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Originally released by Side Effects in 1986, “Zamia Lehmanni” was the third (and final) core SPK album and was Graeme Revell’s first truly solo project. He was in a period of transition, somewhere between the industrial noise of the early years and his later award-winning soundtrack work. On the day before this was first released, this style of music, now ubiquitous (especially in soundtracks), did not exist.

After “Information Overload Unit” cleared a space for subsequent explorations, and the environmental percussion and anchored mutilated sound collages of “Leichenschrei”, the “body without organs” was fully eviscerated. Graeme felt ‘industrial music’ was becoming ossified and needed to be taken into radically new territories: ‘post-industrial’.

The track “In Flagrante Delicto” (mastered as originally intended here) was later used by Revell for his work on the soundtrack for the 1989 film “Dead Calm”, which won him Best Original Score from the Australian Film Institute.

Unavailable in any format since Mute’s 1992 CD edition, we now present this landmark album on newly remastered CD, and on vinyl for the first time since 1986. Approved by Graham Revell, this release comes with new artwork by Abby Helasdottir and is remastered by Martin Bowes (The Cage).

LP on sumptuous 180gm black or limited edition of 500 copies on gold vinyl, presented in a 350gsm gatefold sleeve.

CD in a 6-panel digipak. The track “The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice” appears on CD only, but is included on the digital download for vinyl.

Both formats feature new liner notes from Graeme Revell, 2019.

CSR274CD  (November 2019)

CD in 6-panel digipak.


Track listing:

1. Invocation (To Secular Heresies)
2. Palms Crossed In Sorrow
3. Romanz In Moll (Romance In A Minor Key)
4. In The Dying Moments
5. In Flagrante Delicto (Introduction)
6. In Flagrante Delicto
7. Alocasia Metallica
8. Necropolis
9. The Garden Of Earthly Delights
10. The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice (CD only)

Barcode: 0641871745418

CSR274CD  (November 2019)

LP on 180gm black vinyl.


Track listing:

A1. Invocation (To Secular Heresies)
A2. Palms Crossed In Sorrow
A3. Romanz In Moll (Romance In A Minor Key)
A4. In The Dying Moments
B1. In Flagrante Delicto (Introduction)
B2. In Flagrante Delicto
B3. Alocasia Metallica
B4. Necropolis
B5. The Garden Of Earthly Delights

Barcode: 0641871745425

CSR274CD  (November 2019)

LP on 180gm limited edition gold vinyl. Ltd x 500 copies.


Track listing:

A1. Invocation (To Secular Heresies)
A2. Palms Crossed In Sorrow
A3. Romanz In Moll (Romance In A Minor Key)
A4. In The Dying Moments
B1. In Flagrante Delicto (Introduction)
B2. In Flagrante Delicto
B3. Alocasia Metallica
B4. Necropolis
B5. The Garden Of Earthly Delights

Barcode: 0641871745425

Sep 172019

Patrick Cowley was one of the most revolutionary and influential figures in the canon of electronic dance music. Born in Buffalo, NY on October 19, 1950, Patrick moved to San Francisco in 1971 to study electronic music at the City College of San Francisco. By the late ‘70s, Patrick’s synthesizer techniques landed him a job composing and producing songs for disco diva Sylvester, including #1 hit “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”. Cowley created his own brand of peak-time party music known as Hi-NRG, also dubbed “The San Francisco Sound.”

By 1981 Patrick had released a string of his own dance 12″ singles, such as “Menergy” and “Megatron Man”. That year, he co-founded Megatone Records to release his debut album Megatron Man. Meanwhile, Patrick was hospitalized and diagnosed with an unknown illness, which would later be named AIDS. Recovering for a spell, in 1982 he composed two more #1 hits, “Do You Wanna Funk” for Sylvester, and “Right On Target” for Paul Parker, as well as a second solo album Mind Warp. His life was cut short on November 12, 1982, when he passed away two weeks after his 32nd birthday from AIDS-related illness. Mechanical Fantasy Box is a new collection of 13 unreleased songs recorded between 1973-80 released in tandem with Cowley’s homoerotic journal of the same title. What you hold in your hand is a collection of Cowley’s work from the years preceding his meteoric rise as a pioneer of Hi-NRG dance music. This was before drum machines. Before programmable, polyphonic digital synthesis, this is experimental music in every sense. Sounds flows from funk to kraut to psychedelic ambient electronics inspired by Tomita and Kraftwerk. As David Diebold stated in Tribal Rites, “Patrick Cowley parted the veil and entered a dark world of forbidden forces, wondrous musical panoramas and bold, strident, hopeful possibilities. Patrick brought the future to us and laid it at our feet.” Some songs were mixed from 4-track stems by Joe Tarantino and all songs have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studio in Berkeley, CA. The vinyl comes housed in a black and white gatefold jacket designed by Gwenaël Rattke featuring a photograph by Susan Middleton, liner notes by bandmate Maurice Tani and an 8.5×11 insert with notes.

Proceeds from Mechanical Fantasy Box will be donated to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, who have been committed to ending the pandemic and human suffering caused by HIV since 1982.
 Listen: Patrick Cowley – Mechanical Fantasy Box (Preview clips)

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Patrick Cowley
Mechanical Fantasy Box
2xLP / CD / Digital
October 19, 2019
Dark Entries
1. Out of Body (Intro)
2. Right Here, Right Now
3. Broken Dishes
4. Breakdown
5. Moving Bodies I
6. Grisha’s Tune
7. Sensitivity
8. Shrouds
9. Lumberjacks in Heat
10. Mechanical Fantasy Box
11. Thrill of the Hunt
12. Before Original Sin
13. Sea of China

book: soft cover + limited edition hardcoverMechanical Fantasy Box is Cowley’s homoerotic journal, or as he called it, “graphic accounts of one man’s sex life.” The journal begins in 1974 and ends in 1980 on his 30th birthday. It chronicles his slow rise to fame from lighting technician at The City Disco to crafting a ground-breaking 16-minute remix of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” to performing with Sylvester at the SF Opera House. Vivid descriptions are told of cruising in ‘70s SoMA sex venues to primal highs in Buena Vista Park and composing pornophonics in his Castro apartment. The entries are introspective and show a very out-front, alive person going through the throes of gay liberation post-Stonewall. French-born artist and Berlin resident Gwenaël Rattke works in collage, silkscreen, photography and Xerox graphics. Rattke’s collage works borrow from the visual codes of the 60s and 70s. Intricate, ornamental and excessive, they present “an imagined past fired with beauty and sexual freedom.” For this book Rattke created 25 original illustrations inspired by selected entries, 3 street maps documenting locations mentioned herein and 4 collages of photos, ephemera and notes Patrick stuffed inside the journal. We’ve included Patrick’s doodles too, as well as introductory essays by Josh Cheon, Theresa McGinley and Jorge Socarrás.

Available in softcover and 100 Limited Edition gold-foil embossed black vinyl hardcover copies with hand-stamped and numbered silkscreen insert and a metallic gold and blue bookmark.
Release Party Info:
Dark Entries + Dirty Looks present:
Saturday, October 19, 8PM – 12AM
Civic Center Studios
207 S Broadway Suite One
Los Angeles, CA 90012
contact information:
To commemorate his 69th birthday, Dirty Looks Inc will team with Dark Entries Records to celebrate the life of Patrick Cowley who created his own brand of Hi-NRG dance music, dubbed the “San Francisco Sound.” Producer to Sylvester’s biggest hits and creator of the epic 16-minute “I Feel Love” remix, Patrick’s legend has become a symbol for a time when free love and technology would come together to forever change the social landscape. Dark Entries is thrilled to premiere a new collection of Cowley songs at the culmination of readings from MECHANICAL FANTASY BOX, The Homoerotic Journal of Patrick Cowley. Let’s come together to celebrate the journey and genius of Patrick and to appease the disco spirits of so many like him who fell victim to the AIDS crisis.

Readers, who will purr life into never-before-heard passages from the cruising diaries include Nikki Darling, Divinity P. Fudge, Paul Gellman, Aimee Goguen, Brontez Purnell, Mr. Drummer ‘79, Mz Neon, Beau Rice, and Sheree Rose. Cowley’s previously released porn soundtracks will be accompanied by their Fox Studio gay porn imagery. And graphics produced by Gwenaël Ratke for the publication will be brought to life by filmmaker Jill Reiter, alongside video documentation of Cowley honing his craft.

Sep 172019


In her most personally narrative work to date, A Fossil Begins To Bray is the follow up on Dais Records for NYC producer Hiro Kone, furthering the dialogue set forth on her acclaimed 2018 release, Pure Expenditure. While the statements on Pure Expenditure rallied behind a point of dangerous excess and injustice, the material on A Fossil Begins To Bray embark upon a journey of discovery and self-analysis, proposing a potential reorientation towards absence in hopes of illuminating potential futures. 

In Mao’s own words, “This album considers the power of absence as neither a lack or deficit, but as a quiet, indeterminable force to cultivate in this time of looming and unrelenting techno-fascism. It asks that we take pause to consider our learned languages and actualities and to better consider how desire shapes our recollections and interpretations of this ‘existence.’”

This allegory is expertly applied to every song on A Fossil Begins To Bray. Mao has established a long history of employing absence in her productions to maximum effect. With a vast assortment of diverse elements at play, no single track ever feels overly convoluted and further illustrates Hiro Kone’s skillful attention to dynamic tension and flow. Tracks such as “Fabrication of Silence” and “Submerged Dragon” perfectly represent the power of absence, utilized in a matter to create unique amalgams of decisive, cinematic techno rhythms from the electronic void. As the melodic elements contained within A Fossil Begins To Bray begin to unravel and slowly take form, the unaware are rewarded with a driving yet tangible refrain that offers resolve in contrast to the dense, texture-laden backdrop that forms the album’s foundation. The first single, “Feed My Ancestors”, expands upon Hiro Kone’s signature take on electronic musicstructures. Seemingly free from the predictable contracts imposed by anyone genre’s stereotypes, Hiro Kone throttles the foreboding bassline in favor of more calculated, abstract cut-ups that gracefully hold the track in place between hopeful utopia and something more ominous. 

The production and detail found throughout the album shows Hiro Kone’s neverending development and dedication to principle. A Fossil Begins To Bray is a challenge to dust off the forgotten modes of existence, expel the accepted paradigms within modern subculture and utilize the absence left behind.

Mixed and mastered by noted electronic producer Kris Lapke (Alberich) featuring artwork and packaging design by acclaimed visual artist Tauba Auerbach.

 Listen: Hiro Kone – ‘Feed My Ancestors’

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Tour Dates

09/14 – Monticello, NY – Sustain-Release Fest
10/16 – Melbourne, AU – Red Bull Music Fest %
10/20 – Brooklyn, NY – Interzone Fest $
(% w/ Suzanne Ciani)
($ w/ Samuel Kerridge, Abby Echiverri)

Hiro Kone
A Fossil Begins to Bray
Dais Records
November 8, 2019

1. A Desire, Nameless
2. Fabrication Of Silence
3. A Fossil Begins To Bray
4. Akoluthic Phase
5. Shatter The Gangue Of Piety
6. Submerged Dragon
7. Iahklu
8. Feed My Ancestors
Sep 172019

A track from the new album is released

Daybehavior, a band formed in Stockholm, Sweden in the 

mid 90’s is back with a new song and video

There’s Nothing Else

is available at all major distributors

iTunes | GooglePlay | Spotify

Watch the video

More to come. . .

Daybehavior’s fourth full length album will be available shortly

Based On A True Story is prepared with 12 new tracks

Sep 152019
September 10, 2019 – Industrial/metal band DECENT NEWS
and Machine Man Records proudly announce the new full-length release,
"Monolith." The 10 track album is available on both CD and digital

For fans of: industrial/rock or

Stream "Black Box" on Youtube

far as the music goes, the intro melody of "Black Box" is actually
Morse code for COD which was an international distress call before
SOS. The idea for the lyrics came from Caleb and I joking around
about how we should colonize the sun because there's no proof that the
sun is hot. We started talking about sending humanity to the sun in
droves to start a new life. Pack some SPF 30!" – Eddie LaFlash
(Decent News)

1. Monolith 03:52

2. Black Box 04:03
3. Substance 03:42
4. Torture Me
5. Eyewitness 04:25
6. I'll Be Awakened 02:35

7. Krokodil 03:41
8. The Mud 02:25
9. Pyrophile
10. Opiate 03:12

"Monolith is a big step up in
craft and aesthetics for Decent News. While earlier album Filth found
the band in promising industrial territory, this new album finds the
band firing on all creative cylinders. Decent News amps up
relentlessly heavy riffage, digitized percussion, gritty warehouse
club rhythms, and rugged vocals." – New CT Metal

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