Mar 292019
Bootblacks signs with Artoffact Records!The Brooklyn-based band embarks on a 15-date tour with label-mates ACTORS.
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Bootblacks (Brooklyn, NY) signs with Artoffact Records.
Brooklyn-based darkwave band Bootblacks have announced today that they’ve inked a deal with Toronto-based Artoffact Records.The band, formed in 2010, have been touring North America and Europe for nearly a decade, bringing their well-honed mix of coldwave, dark post-punk, and death rock to audiences from Portland to Berlin.“I’m a big fan of the label,” says keyboardist Barrett Hiatt, “and am happy to see it continue to grow. I come from that specific line of music fans that would obsess over what label bands were on, who else was on that label, etc., and Artoffact has a great stable of artists.”Bootblacks is Barrett Hiatt, who joined the band only a few years ago, alongside vocalist Panther Macdonald and guitarist Alli Gorman, both founders of the band. Larry Gorman joined on drums in 2018. After forming in 2010, Bootblacks released several independent albums, culminating in the well-received record, Fragments (2017), which saw accolades from, New Noise Magazine, and Cvlt Nation, to name a few. The band played most of the most well-renowned indie gothic and punk festivals on both sides of the Atlantic, before hooking up with Artoffact Records through ACTORS frontman and producer Jason Corbett.Bootblacks will release their Artoffact debut, Jason Corbett-produced album, tentatively called Thin Skies, later in 2019. The band’s back catalogue is currently available on Bandcamp.
Bootblacks on tour supporting ACTORS – starts tonight!Friday March 15 – Vancouver | The Biltmore Cabaret (w/ SPECTRES )Saturday March 16 – Seattle | Central Saloon (w/ Ex-Kids )Sunday March 17 – Portland | The Star Theater (w/ Ritual Veil )Wednesday March 20 – Sacramento | Blue Lamp (w/ Creux Lies)Thursday March 21 – Oakland | Elbo Room (w/ Creux Lies, Ötzi )Saturday March 23 – San Diego | Space (w/ Creux Lies, Twin Tribes )Sunday March 24 – Los Angeles | The Echo (w/ Creux Lies, Twin Tribes )Thursday April 25 – Montreal | Casa Del Popolo (w/ The City Gates )Friday April 26 – Toronto | The Baby G (w/ Mary )Saturday April 27 – Brooklyn | Saint VitusTuesday April 30 – Baltimore | Metro Gallery (w/ The Holy Circle )Wednesday May 1 – Pittsburgh | Brillobox (w/ Panic Priest )Thursday May 2 – Columbus | The Summit (w/ 6th circle )Friday May 3 – Detroit | Small’s (w/ The Bellwether Syndicate )Saturday May 4 – Chicago | Chop Shop (w/ The Bellwether Syndicate )
BOOTBLACKS:Bandcamp / Facebook
ARTOFFACT: Bandcamp / Facebook
Mar 292019
Technology was meant to be humanity’s tool to combat famine, disease, confusion, and to facilitate life, culture, and innovation. Instead, we’re mired in a digital labyrinth that few care to navigate or even solve. Perhaps it’s not a ruse and the matrices coded by keyboard maestros are a path to liberation, but without querying the constructs we cannot ruminate on their affectations on humanity. 
VR SEX are audio/visual provocateurs who transpose the identifiers of death rock, synth punk, post-punk, ambient, and ethereal soundscapes into an audit on technology and its imprint on our collective psyche. Comprised of visionary mercenaries Noel Skum (Andrew Clinco of Drab Majesty), Z. Oro (Aaron Montaigne of Antioch Arrow/Heroin/DBC) on vocals and drums, and Mico Frost (Brian Tarney) on synths and electric bass.
Their debut tome, Human Traffic Jam, focuses on lyrical themes that probe the possibilities of loss of autonomy through social media, the decline of human interaction, and celebrity favoritism. Skum believes in the stabilization of society and preservation of our planet by reducing its amount of procreators.  
Through PSRS or Procreation Simulation Reproduction Stimulation, humans can act on their hedonistic desires and not face the responsibilities and consequences that come with being an ill-prepared guardian. The future of our offspring will exist in virtual realms and population growth in turn will be stabilized. VR SEX is the cure to most societal ills.
Thematically condensed into an eight song album, Human Traffic Jam was written and demoed by Skum in a flat in Athens, Greece during the winter of 2017. During a rigorous week long session at Figure 8 studios with experimental and dimensional production extraordinaire Ben Greenberg (Uniform/The Men), Skum solely committed all the instrumentation present on Human Traffic Jam. 
Rather than being emblematic of influences, each song on the LP infuses a dire tension that cuts shimmer with fetid frequencies, never establishing an aural hierarchy or urgency. Instead, we’re lead into punchy capsules of “dour pop”; the balance of saccharine and sour so emblematic of the VR SEX hive mind.
DAIS Records releases VR SEX’s debut album “Human Traffic Jam” on April 26, 2019 on digital, vinyl LP (packaged in a thick matte stock jacket with a printed inner eurosleeve with lyrics and download card in various colored vinyl variants), as well as compact disc, housed in a matte digipack with lyric insert and features the bonus track “Corridor (Epilogue)”. Cover art by Brooklyn based artist Adam Helms
Listen: VR SEX – ‘Surrender’
Pre-Order: VR SEX – Human Traffic Jam

Tour Dates

March 17 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex (debut live performance)

Human Traffic Jam
Dais Records
May 10, 2019

1. Surrender
2. Downgrade
3. Epiphany Gridlock
4. Sacred Limousine
5. Maiden China
6. Psycho Cybernetiks
7. Cheek Detritus
8. Facts Without Faces
9. Corridor (Epilogue)

Mar 292019

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Mar 292019
With half the band having left their native Texas for New York, Readjusting the Locks is the first Institute album written across the country. Despite the distance it sounds every bit as cohesive as if they were all still hanging out every night in the same Austin dives. The newly NYC-based Moses Brown and Arak Avakian flew to Houston in October 2018, where they joined Barry Elkanick and Adam Cahoon to demo the entirety of the new album in a single day. In December, the band got back together in Brooklyn to record with their longtime producer Ben Greenberg (Uniform).Where the previous Institute albums often wandered into the experimental, Readjusting the Locks strives to be economical, its 13 tracks clocking in at a tight 29 minutes. The band has seamlessly incorporated more ’77 rock n’ roll into their sound, some songs feeling like they could’ve been a Stiff Records single. This sound is emphasized by Greenberg’s expert production — crisp but still blown out and dirty. Lyrically, Readjusting the Locks moves away from the traditionally personal words of frontman Moses Brown. Rather than attacking the internal workings of his brain or its socialization, as on previous records, this album attempts to address the societal atmosphere in which his agita exists.Blaming Neoliberalism and the irresponsible notions of utopia fostered under it, Brown argues that in recent decades the Western world’s assumption that humanity would continue to prosper into the future has, on the contrary, created a disastrous political vacuum. This has allowed banks, corporations, and their politicians to aimlessly advance the Neoliberal agenda into an inconceivably dangerous place. He argues that we are deadlocked in a permanent existential crisis, stuck in an un-humanitarian and environmentally destructive system so all-consuming that we will not find a clear alternative. Without a true plan for a sustainable future those in power will continue to offer humanity new policies, technologies, and politicians that promise change but are only capable of “readjusting the locks” on our incomprehensible existential predicament. STATEMENT BY MOSES BROWN (VOCALS/LYRICS):IT IS A COMMONLY HELD BELIEF…. that humanity has launched itself to the point of no
return & into a unsustainable future without a proper skill set to now reassess and properly
handle the deadlock we have arrived at!Armed with our classical skills of production, consumption, and the creation of capital, humanity
will now be tasked with continually managing an incomprehensible crisis by coaxing our immediate existential problems into digestible solutions resembling new policies and technologies truly inept at solving anything. Though constantly reminded of global social inequalities revolving around money, the sociopathic power of banks and corporations to bend the world in their favor, and our society’s detrimental effect on the life sustaining capabilities of this planet, as a whole we are generally downtrodden and so consumed in this world that we are incapable of shaking the assumption that out future will be framed in anything but more of the same. We are stubborn, despite what we’ve preached our entire existence, we do not possess the ability to create a truly just and sustainable “utopia” on this earth – nor do we have the time to reassess the future currently in store for us – thus humanity will perpetually be “READJUSTING THE LOCKS” of our existential crisis in order to socially manage a decline into absolution (as has proven to be the path of least resistance)….We’re living in a world of dangerously quick solutions justified under the narrative of progress. This is irresponsible and unhumanitarian, it construes the world into black and white agendas and out of reality, marginalizing many in the process. This is a world that doesn’t take calculated actions or react to the needs of its people. We will continue sweeping the well being of humanity under the rug in the name of advancing ourselves. 

Listen: Institute – “Dazzle Paint” 
Pre-Order: Institute – Readjusting The Locks

Tour Dates

May 18 – Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus w/ Twisted Thing, Nandas, Wetware (Record Release)

Readjusting The Locks
Sacred Bones Records
May 17, 2019

1. MPS
2. Mon Cherie
3. Let Me Be
4. Indoctrination Set
5. Roll Music
6. Can’t See Nothin’
7. Shangri-La
8. St. John’s Wort
9. Dazzle Paint
10. Anxiety
11. Utopia Sound
12. Fooled Again
13. Deadlock
Mar 292019

After months of pressing delays,
we now have the classic 2nd album by ARCANA “Cantar De Procella” on vinyl in stock!
All pre-orders are being sent, thank you for your patience.

ARCANA “Cantar De Procella” LP (123rd Cycle)
Now 21 years since it’s original release, we present ARCANA’s second album in it’s original length, remastered and with new artwork on both CD and Vinyl. Very few bands evoke such awe and inspiration than this Swedish act driven by the now legendary talent of Peter Bjärgö. ARCANA have been pillars and always at the forefront of the so called Neo Classical / Heavenly Voices movement with their poignant, ethereal and medieval inspired music. Sorrowful strings, doomsday horns and trumpets, massive percussion and snares, bells, dulcimer all interlaced with exquisite Male and Female voices create a quite singular atmosphere of grandeur and of melancholy for times long gone… Rejoice once again, or for the first time, in this timeless recording.

LP Edition of 300 Copies in standard LP sleeve with printed inner sleeve. 12 tracks. 47:56
*Note, CD Edition is Sold out.