Jul 312018
Ikue Mori and Christian Rønn are
twin masters of unrule, radically attuned to time and sound, invoking
the personhood of space and object, chordis et machina, as you'll soon
discover once their music gets loose in your own
“Endless probing that hooks into your neurons, this
album leaves sonic organisms floating around you. Even if that's
merely an illusion, the alchemy of Mori and Rønn’s hyperactive stew
is very real.” -Marc Masters

Laid down at Elektron Musik
Studion (EMS) in Stockholm, this is no meandering muddiness, the
precision and responsiveness of their heady collaboration steps
swiftly from fine grit distortions to leaky sinewaves, sweeping from
the playfully melodic to the seriously xenomorphic. As prepared-piano
hammers against braiding electronics, each possibility unfurls the
next. Tossed out from the final groove, you'll hike up your needle and
want to plunge right back in.

fusion of ecstatic electro-acoustic and other worldly sensibilities
draw some resemblance to Cecil Taylor’s out-of-body playing, but
here in the hands of Mori, accompanied by Rønn’s steady electronic
manipulations it’s in a brand-new tongue. It’s as though the
Phantom of the Opera’s afterlife has risen."[…] It’s so exciting
to hear this coming from the Bay Area’s exciting underground
‘anti-profit‘ label. This record leaves your senses tense,
salivating, wanting…." -TJ Norris

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Photo courtesy of Aurora Halal

Beatless techno – the way it was meant to be heard – on cassette – on digital! For the first second time, Laffs & Danger is re-releasing A Family Disease, the long-form release by New York-based techno producer Relaxer in a whole new-but-previously-released light. Sort of!

In March, it was announced that A Family Disease, “an entirely beatless alien terrain where uneasy feelings, strangled media transmissions, and haunted new age music tumble against one another” would be made available in an absolutely unlimited digital format and strictly limited edition cassette. But something funny happened when Laffs & Danger proprietor Forest Juziuk listened to the test cassette:

“After the leader, the tape hissed and the music gained a new flesh, texture, and breath. A Family Disease came alive, crumbling at the same time. Its nature had shifted and it became exciting and frightening in a whole other way. This is how it was meant to be heard, the cassette EQ becoming something of a cocoon in which the butterfly returns to worm.”

We all know that with the advent of digital recording, analog enthusiasm waned and the fetishization of digital silence became the norm. Flipping the fetish on its head, Laffs & Danger has ripped the test cassette and reissued A Family Disease digitally as A Family Disease (Version).

Relaxer has released five EPs on his own imprint and runs Lovers Rock.


A Family Disease (Version)

Laffs & Danger #04.5


01. A Family Disease (Upstairs With The Kids Mix)

02. Total Lust Abyss

03. Breathe Down Your Neck

04. Crickets at Dawn

05. Syrup

06. Flatscreen

07. Wake In Fright (Keep Coming Back)

08. Cat Call

09. Mental Process of the Mind (One Less Crazy)

10. Hallway Carpet (Ha Ha)

11. Lifeforms

12. Nail Gun (Holiday Season)

13. Terminal





Jul 302018

(07.30.18) Being a purveyor of hardened
industrial rock since 2009, Cell Zero is a man-machine hybrid skulking
boundaries of alternative, Goth, and darkwave.

Everything” is Cell Zero's 2018 debut album featuring twelve tracks
of 90s era industrial rock with modern production values and maturity.
Anyone hitting the play button on the album only needs to listen to
'Skin' to understand the complexity Cell Zero brings to the scene. His
vocals are aggressive but linked in real world issues – both
personal and social – while his driving guitars and underestimated
electronic groove bring the album to grace. With each song lasting
around four minutes and beyond, “After Everything” is well-worth
every minute you spend with it.

“After Everything” was
released on February 14th, 2018 on Bandcamp via the pay-what-you-want
model. The album can be bought HERE and can be streamed via

Cell Zero:


Jul 272018

After the incredible first EP “Magnetic Reel”, out on Swiss Dark Nights Exp./Luce Sia, Braconidae is back with «Gaslighting»; a 40’ album, made of percussive, obsessive and obscure sounds, resulting from a deep research within the possibilities of her instrumentation, mainly made of synthesisers, (d)ronins and other percussive instruments (some self-built).

«Gaslighting» features contributions by guest artists ODRZ and Gerstein and is enriched by a powerful mastering by Marco Milanesio.

«Gaslighting represents a journey in which all its elements flow in every direction, in which the time is represented by specific instants or moments of my life.
Every single track tries to push away my fear, like a prayer, a good-luck ritual or, sometimes, a liberating scream. I chose each sound through a meticulous research in such a way to create the right frames to my thought and transform faces and memories into concrete sounds.»


Out today in a limited edition of 200 copies on black vinyl LP with insert and download code!

Jul 202018

The third coming. Finland‘s otherworldly Electro lords Blastromen return to the Dominance Electricity mothership to deliver their much anticipated new long-player.

Four years after Reality Opens, the ten new compositions featured on Cyberia continue where their last album left off and take it straight to the next level. Elaborate arangements with catchy synth melodies, haunting Electro breakbeats and epic, vocoderized lyrics prove once again that Blastromen are a class of their own.

Packaged in futuristic artwork by The Zonders, the album is available now as black double 12 inch vinyl and deluxe edition red transparent double vinyl inluding a super-size poster, hi-quality pressed CD and in digital formats.

▶ DOWNLOAD of this release available via:

Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/qFLg4V

All tracks composed, produced and mixed by Blastromen at Nucleaire Sound studio. 303 on „Outsider“ played and tweaked by Acid Hausmeister. Mastered by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle. Graphics by Falk Klemm / The Zonders for Dominance Electricity (with special thanks to Maiko-Eva Verna, Yvan Forestier & Anna Majuri). Executive-produced by MMW for Dominance Electricity 2018.