Oct 262019
the term industrial is not referred to the musical genre but to the
industrial sector of our city”
Amber Teaser is an electro combo
from Taranto, the city of steel sea and amber lights.
melodic, sometimes jarring, the forthcoming album Human Ritual is a
mix of synthpop, italodisco with a touch of kraftwerk and
tremolopicking fuzzy guitars who gives an elegant industrial
The cd contains, among others, the song “Dioxine”, based
on “Monchesque” cold guitars and space synth sequencers, the single
“here”, the elegant Synthpop track “dancing in a restaurant”
and the danceable “go out from this chaos”.
“Human ritual” was
produced by Teo de Cillis and Antonio Iacca at 229 Studios and will be
released by Scentair Records on november 27, 2019

Human Ritual
video trailer:
https://youtu.be/Y4GCt4rOtRo (short
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZkknD8RFOQ (full cd


Oct 252019
re: phgrp

grischa lichtenberger »re: phgrp (reworking ›consequences‹ by philipp gropper’s philm)«

grischa lichtenberger’s music stands for broken rhythms, for high-density manipulations that emphasize the digital and fractal nature of its working process. a mindset that grew closer to contemporary jazz in recent years. since free jazz, this genre also sought to overcome musical standards and looked for possibilities of an individual artistic expression. within this context, the collaboration between lichtenberger and jazz saxophonist philipp gropper as well as the resulting album are documents of this development. it also offers both musicians the opportunity to expand their familiar environment by breaking with expectations.

the foundation for »re: phgrp« were pieces from the album »consequences« by philipp gropper’s band philm which lichtenberger reinterpreted without giving up their original character. he rather looked for figures, subjects and reference points in the compositions to reflect and condense them. as »consequences« was recorded with all the instruments in one room at the same time (like a classical jazz recording from the 1950ies), the extraction of individual instruments was a challenge which lichtenberger took up with shifts, distortions and rearrangements of the original temporality of the material. except for a few synthesizer sounds and an additional piano recording, he remained largely true to the source material, even though the tracks develop their own unique voice throughout the album.

»re: phgrp (reworking ›consequences‹ by philipp gropper’s philm)« will be released in cooperation with whyplayjazz in a limited edition of 500 CDs on october 25, 2019. the cover was screen printed and shows a compositional notation by grischa lichtenberger. the album marks the beginning of an encounter between lichtenberger and gropper that promises to continue in joint improvisational concert situations and further recordings in the future.

cat#: r-m 188
formats: cd ∙ digital
shop: http://raster-media.net/shop/re-phgrp?c=9

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Oct 212019


The impact of Depeche Mode’s music on their fans, and the musical landscape as a whole, is undeniable. By constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, while staying dedicated to their identity, Depeche Mode have maintained credibility with longtime followers, attracted new fans and continually inspired countless other musical artists. As the band continues this musical legacy, the MODE box set celebrates this history with an eye to what is still to come.


MODE is a comprehensive collection of the band’s work to date – comprised of all 14 studio albums plus additional non-album material — from 2017’s Spirit back to DM’s debut album Speak & Spell. In line with DM’s signature aesthetic, the numbered, limited-edition set is housed in an elegant and minimalist black cube, with each disc similarly enclosed in a black, heavyweight card wallet. The albums’ original covers have been re-interpreted in uniform black-on-black designs exclusive to this box set, and four additional bonus discs provide a chronological collection of non-album singles, b-sides and bonus tracks. Accompanying the audio content is a 228 page, gilt-edged book containing all of Depeche Mode’s lyrics, compiled together for the first time, highlighting their collective visceral power and impact.


Reflecting on the set’s content and design, the band commented, “With everything together in this all-black design it feels like a modern reflection of who we are and where we’ve come from. The set couldn’t be more Depeche Mode.”

For more details and to pre-order, click here: https://smarturl.it/DepecheMode-MODE

Oct 162019
October 15, 2019 – Canadian synthpop artist EVA X
proudly presents her new digital-only EP, Electrowoman.

Electrowoman was recorded and produced by Gaby Marie. It was mixed
by Shane Stephenson and Chris Lacroix, and mastered by Chris Lacroix.
EVA X is delighted to present two remixes as well, one of
"Virtualsexua" l by Edmonton’s Virtual Terrorist, and one of
"Subsume" by Philadelphia-based Silver Walks. The artwork for
Electrowoman was created by Edmonton-based artist Konn

For fans of: Ayria, I Scintilla, Android

Check out EVA X's clip for "Love In Virtual"

"Electrowoman is my first EP
and pretty much my first release as a solo artist/songwriter/producer
ever. I was in a pop-punk band for a few years but wasn't satisfied
with the level of creative input and direction I had. After running
into this in a couple projects, I started writing my own music. The
first songs were almost bluesy, until I was introduced to synthpop and
EBM by a few of my friends who pushed me to learn more about synths
and production. Electronic music represented an opportunity to sort of
own the creative process from start to finish, so I embraced it and
here we are.

This sort of theme of independence definitely
comes up in my writing, most notably in "Subsume", which is pretty
much an entire song about the pressure to compromise on your career as
a young woman to start a family and settle down."
– Gaby

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Oct 162019
October 16, 2019 – The undisputed inventor of dungeon
synth, MORTIIS is set to unleash new music unto the world in the form
of a release entitled Spirit Of Rebellion – a re-interpreted expansion
and continuation of the 1994 Era I classic Ånden som Gjorde

Spirit Of Rebellion will be released on CD, vinyl and
digital format. Physical pre-orders will be available from Dead Seed

Check out the recently released video clip for
“Visions of an Ancient Future” which gives a first taster of
things to come for the re-interpreted music of Spirit Of

The godfather of dungeon
synth comments:

"I had to fend off a lot of demons to get to
this point. They’ll be back, they always come back, but at least my
vision is no longer clouded…When I was working on re-interpreting my
old music for the Cold Meat Industry festival in Stockholm almost two
years ago, I had no idea that I´d eventually create an (almost) new
record, nor that a section of it would be used for my first Dungeon
Synth video since 1996. But here we are.”

"I'm very much
looking forward to returning and touring North America again. This
being a sort of "part 2" of the US tour I did earlier this year, of
course with different cities, but hopefully it will turn out to be as
cool as the last one I did.

On the last US run we jumped a
fence in a park and sawed down a bunch of cool looking trees, threw
them into a van before anyone knew what happened, then rushed them
back to the venue for "post-processing", a couple of hours before the
show. I guess this will also be part 2 of "how are we going to get
hold of those creepy trees?" that we have on stage as part of the
show. So yeah, another adventure awaits. That's for sure!" –

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