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Jul 192019
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There is an unconscious side of our life that will never left us: fear of the darkness, desire for the unknown, love to be lost into our emotions and to share them with other human beings. The Italian based artist Federico Leocata has always tried to transform this hidden side of ourselves into sonic landscapes mixed with electro experiments. His love for the music from Kraftwerk emerges strongly in his musical patterns and structures and it’s deeply connected with the use of synthesizers and drum machines. 
Federico Leocata debuts Gigolo with a 8 track EP called “Gamma” that reflects his definition of electronic music. From the club oriented tracks like „No Time,No Space“ and „Nymane“ to the melancholic title-track and to ethereal „Tabula Rasa“ or “Herr Klein”. The music of Federico Leocata is like an awaken dream where everything can be real or fake at the same time. A hypnagogic state of the mind that only music can express so get ready to be lost into “Gamma”!

The new album by Federico Leocata, is now available on Gigolo Music as digital download/streaming, at the moment.
Jul 102019

New Titles Up For Pre-Order:
New sublime album by Danish act ØjeRum as well as official merchandise. 
And first release by Dutch Occult Ritual act MUUR.

øjeRum “Without Blood The Sun Darkens” CD (135th Cycle)
Surreal, mysterious and poetic is how one could define the work of Danish musician and collage artist Paw Grabowski. His latest album “Without Blood The Sun Darkens” exudes feelings of the simplicity of being present, in the absence of absolute existence, pervaded by memories, moods and emotions, neither sad nor happy, fulfilled. It is about watching time, from faded memories of ones childhood to that feeling just before laying down between wanderings and stillness, looking at the darkening room just before you disperse and disappear completely into nothingness. Soothing and engulfing melodies that seems to repeat yet always evolving, a profound venture through melancholy.
Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel Digipak. 1 Track. Running Time 59:22
UPC: 633632032943
Release date July 30 2019
Digital Available From Bandcamp
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øjeRum Tote Bag
Colour Print on 6 Ounce Cotton Canvas Tote
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MUUR “Bod” CD (143rd Cycle)
Ambient ritual soundscapes that are profound and resonating, the music, artwork and concept behind BOD serves as an exploration and instalment of a new tradition of ritual and occult arts sourced from various ancient foundations. For this, a new culture with its own history, including a new language was constructed. The meaning created by MUUR is but one interpretation of the new tradition; it is of great importance for every listener to construct their own meaning from their experience. Because of this, neither MUUR, nor BOD is affiliated with any form of traditional Left Hand Path.

Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel Digisleeve. 1 Track. Running Time 51:16
UPC: 633632032981
Pre-Order, Available July 30 2019
Digital Available From Bandcamp
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Jun 122019
Lusine’s Retrace EP out July 12
Title track now streaming
“The music seems to exist somewhere in between solid, liquid, and gas.” – Stereogum on 2017 LP Sensorimotor

Repetition is learning. Retrace, the new EP from Jeff McIlwain aka Lusine, moves along this line of thought, reflecting the Texas-raised/Seattle-based producer’s recurrent, iteration-embracing approach to music-making and living. Following 2017 full-length Sensorimotor, which explored the body’s instinct versus the brain’s intent, this introverted 4-tracker finds McIlwain just as kinetically-curious. Balancing focused programming with washy, less concrete sonics, Retrace plays with the unexpected by drawing from slight variations on the same idea.

Stream “Retrace” single via SoundCloud

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Download “Retrace” single (MP3) here

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Sequenced into his trademark mix of polyrhythmic synths, processed vocals, and organic instrumentation is the more prominent use of a looper. The technique lends each composition an uncanny kind of multiplicity. Opener “Not Alone” repeats and stretches vocal phrasings from Hardly Art-signed American singer-songwriter Jenn Champion, building onto itself until a climactic, near-duet reset. South Korean musician Yousun Cho aka CIFIKA brings a fluttering of bilingual directives to “Step On,” a buoyant exercise in electronic pop. The title track embodies the whole, allowing a single synth pattern to morph, regenerate, and bloom before returning to its original form.

“You can’t ignore the steps that it took to get where you are now,” says McIlwain. Retrace is a fluid line between recursive past and proof of the present. Another in a series of consistently engaging pivots for one of the more diverse experimental electronic discographies of the past two decades.

Press Photo (credit: Sarah McIlwain)

Lusine online: 
Jun 122019

VISIONS “Temples” CD (119th Cycle)
Following 2018’s highly acclaimed collaboration album with Russia’s PHURPA, Frederic Arbour presents a new full length album under his VISIONS moniker. We are now presented with more grounded and melody based pieces that on his previous releases, which were more out worldly and exploring sonic expanse. Using a stripped back approach and forging new sonic territories, “Temples” also serves as an hymn to lost civilisations, and a gratitude for what can still be found and discovered from our predecessors. As societies fall, most of their temples and shrines seem to remain, perhaps, as a reflection of the materiality of spirit.
Edition of 500 copies on 4 panel Digisleeve. Matt Lamination. 7 Tracks. Running Time 45:48
Release Date July 17 2019
Digital Available From Bandcamp

MOLJEBKA PVLSE “Komoku” CD (118th Cycle)
New album by Sweden’s long-standing project Moljebka Pvlse. The source material and foundation for this album are field-recordings by Mathias Josefson collected on a journey through the deserts of the American Southwest and translated into an acoustic travel journal through a spectral landscape, where the edges of memory and imagination are blurred. Joining Mathias on this album is John Björkman, who performs on instruments acquired on his travels to Nepal and whose performance was recorded at the legendary Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm, Sweden. These recordings were later transformed by Mathias Josefson at the Eleventh Planet studio where Moljebka Pvlse merge their take on experimental drone music with hints of electroacoustic sounds from the sixties.
Edition of 500 copies on 6 panel Digisleeve. Matt Lamination. 4 Tracks. Running Time 59:14
Digital Available From Bandcamp
May 302019
Ciel’s Why Me? released today
Now streaming worldwide
“The Toronto artist’s music and febrile presence oscillates between the hard and soft, light and dark, IRL and URL.” – DJ Mag: Recognise mix + interview

“This is topically honed dance music, lost in its own freedom and inspired by its own confines.” – Exclaim

Under the alias Ciel, Xi’an-born/Toronto-based producer, pianist, DJ, and Discwoman affiliate Cindy Li embodies the social conscience of progressive electronic music. She is at once a local and global artist, having flourished at the fringe of cutting-edge club culture since 2015, firmly rooted in her adopted city while reaching increasingly outward, her sets echoing from Berlin’s Berghain to Chicago’s Smartbar to Lisbon’s Lux Fragil. Back in Toronto, she co-runs the label Parallel Minds and event initiative Work In Progress, an extension of her radio show in both name and M.O. to improve female representation in the scene. She’s helped write safe space policies, hosted DJ workshops, and applied activist pressure on promoters through varying methods with a single-minded resolve. Those efforts have evoked responses, which Li has spent time reckoning with over the past two years. Now, manifesting as a self-guided reaction to her experiences as an artist and activist is Ciel’s Spectral Sound debut, Why Me?, a deeply personal and physical work.

Stream Why Me? EP via Linkfire

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Ciel’s stylistic pocket as a producer remains that of “soft-touch slammers,” but fans will note the material on Why Me? hits harder. “I wanted to write something that was heavy,” she says of the title track, the result of processing the noise leveled at her specifically after she amassed a database of female and nonbinary talents to highlight the lack of bookings amongst a subset of clubs in the community. “I was dealing with a lot… anger, despair, paranoia, feeling unjustly targeted.” She channeled these antiphons into her art. The cut’s namesake is sourced from the foregrounded sample, a snippet of dialogue from an old film about a man who believes he’s been abducted by aliens. Pulsing metallic drum patterns steer through the hypnotic passage; permeating beneath the beats are lush pads, washing the rattled urgency with unease.

Hardware-built tracks “Go Fish” and “Uri’s Song” came together over studio time with friend and occasional collaborator Colin Sims aka Wiretapping. Ciel brought her sampler to the sessions, with Sims contributing additional drums, which she’d arrange further at home, adding synth parts and basslines and effects, distilling it all down to its most potent core. The latter track — an effervescent minimal techno exercise both tender and tough — expresses Li’s reflections on today’s cyclical conditions for activism, dissension, and, ultimately, optimism. “These are harsher sounds but they also have elements that are really beautiful about them. I wanted to communicate that nothing is permanent, that there’s always hope for understanding and resolution.”

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