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Mar 302020

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Ipecac Recordings

3 April 2020

Necroscape is the second album from Mike Patton and Anthony Pateras' modernist electro-acoustic rock proposition tētēma. Joined by violinist Erkki Veltheim and drummer WIll Guthrie in quartet formation, this record continues to employ the wayward orchestrations and arresting physicality of their 2014 debut Geocidal yet is renewed by a melodic language which grounds it's multi-colored twists and turns in hallucinatory lyricism. 

Where Geocidal was loosely based on futuristic post-colonial dystopias, its even cheerier successor is sculpted around isolation in the surveillance age; and although lofty/high-concept sounding, this is still an intensely fun and heavy listen. Necroscape synthesizes a lot of territory: odd-time rock, musique concrète, otherworld grooves, soul, industrial noise, microtonal psychoacoustics….seemingly strange bedfellows on paper, yet in the ears they surprisingly coalesce into 13 songs which playfully challenge our notions of sonic logic and make you move at the same time. In a nutshell, listening to Necroscape creates the weird sensation of exclaiming "of course!" and "wtf?" simultaneously.

5 years in the making, Necroscape mushroomed organically from Pateras' production based on tape loops, analogue synthesis and rarified keyboard instruments in combination with Patton's dense vocal arrangements, Veltheim's exploratory violins and Guthrie's unique percussive strategies. The result is a handmade, kaleidoscopic tour-de-force which re-imagines songwriting as something other. Artwork features beautiful leather sculptures by Talitha Kennedy, tiled lyric sheet and limited edition white vinyl. tetema invites you to listen.

Pateras and Patton “created an intelligent but ferocious mixture of avant-garde experimentalism, world music accents, and heavy metal velocity” (All Music) within the confines of their 11-track, 2014 debut, Geocidal. NME described the collection as “Roni Size getting spiked with GHB and fed through a woodchipper” while Alternative Press said, “once you are acclimated, it will leave you tingling.” The pair, joined by Will Guthrie (percussion) and Erkka Veltheim (violin), both of whom appear on Necroscape as well, made their live debut, fittingly at the Tasmania Mona music and art festival. The Guardian said of the outing: “tetema didn’t enrapture with anthems or token festival rock gestures, they enraptured with mood, with surprises, and with evocations rarely felt by audiences…”

Key song descriptions from Anthony:

"Haunted On The Uptake"

Sounds like The Melvins' tour van broke down in the Balkans and instead of going home, they decide to open a mountain laboratory dedicated to possible hybrids of Rembetika and hardcore. This sounds like the pop music of a youth I wish I'd had, but instead I grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne smoking bongs and listening to Bungle.

"Wait Till Mornin'"

Peter Gunn on methamphetamine with RD Burman as co-pilot, being pursued by Madlib through an early 80s London industrial estate. This was one of the first songs we wrote for the new album, and probably played a big part in convincing us doing another would be a good idea. It is the only song on the record with a drum less chorus; like a lot of our music, the drama is upside down.

"Dead Still"

Mike and I wrestled with this one in the alleyway but eventually beat it to death with absurdly long sentences. It's a meditation on facile internet culture and misplaced ambition delivered over close-sic’d prepared piano, giallo synth/pizzicato lines, and stratospheric children's rounds. Trust us it's a hoot.


No other band would combine microtonal buchla with hyperactive drumming to serenade Paganini and Leonard Cohen passed out in a hot tub. This track is like pressing fast forward on both a Sclesi and Yasunao Tone CD on different systems pointed at each other, except it's performed live. Quite possibly the only track in the world to refer to Deleuze as 'chichi'.

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Mar 292020

Electro-Industrial act BIOMECHANIMAL are pleased to present their new
split single, "Waves" with MECHANICAL VEIN.

For fans of:
Check out "Waves"

"The song is about how art is
both a constructive and destructive process. The chorus opens with a
play on a Salvador Dali quote, which is about how what we create is
the summation of our, as artists, destructions. It builds us up, the
elation of playing and creating, but it breaks us too, the failures
and mistakes. It’s an ebb and a flow. Hence, "Waves."


Mar 292020

UK industrial artist MATT HART
proudly announces the new video and single release for "Triolith."

For fans of: Ministry, Rammstein, 3Teeth
Check out the
video for "Triolith" HERE:

directed by Sandra DesOrmeaux and edited by MATT HART.

the events of 3808 we find humanity on its last legs. A world
controlled by the machine. The Outlaws are hunkered down in a bunker
only leaving to engage in reconnaissance missions. One of which ends
in many casualties. What they find is a huge three tower structure –
the TRIOLITH – in construction. What it’s for is unclear. Here
begins the ‘Tales of Terra’. Stories from a post 3808

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Mar 132020
March 9, 2020 – Chicago electro-industrial
artist I YA TOYAH unleashes her latest video, "Motion (SKOLD Remix). "
On Thursday, March 5, MxDwN revealed the premiere HERE:
fans of: Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Audioslave

Check out
the video for "Motion" HERE:

"Motion" video presents the dark imagery of life lived by the person
disturbed by modern social trends and demanding speed of life. Filmed
by Joel Lopez of Lumbra Productions, it encourages a conversation
about mental health and the human mind’s vulnerability. The remixer,
SKOLD (MARILYN MANSON, KMFDM) put his own twist on the song giving new
life to an original version.
"I Ya Toyah is one of the very few
super exciting things I’ve heard in a long time. Ania is just crazy
talented and I hope I get to work with her again at some point” –
Tim Skold (Skold, KMFDM, Shotgun Messiah)

Code Blue: Reloaded –
10 track album featuring remixes by artists such as RHYS FULBER,
Code Blue: Revelations, an additional 10-track remix release available
only on
I Ya Toyah's Bandcmap page.

Available in digital and
physical formats March 20!
Live dates supporting STABBING
6/12 – The Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
– Aladdin Theater – Portland, OR

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Mar 132020
March 11, 2020 – San Antonio-based dark electronic
band SHADOW FASHION are proud to announce the release of their new
video and single, "Children Of The Night."

For fans of:
Depeche Mode, The Cure and New Order

Check out the video

The theme of the song speaks of
the loneliness and isolation we have all gone through at times.
However, it is important to realize that we are never truly alone as
we are surrounded by our friends, family, and loved ones.

As a
scene we are fortunate to have clubs, DJ's, promoters and musicians
who understand the importance of community. At the "end of the day,"
we are all "Children Of The Night."

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