F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions):

– Can I submit a CD/demo/vinyl/cassette for review?
Yes but please read THIS first.
– What address should I send it to?
Pick the most appropriate address from HERE (based on genre and location).
– Can I submit a digital download for review?
Yes but we do not guarantee a review as we do for physical formats. If you want to submit a digital download you have to send us a link along with a press release in the body of the email and we will forward it to the contributors. They will decide if they want to review it or not.
– Can I submit some news or a press release for your News feed section?
Yes but NOT via this form. The only way to submit news is to go HERE and do so via that page.
– Did the CD I sent you arrive? Have you listened to my CD yet?
We receive dozens of CD per week so we can NOT tell you whether we received yours or not. You will have to be patient and keep checking back on the website. If the physical release you sent us does fit the genres we cover and you you don’t see a review 6 months after sending it we recommend you re-send it because it might have gotten lost in the mail.

If your question is not answered above, or if you are just wanting to say hello, you can send your comments or ask questions here:

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