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Nov 132019
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Yobkiss (Paul Börchers) has been active for over a decade now with stunning releases on a multitude of modern labels. Never a dull moment on this well-crafted album. Best described as an emotive journey, YobKiss explores the regions where techno, electro, acid house, and that hard-to-define Dutch sound; all melt into pure analog synth magic. Standout dancefloor burners include “Silence Arriving“ (with Yuko Araki on vocals) and “Full Moon Party”. Mastered by the legendary Alden Tyrell. Limited Edition

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Oct 302019

Three years after releasing Sizike–U Zemlji Čuda With Lost DATA Tracks LP (featuring 6 songs from their original 1985 album U Zemlji Cuda, and 6 previously unreleased recordings of group DATA from 1981-1984 period), we discovered another amazing archive: Night Club 1985-86 LP, recorded for international market by the oddball queens Sizike and their leaders Zoran Vracevic and Zoran Jevtic!

Sizike–Night Club 1985-1986 is a collection of 9 previously unpublished italo-disco, Hi-NRG, synthpop tracks. As in our previous Sizike release, fans of the 80’s sound & gear will relish the authentic 808 beats, vocoded rap and vocals, Pro-One signatures and hand-tweaked analog FX. Moreover, they will be meet with a good old song structuring, nearly 2-minute-long intros and plenty of instrumental parts between verses, making many tracks sound like remixes rather than Sizike’s typical tunes. All vocals are sung in a witty, cheeky girls style, with lyrics in English emphasizing fun and having good time.

A-side begins with Sizike’s best known song: Don’t Stop!, but in a significantly different arrangement. Compared to its previous version, with lyrics in Serbian, this track sounds more raw, unpolished and dusty, with a remarkable groove. If you liked the original Don’t Stop!, this one you will simply adore! The next song, Be My Lover, introduces a more italo-disco feeling to the record. Vintage string riffs, naive and predictable harmonies, cheesy lyrics and vocals, flavored with Simmons toms and vocoded rap. No opportunity is lost in the catchy Live With A Lie, which surely should’ve been on Italo charts back then. A-side closes with the song simply called 1,2,3,4, its high tempo octave bass delivering intense energy and vibe that will drive your feet to dance.

B-side features a really special opener: Soldier Boy is a mid-tempo, italo-synth-pop pearl, brilliantly composed and structured (intro lasts 1:21 min), showcasing the irresistible Roland System 100M, punchy LinnDrum and ripping synth bass. Her, the vocals sound more advanced and its lyrics shun the overall light-hearted premise found in Hi-NRG Love All Around, Too Shy For You and, to some extent, I Can’t Stand. However, the top track of the album comes at the very end: Night Club unifies the musical endeavors two Zorans were developing throughout the album in an almost perfect way. The song structure is broad but not too extensive, the harmonies and melodies simple yet exciting and while the singing is relaxed but convincing, the lyrics are clear and evocative. The combination of instruments optimal without overwhelming the whole expression, yet we must point out the fantastic, pulsing Pro-One bass, hypnotic synth riffs of Korg Mono/Poly, warm string pads of Juno 106, and more…

Ultimately, Sizike–Night Club 1985-86 LP brings a fresh sparkle to the old gold. It is not just a testimony to the lost music, it is a juxtaposition of one unjustified musical negligence. It is hard to understand how these songs were not a part of Italo-disco charts during the ’80s and it is even harder to understand why none of them were

published. Surely, if Den Harrow, Bananarama, Tom Tom Club, Baby’s Gang could successfully top the charts in those days, then one Italo-disco-inspired group from Yugoslavia should’ve at least had a record! Well, we believe it is never too late for good music… even if it’s brought out 33 years later!

Review: Luka Novakovic, Vanja Todorovic
Text Revising: Zoran Jevtic


A side:

A1 Don’t Stop! (English Version)
A2 Be My Lover
A3 Live With A Lie
A4 1,2,3,4

B side:

B1 Soldier Boy
B2 Love All Around
B3 I Can’t Stand
B4 Too Shy For You
B5 Night Club

Music, Lyrics, Programming: Zoran Jevtic, Zoran Vracevic
Vocals: Jasmina Brankovic, Jasna Dimitrijevic, Ljiljana Dimitrijevic
Artwork, Design: Zoran Jevtic
Executive Production: Vanja Todorovic, Luka Novakovic
Mastering: Dadi Stojanovic, Studio Kazablanka Belgrade
Lacquer Cutting: Moritz Illner, Duophonic GmbH
Pressing: Pallas Schallplattenfabrik GmbH

This is a selection of 9 previously unreleased tracks by group Sizike recorded Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1985-86.

The first 100 copies include a “Secret Download Card” which can only be obtained by buying the record directly from the label.

400 copies in pink color and 100 copies in black color.

Oct 212019


The impact of Depeche Mode’s music on their fans, and the musical landscape as a whole, is undeniable. By constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, while staying dedicated to their identity, Depeche Mode have maintained credibility with longtime followers, attracted new fans and continually inspired countless other musical artists. As the band continues this musical legacy, the MODE box set celebrates this history with an eye to what is still to come.


MODE is a comprehensive collection of the band’s work to date – comprised of all 14 studio albums plus additional non-album material — from 2017’s Spirit back to DM’s debut album Speak & Spell. In line with DM’s signature aesthetic, the numbered, limited-edition set is housed in an elegant and minimalist black cube, with each disc similarly enclosed in a black, heavyweight card wallet. The albums’ original covers have been re-interpreted in uniform black-on-black designs exclusive to this box set, and four additional bonus discs provide a chronological collection of non-album singles, b-sides and bonus tracks. Accompanying the audio content is a 228 page, gilt-edged book containing all of Depeche Mode’s lyrics, compiled together for the first time, highlighting their collective visceral power and impact.


Reflecting on the set’s content and design, the band commented, “With everything together in this all-black design it feels like a modern reflection of who we are and where we’ve come from. The set couldn’t be more Depeche Mode.”

For more details and to pre-order, click here:

Oct 152019

Cold Spring are proud to announce the long-awaited reissue of Coil’s 1992 album, presented on CD and, for the first time, on vinyl.

“Stolen & Contaminated Songs” was recorded and produced by Coil in 1992. It is comprised of over 60 minutes of outtakes and unreleased songs, evolved during the recording sessions for their prior album, “Love’s Secret Domain”. A wealth of superb material showcasing the diversity of Coil: dark, violent, vivid and fractured, yet cohesive and beautiful. Combined with the latest studio technology and Coil’s ever-evolving production skills, “S&C Songs” walks a fine line between tradition and innovation, continually creating semi-abstract soundscapes with a cinematic quality.

CD in 6-panel digipak.

Double LP on sumptuous 180gm vinyl,  housed in a glossy 350gsm gatefold sleeve:

Ltd 500 copies on bronze vinyl (via Cold Spring only)
Ltd 800 copies on bone vinyl (indie edition)

“Bizarre, beautiful and experimental in nature, this CD is as varied as “LSD”, if not more. From the cool jazz of “Omlagus…” to the bass and drum groove of “Nasa Arab” to the classy orchestral arrangements of “The Original …”, “Who’ll Tell?” and “Corybantic…” to the drones of “Wrim…” to the slow sample buildup of “Her Friends…” … you definitely know you’re listening to Coil. “Who’ll Fall?” may be one of the most beautifully sad pieces ever committed to tape. The track features the telephone recording of a friend of Coil’s explaining that a mutual friend had recently committed suicide… very eerie… Another must have release from Coil.” (Brainwashed)

CSR276CD  (November 2019)

CD in 6-panel digipak.


Track listing:

1. Futhur
2. Original Chaostrophy
3. Who’ll Tell?
4. Omlagus Garfungiloops
5. Inkling
6. Love’s Secret Domain (Original Mix)
7. Nasa-Arab
8. Who’ll Fall?
9. The Original Wild Garlic Memory
10. Wrim Wram Wrom
11. Corybantic Ennui
12. Her Friends The Wolves…..
13. Light Shining Darkly

Barcode: 0641871745463

CSR276LP  (November 2019)

2 x LP on 180gm black vinyl.


2 x LP on 180gm limited edition bronze vinyl. Ltd x 500 copies.


2 x LP on 180gm limited edition bone vinyl. Ltd x 800 copies.


Track listing:

A1. Futhur
A2. Original Chaostrophy
A3. Who’ll Tell?
A4. Omlagus Garfungiloops
A5. Inkling
A6. Love’s Secret Domain (Original Mix)
B1. Nasa-Arab
B2. Who’ll Fall?
C1. The Original Wild Garlic Memory
C2. Wrim Wram Wrom
D1. Corybantic Ennui
D2. Her Friends The Wolves…..
D3. Light Shining Darkly

Black LP Barcode: 0641871745470
Bone LP Barcode: 0641871745494

Oct 092019
Now Up For Pre-Order: CLAVICVLA 
“Sepulchral Blessing” CD/LP (144th Cycle)
CLAVICVLA “Sepulchral Blessing” CD/LP (144th Cycle)Black Ambient at its finest. Italy’s Clavicvla channels the cosmic void, the source and finality of all things manifest. A true sonic force that reverberates through the core, allowing to escape one’s physical form and delve deep without, where logic and comprehensions are null… Diabolical black ambient/death industrial demon Claviclva returns with his blood-chilling sophomore LP “Sepulchral Blessing”, unravelling another forty minutes of tyrannical nightmare fuel that will leave the listener catatonic and agonising in horror. With “Sepulchral Blessing” this time Clavicvla constructs a sonic tomb of immense evocative force that inters the listener into a lucid nightmare and transports them straight into the kingdom of the dead, acting as an abominable sonic vessel to the underworld. Unbelievably repulsive, blood-chillingly horrific and unyieldingly evil, on this astonishing new work sole mastermind Ittiel has harnessed the quintessence of malignity and created a cinematic soundtrack to a ghastly decent into the underworld, where diabolical atmospheres drenched in the stench of death, nightmarish soundscapes, and monstrous drones and sub-bass frequencies are masterfully interwoven and manipulated to envelop, entrance, and entomb the listener into the nethermost pits of hell.CD Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel Digisleeve. 6 Tracks. Running Time 37:30 
UPC: 694536562622LP Edition of 300 copies on Black Vinyl with printed inner sleeve. 6 Tracks. Running Time 37:30 (Co-Released with Sentient Ruin) 
UPC:694536562660Releases November 1st 2019
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Latest Releases:
BLACK EARTH “Gnarled Ritual Of Self Annihilation” CD/LP (134th Cycle)Spanish ritualistic industrial sorcerers BLACK EARTH return with “Gnarled Ritual of Self Annihilation” – a sophomore full-length of unreal cinematic sonic disembodiment, conceived with the aim of turning the listener into a sacrificial centrepiece to a surreal ritual nightmare. Following in the steps of their debut LP “A Cryptic Howl of Morbid Truth” and of their followup mini-album “Diagrams of a Hidden Order”, on “Gnarled Ritual of Self Annihilation” Black Earth further refine and sharpen their horrific sonic blade, slicing through shadows and darkness with more skill and mastery than ever before to reveal a dimension beyond of incomprehensible ritual abandon. As they first weave and then slice and dissect their impenetrable veil, a sonic ritual of abject disfigurement begins to take shape before the listener, as the strokes and gashes of black metal, industrial, noise and ritual drone intersect erratically and hypnotically, painting an hallucinatory arabesque of absolute dread and deformity. As the album’s wicked spires envelops them like a fog of snakes, the listener finds themselves immersed into an hallucinating aural delirium of complete disembodiment and self-implosion, in which they feel simultaneously out of body and helplessly trapped and crushed within themselves at the same time.CD Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel Digisleeve. 7 Tracks. Running Time 45:04LP Edition of 200 copies on Black Vinyl, 100 copies on Clear & Black Splatter. 7 Tracks. Running Time 45:04 (Co-Released with Sentient Ruin)
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PETER BJÄRGÖ “Structures And Downfall” CD/LP (141st Cycle)After putting ARCANA to rest in the past year, Peter Bjärgö has now channelled his creative energy towards his solo works. On what is now his 4th full length solo album, we are granted a calm, thoughtful and at times somber aural voyage. Melodic atmospheric guitar work, lush string arrangements and slow, heavy percussive rhythms are present and elevated to new heights. Written and recorded while beholding a wintry landscape in his newly built studio ”Asham Room”, he’s created a perfect balance of complex structures through his distinctive sorrowful, yet hopeful songwriting.CD Edition of 500 copies in 6 panels Digipak. 8 Tracks. Running Time 39:28
Special Edition LP limited to 100 copies on Clear vinyl. 8 tracks. Running Time 39:28
Special Edition LP limited to 200 copies on Black vinyl. 8 Tracks. Running Time 39:28
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PETER BJÄRGÖ “A Wave Of Bitterness” CD (153rd Cycle)Reissue of the first solo album of Arcana Mastermind Peter Bjärgö from 2010. A singular Ambient album with a fine mixture of styles, taking some of Arcana’s latest foray into ethnic percussive and guitar driven arrangements to new heights. A very personal and profound album that laid the template for his future solo work. Remastered at Asham Room March 2019 by Peter Bjärgö.Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel Digipak with 8 page Booklet. 9 Tracks. Running Time 40:26
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PETER BJÄRGÖ “The Architecture Of Melancholy” CD (41st Cycle)Peter Bjärgö, the man behind the now legendary groups ARCANA and SOPHIA is back with his second solo album. On his first solo release “A wave of Bitterness”, we got a glimpse into the mind of a thoughtful person. Now this new release, “The Architecture Of Melancholy”, we are sent onto a journey to the darkest depths of Peter’s mind and thoughts. Melancholy was once a disease, a mental statement of chronic depression, we are now facing this illness again around the world and this album is a real journey with the melancholic mind. Titles like Bitteresque, Apathy and The Death Of Our Sun give us an idea of the aural voyage ahead. The delicate blend of soft guitars, engulfing dark ambient and the sheer power of Peter’s voice make this album a shining diamond among stones. Hope is all that is left…Repress of 300 copies in 8 panel Digipak. 7 Tracks. Running Time 40:30