If you have reached this page because you want to send us something you’d like us to review you should first READ THE MATERIAL SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

If you do not follow these guidelines WE WILL NOT REVIEW your music.
Thank you for helping.

Addresses to send Promotional Material to:

Industrial / Electronica / Experimental / New Music / Ambient / Dark Ambient / IDM

Please note: NEW ADDRESS
Update your Address Books!

Chain D.L.K. c/o
Marc Urselli
258 St. Nicholas Av – 
Suite 9D
New York
NY 10027

EBM / Dark Electro / Industrial

Chain D.L.K. c/o
Marc Tater
Danziger Str. 34
27616 Beverstedt

Techno / Drum’n’Bass / Ritual Experimental / Breakbeat / Ambient

Chain D.L.K. c/o
Vito Camarretta
Via Lago San Giuliano 11
74123 Taranto

if you are unsure which address to send your release to please go to the “Contact” page and drop us a line. Thank you.