promoters of the
progressive scene, and Kev one of the most well-known and popular
reviewers. He also became a contributor to Rock ‘n’ Reel, as
well as writing for the Ghostland website in the early days of prog on
the web. The world had moved on by the time Kev emigrated to New
Zealand in 2006, at which time he stopped
running ‘Feedback’
(which has just celebrated it’s thirtieth anniversary, now renamed
‘Amplified’). It was now possible to discover information about
bands and releases through the internet and the many progressive
rock sites which had been set up, and even the mass media had decided
that maybe there was something in this prog thing after all.
the period when Kev was running ‘Feedback’ was very special in
many ways, a time that has now long gone. The books capture Kev’s
reviews which were published in ‘Feedback’ between 1991 and 2006,
with Volume 1 featuring artists A-H, written within the context of
the period by someone who was very close to the scene. Along with
the other two volumes in this series (which will also be available
this year), this shines a spotlight onto a time when there were
very few writing about the music in a constructive manner.
Volume 1
has a foreword by Stu Nicholson (Galahad), and comments on the rear
cover by Greg Spawton (Big Big Train) and Clive Nolan (Arena,
Finally, it is again possible to discover some great
music from wonderful bands, and this should be used as a guide to
expand collections and understand that prog rock really didn’t die,
it just went underground.

Kev Rowland is a self-confessed
music addict, who has never really been the same since he heard
‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ in 1975. In the Eighties he spent
quite a ridiculous amount of money on all things related to Jethro
Tull and was asked by David Rees to write a piece on Carmen (the
band including John Glascock, not the opera) for the Tull fanzine
‘A New Day’. This simple request was life-changing,
although neither realised that at the time.
Following on from
that, Kev wrote reviews for the Mensa RockSIG newsletter, before
becoming secretary himself in 1990. Over the next 16 years, the
newsletter gained a name, and he put out more than 80 issues, many
of them doubles, in excess of 11,000 pages. When he moved to New
Zealand in 2006, he retired from the music scene, but was
pulled back in – initially kicking and screaming until he
accepted his fate. These days he can be found contributing to many
magazines and websites, is a columnist with the wonderful Gonzo Weekly
magazine and is a special collaborator on www.progarchives.com
which is designed to be the most important and
progressive rock resource on the web. In 2018 he reviewed 850 albums
of multiple genres.
When he isn’t listening to music, writing
about music, or thinking about music, then he can be found on
his lifestyle block in Canterbury with his wonderful and
long-suffering wife Sara, and their 11 cats, 6 dogs, chickens,
sheep, lambs, calves and cattle. Oh, apparently, he has a day job as
Kev is available for interview but asks for initial contact
to be made via email as time zones can be confusing to some people,
and he does live at the end of the world after
art and design for all three volumes is by Martin Springett,

Marc Urselli

+1 (917) 470 1170

Other sites by Marc Urselli:
LIVE MUSIC in NYC: LIVE www.marcurselli.com/live
FOOD AROUND THE WORLD: www.marcurselli.com/food
WIND for KITESURFERS: www.marcurselli.com/wind
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