Jun 122019
Lusine’s Retrace EP out July 12
Title track now streaming
“The music seems to exist somewhere in between solid, liquid, and gas.” – Stereogum on 2017 LP Sensorimotor

Repetition is learning. Retrace, the new EP from Jeff McIlwain aka Lusine, moves along this line of thought, reflecting the Texas-raised/Seattle-based producer’s recurrent, iteration-embracing approach to music-making and living. Following 2017 full-length Sensorimotor, which explored the body’s instinct versus the brain’s intent, this introverted 4-tracker finds McIlwain just as kinetically-curious. Balancing focused programming with washy, less concrete sonics, Retrace plays with the unexpected by drawing from slight variations on the same idea.

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Sequenced into his trademark mix of polyrhythmic synths, processed vocals, and organic instrumentation is the more prominent use of a looper. The technique lends each composition an uncanny kind of multiplicity. Opener “Not Alone” repeats and stretches vocal phrasings from Hardly Art-signed American singer-songwriter Jenn Champion, building onto itself until a climactic, near-duet reset. South Korean musician Yousun Cho aka CIFIKA brings a fluttering of bilingual directives to “Step On,” a buoyant exercise in electronic pop. The title track embodies the whole, allowing a single synth pattern to morph, regenerate, and bloom before returning to its original form.

“You can’t ignore the steps that it took to get where you are now,” says McIlwain. Retrace is a fluid line between recursive past and proof of the present. Another in a series of consistently engaging pivots for one of the more diverse experimental electronic discographies of the past two decades.

Press Photo (credit: Sarah McIlwain)

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Jun 122019

VISIONS “Temples” CD (119th Cycle)
Following 2018’s highly acclaimed collaboration album with Russia’s PHURPA, Frederic Arbour presents a new full length album under his VISIONS moniker. We are now presented with more grounded and melody based pieces that on his previous releases, which were more out worldly and exploring sonic expanse. Using a stripped back approach and forging new sonic territories, “Temples” also serves as an hymn to lost civilisations, and a gratitude for what can still be found and discovered from our predecessors. As societies fall, most of their temples and shrines seem to remain, perhaps, as a reflection of the materiality of spirit.
Edition of 500 copies on 4 panel Digisleeve. Matt Lamination. 7 Tracks. Running Time 45:48
Release Date July 17 2019
Digital Available From Bandcamp

MOLJEBKA PVLSE “Komoku” CD (118th Cycle)
New album by Sweden’s long-standing project Moljebka Pvlse. The source material and foundation for this album are field-recordings by Mathias Josefson collected on a journey through the deserts of the American Southwest and translated into an acoustic travel journal through a spectral landscape, where the edges of memory and imagination are blurred. Joining Mathias on this album is John Björkman, who performs on instruments acquired on his travels to Nepal and whose performance was recorded at the legendary Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm, Sweden. These recordings were later transformed by Mathias Josefson at the Eleventh Planet studio where Moljebka Pvlse merge their take on experimental drone music with hints of electroacoustic sounds from the sixties.
Edition of 500 copies on 6 panel Digisleeve. Matt Lamination. 4 Tracks. Running Time 59:14
Digital Available From Bandcamp
Jun 102019
June 10, 2019 –
Dependent Records (GER) is very proud to present the follow-up to FIX8
SED8's critically-acclaimed 2017 release, FOREN6.

will be released on June 14, 2019 on CD, ltd. edition box and digital

Check out the new "Empyrean" video

After the success of his 2017
album "Foren6", Martin Sane's Electronic/Industrial project
Fïx8:Sëd8 is about to outgrow his cocoon. It has the potential to
become that full-fledged industrial music project that might spearhead
a resurrection of the traditional electronic industrial sound formerly
endorsed by cult acts like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly or
Mentallo & The Fixer in the 90ities. While we are writing this
info, Sane is touring together with labelmates 2nd Face in South
America (!), preparing his European touring activities to go along for
what might become one of the strongest "Old school"
electronic-industrial releases in 2019: WARNING SIGNS.

writing is on the wall in more than one way: Martin Sane's looks at
early indications of a dystopic downturn of our peaceful societies
echoes in our news almost daily. The notion of insecurity and angst
starts to foster and grow in various places among the earth from North
America to Europe to Southeast-Asia. His new album is a soundtrack to
a modern dystopic downfall that we would rather like to ignore than to

Musically WARNING SIGNS is so old school, it could almost
be called a "Retro Industrial" album, as it includes all the
ingredients that made industrial breathtaking in the 80ies: Vocal
Samples, complex drum programming, and big strings mixed with
structures that remind of old Skinny Puppy cult songs like
"Inquisition" or "Addiction". Like their originals, these songs need
repeated listens to sink in and unfold their potential. But what
amazes most is the contradiction between the theme of the album and
its sound: How can something sounding so "retro" tackle problems that
are so recent?

Can we afford to ignore these warning


Of The


Jun 092019
The Thrill Kill Kult, Mary’s Window, Machines Of Loving
Grace and more besides. The Joy Thieves sound consists of huge,
memorable riffs combined with dangerous, industrial strength punk
invective that easily rivals Killing Joke at their

Commenting on the newest addition to the Armalyte
roster, the label’s head of A&R, Giles Moorhouse, explains;
“To us, it feels as though The Joy Thieves transcend the traditional
notion of what a “supergroup” can be. Rather than a potential
car-crash of colliding agendas and egos, The Joy Thieves sound like a
finely-honed collective with the singular purpose of kicking your arse
whilst lodging themselves firmly in your brain. ‘This Will Kill
That’ is just the beginning, and we’re massively excited to
unleash their spectacular debut on the world.”

‘This Will
Kill That’ Tracklist:

1. Joy Thieves
2. This Will Kill
3. Chemical Dreams
4. Tempting the Flames
5. Violent
6. Honeycomb and Silk

“I wanted to do something
big. When I saw how tall Dan (Milligan) is, I knew it was the right
project for me. Also I hate Joy.” – Marcus

“When Dan asked me if I wanted to be a part of The
Joy Thieves, my first visceral reaction was ‘Absolutely not. No way
in Hell.” To this day I stand by that statement. It was horrible
working with him and Matt Clark this first time around, and I cannot
wait to repeat that miserable experience.” – Howie

“Dan and Matt (Clark) had apparently been stalking me in
my early days, while I was involved in various groups that they
thought were really amazing – Machines Of Loving Grace, Stabbing
Westward, Two Jacks and a Jill, and Pigface. Many have said this. Good
people. Dan and Matt thought some of these bands were probably the
best bands ever. Many people think this, important people in the
industry. So Matt bribed me to do a “session” at his “studio”,
in “Austin, Texas”, which was really just a ploy to get me to
track something for Dan, while I was there anyways. And then we fell
in love.” – Dave Suycott

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+1 (917) 470 1170

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