Jun 182018
“L+Esistenze” is the new album by Petrolio, scheduled to be released in October. but not only. it is a dream which has been going on for a long time..six artists have in fact participated in the realization of this album and devoured Petrolio sounds and noises giving life to 12 pieces, each one characterized by the artistic attitude of each musician.. the following projects have taken part in this adventure… Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten, Automat, AADK, Soundscapes), Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo ((r), Almagest !, Blind Cave Salamander, Coypu, Larsen, XXL), Aidan Baker (Nadja), Sigillum S, MaiMaiMai and N Ran (Hate & Merda) .. the labels that will produce the new album will be announced shortly.

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Jun 152018

We have 2 thrilling new titles for your listening enjoyment that will land on your turntables around mid to late July! AND, the Spectrum Re-press is in production and should arrive around the same time.

Here are the new ones:
MR-081 Mark Van Hoen “Playing With Time” 2LP wholesale $17
MR-082 Gavin Guthrie “The Totality” 2LP wholesale $17

and MR-079 Spectrum “Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows” LP – this time on black 180gram vinyl wholesale $17

Titles available from us or our distributors:
Clone (Benelux)

Here are the descriptions/links/covers:

MR-081 Mark Van Hoen “Playing With Time” 2x LPFirst time on vinyl reissue of Mark Van Hoen’s 1998 masterpiece presented on a deluxe 2LP. Playing With Time perfectly showcases the lush and deep environments that can only arise from Van Hoen (Locust, Scala, Seefeel). Contains a side long bonus track best described as a modal Eno-style classical ambient piece that was originally intended as a ‘hidden’ track at the end of the original 1999 CD release.

“A Mesh Of Loveliness” Melody Maker

“Exquisite production ideas that are so expertly executed” Dazed & Confused

“The perfect, spacey chill-out album” Sunday Telegraph

“A sound that at it’s best has a positively spiritual quality about it” The Sunday Times

“At the cutting Edge” Computer Music “A melange of jerky, cut-up sounds, stretched out ambience… that owes more to Far-Eastern music than to Steve Reich” Sleazenation

“The sound scape is so deep and diverse that it’s accessible to anybody into laidback beats and soothing, beautiful noise” HiFi World


MR-082 Gavin Guthrie “The Totality” 2xLP

2nd full length album by Gavin Guthrie AKA TX Connect (previous releases on Crème Organization and L.I.E.S.). Influenced by a diverse background of Italo, acid, horror soundtracks, industrial and EBM, Gavin crafts dance floor stompers using analog tools and tape. Not only a producer, he’s also a reputed DJ and head honcho at Texas Recordings Underground (TRU) record label. Spread over 2 LPs, these 10 tracks will be atomic bombs in your next DJ set but could just as easily be the soundtrack to your next cerebral vacation. All tracks carefully mastered by Martin Bowes. Limited Edition.


AND lastly, the re-press of MR-079 Spectrum “Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows”

First time reissue on any format of the 1994 album by Spectrum. Spectrum is the project of Sonic Boom (ex-Spacemen 3 as well as Experimental Audio Research) and collaborators (technically his 3rd album but the 2nd under the name Spectrum). Carrying on the signature sound exemplified on “Soul Kiss (Glide Divine),” “Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows” lulls the listener into a deep trance with its droning and hypnotic tracks and treated vocals, on top of a myriad of analog synths and Sonic’s recognizable guitar treatments. The first track “Undo the Taboo” sets the stage for a meditative ride that doesn’t let up until the last track. Absolutely crucial and long awaited reissue. 2nd pressing on black 180gram vinyl.



Jun 142018


– C.3.3. (TEST DEPT.)-


C.3.3. is a personal project from Paul Jamrozy, co-founder of original industrial agitators TEST DEPT..

The work is inspired by the real life experience of Her Majesty’s Prison Reading. Tracing the history of the location through to the present current political and social situation, evoking the harsh realities of Victorian and modern day Britain.

Reminiscent of the finest mid-era TEST DEPT., such as “Gododdin” or “Pax Britannica”, with heavy percussion, strings, and strident vocals.

The title C.3.3. is drawn from the cell number where the literary figure Oscar Wilde was incarcerated in Reading Gaol under gross indecency charges. C.3.3. was the pseudonym used for the publication “The Ballad of Reading Gaol”, a poem based on the execution of a fellow inmate.

This sonic rendition draws upon the writings of Wilde’s poem and the horrors of prison life for a condemned man, as a metaphor for the universal predicament of all humankind.

Remastered with 2 bonus tracks, featuring TEST DEPT. and presented in a 6-panel digipak.

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(CSR249TS) £15
(CSR258TS) £13
Shirt to celebrate Nytt Land’s latest album “Odal”. Highest quality black shirt with white front print featuring the album cover, and back print featuring the Elder Futhark Odal rune.

Brand new shirt for Colossloth, exclusively designed by Stuart Graham. Highest quality grey shirt with black front print.



‘Charnel Transmissions’ is the fourth TUNNELS OF AH release and once more the TOAH sound is taken into ever more oblique regions.

Inspired by the ‘chime and gong stations’ recordings of the Cold War era, ‘Charnel Transmissions’ sets out to evoke rather than recreate the alienated spirit(s) of those recordings. With the ritual percussion of Francis P. weaving throughout the album alongside cracked electronics, ‘Charnel Transmissions’ is a disquieting spiral into an ashen world of ‘mythostatic psychopomp’ where this world is transformed into a charnel ground of gods, ghosts and jackals.

Crumbling drones, splintered bursts of noise and buried voices make ‘Charnel Transmissions’ unconventional and non-linear, much like those charnel dwellers who seek out the lowest to attain the highest. For lovers of ceremonial sounds and dark places.


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4 x CD £32
4 x CD + T-SHIRT £42

– MZ. 412 –


MZ. 412 ‘ULVENS BRODER‘ 10″ (CSR248EP) £18
The resurrection of the originators of Black Industrial.


2018 marks the 30th anniversary of MZ. 412. The long-awaited new album ‘Svartmyrkr’ has been born
and will be released later this year on CD and double vinyl.


The limited edition 10″ ‘Ulvens Broder’ is taken and adapted from the forthcoming album and features
a very special B-side with Tomas from Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio.

412 x white vinyl – 412 x red vinyl – 412 x black vinyl.

IIII I II. Enki be proud!

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‘Lunisolar’ is the second solo album from the ‘Queen Of Japanese Noise’, Mayuko Hino. ‘Faintainhead’ unleashes swathes of densely layered noise, undulating in intensity and ferociousness. Although claustrophobic throughout, there are moments of gentle metallic percussion, punctuating the raging vibrations beneath. ‘Astral Travelling’ offers no such relief, featuring unrelenting, piercing electronics throughout until the final few minutes of psychedelic comedown. In addition to self-made instruments, Hino plays noise with her six-theremin oscillators (in bright pink) – the one and only in the world, specially made by Ryo Araishi (a.k.a. ichion).

Prolific as a live performer, Hino is most well-known for forming C.C.C.C. (Cosmic Coincidence Control Center) in 1990, together with Hiroshi Hasegawa, Fumio Kosakai and Ryuichi Nagakubo. In its early phase, the band grabbed attention by combining noise music with Hino’s sadomasochism performance using bondage ropes and dripping candle wax. She has since been a member of Mne-Mic, DFH-M3, and Transparentz. Digipak.

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Eerie drones, oscillations from the ether, distorted dark matter, signals from other dimensions… The music of Sonologyst fluctuates between scientific sonic documentaries and psychedelic abstraction, illuminated by early experimentation of the 50’s and 60’s, as well as future possibilities of the electronic and electro-acoustic.

“Silencers (The Conspiracy Theory Dossiers)” is inspired by the testimonies of those who have had contact with the so-called “Silencers” or “Men in Black”. Federal agents? Aliens? International conspirators?

Sonologyst makes a documentary in music, including spy tech, declassified documents, official recordings, control techs, secreted scientific information, CIA Deep Black Programs, NASA classified tapes, Secret societies and breakaway civilization hypotheses.

Recommended for those who follow the nebulous paths of Inade, Schloss Tegal, Bad Sector, Lustmord.

Presented in a digipak with booklet.

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Siberian band NYTT LAND presents its new epic musical canvas. Working with the same unchanging 4 band-members, the musicians continue to revive the true magical sound of the Ancient North.


Odal is inspired by the traditional music of the indigenous peoples of Siberia, the Old Icelandic epic and the atmosphere of classic Norwegian black metal.

This time the album was recorded without using samples; all parts of the instruments were performed live. All songs were recorded and mixed in one of the technical quality best Russian studios, “Radio Sibir”, which strongly affected the sound quality. All the sounds of nature were recorded in western Siberia and northern Norway.

For the first time the 4-year-old son of Natalia and Anatoly, Yuri Pakhalenko, took part. By this they emphasise the concept of the album – heritage.

As in the previous album, Fimbulvinter (CSR234CD), Odal features the traditional Siberian overtone singing technique “kargyraa”, but the overtone singing by vocalist Natalia Pakhalenko gives a special character to the sound. This is very unique, since this technique is a almost exclusively a male singing practice due to its physicality.

So, it’s time to start the path to the roots…

Presented in a 6-panel digipak.

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Midori is the third album by Italian artist She Spread Sorrow (Alice Kudalini).

Midori tells a story, the escape from a harsh reality that becomes an echo of nightmares and visions, a house that is the scene of fear and anguish, a soul that is lost in pain to an epilogue of death and purification. The gloomy, intense, dreamlike sound, sometimes distorted, sometimes angelic is the soundtrack of a dramatic story, but also of relief. Duplicity is the key to this work.

Death industrial with female vocals and ambient moments, more dilated, with sounds that also refer to a ritualistic horizon.

Presented in a 6-panel digipak.

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– NDE –


Praise my fame, my violent heart.

“United (Through Iron And Blood)” is NDE’s third album and sees a return to the harsher sounds of their debut, “Krieg Blut Ehre Asche”. Deranged Black Metal vocals over uncompromising, blood-soaked death industrial, rhythmic power noise, and claustrophobic power electronics.

“United” is NDE’s strongest ‘song-based’ album to date, with assured harsh dancefloor fillers. “Sons of truth gather now, colour your hands with their blood…”.

For devotees of Trepaneringsritualen, Consumer Electronics, Navicon Torture Technologies, Genocide Organ, Propergol.

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(CSR246CD) £26


Corrupted is a mysterious Japanese doom metal band, formed in 1994. Immensely downtuned guitar and crushingly slow bass are shrouded under deep layers of feedback. They are rightly hailed as one of the heaviest and darkest doom metal bands of all time.

“Humankind’s folly it its continuing idiocy. This is the beginning of the “Hollow” series. The schoolyard of the school was buried in the mountains of radioactive contaminated rubble. We cannot hear children’s voices from anywhere. I hear it is the world of sound of only footsteps and the warning sound of the Geiger counter…” (Chew Hasegawa)

This record isn’t your standard doom fare. The title-less tracks are to be played at either standard vinyl speed. Therefore (and at the band’s request), no samples or download code.

The limited 12″ is accompanied by a foldout poster.

Cold Spring are proud to announce “Kondole / Dead Cat” – a double CD and DVD collection, presented in a lavish 8-panel matt digipak with booklet. The RARE film features: DEREK JARMAN, ANDREW TIERNAN (‘The Pianist’, ‘300’, ‘The Bunker’, Derek Jarman’s ‘Edward II’) and GENESIS P-ORRIDGE.

CD1: features the complete, long version of ‘Dead Cat’.
CD2: contains 3 tracks: 1: ‘Thee Whale’ (Time Square Studios, Chiswick, London, 23/01/88). It is thee soundtrack to an unmade 23 minute film called “Kondole (Thee Whale)”, by David Lewis and Andy Crabb. 2: ‘Thee Shadow Creatures’ (Hyperdelic Studios, San Francisco, 23/10/93). 3: ‘Dead Cat’(Time Square Studios, Chiswick, London, 23/01/89). It is thee soundtrack to the film “Dead Cat” by David Lewis.
DVD: The film ‘Dead Cat’, released in 1989, and shown only at a handful of cinemas that year. It was never issued on general release and has only recently been uncovered by David Lewis (writer & director). We present the full film, re-authored from the original source. The film itself features unique starring roles from cult film director DEREK JARMAN, ANDREW TIERNAN (‘The Pianist’, ‘300’, ‘The Bunker’, Derek Jarman’s ‘Edward II’) and GENESIS P-ORRIDGE (Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle). The film features the music of Psychic TV, included here on CD1, in its complete form.

King Ov Hell (Gorgoroth, Sahg, God Seed) and Kvitrafn (aka Einar Selvik of Wardruna, Skuggsjá, Gorgoroth) teamed up and formed Jotunspor (“tracks/traces of giants”).

Musically, “Gleipnirs Smeder” binds grim and primitive black metal together with elements of noisy dark-ambient, while the concept of Jotunspor is strongly founded in the old Norse cults and beliefs. “Glepnirs Smeder”, or the The Forgers of Gleipnir, explores some of the incidents surrounding the creation of the world and Ragnarok – the ultimate doom / transformation. The chain Gleipnir, its forgers from the depths of Svartalvheim and Fenris – the chained jotun-wolf are some of the most important themes on the album, on which the lyrics are sung in Norwegian and Old Norse tongue.

Produced and engineered in Norway by Kvitrafn, the album was originally released in 2006 by our sub-division Satanas Rex. Digipak.

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‘Heathen Needles’
(CSR235CD) £10.50

‘The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion’
12″ (CSR241LP) £16
‘Shrines For The Unwanted, Respite For The Cast Aside’
CD (CSR243CD) £10.50
‘Visions Of Darkness (In IranianContemporary Music)’ 2 x CD
(CSR242CD) £12
On his second album, Colossloth continues his esoteric sonic crusade of volatile yet absorbing audio textures. Cold electronica, with swathes of rhythmic power noise and industrial harshness, tempered with penetrating song structures. Eleven tracks of austere, reflective and exploratory electronics for journeys made into the hidden realms underpinning daily life, spanning the bridge between gnosis and praxis. The dissonance of opposites falling into elemental synthesis with a sound and approach influenced from the past, present and future, letting us remain anachronistic yet temporal voyeurs in the abyss evoked forth. Digipak.
Pan Sonic, arranged and edited by Barry Adamson, with an additional re-arrangement by The Hafler Trio. Barry Adamson and Pan Sonic is performed by the Hljomeyki choir and Pan Sonic. The Hafler Trio’s extended reworking weaves strong drones together before levelling them to start anew”. 35 minutes, released on vinyl for the first time by Cold Spring. Produced by Barry Adamson, Jóhann Jóhannsson, and Pan Sonic. The cover art features Icelandic electronic composer Magnús Blöndal Jóhannsson having a brain scan performed while listening to this disc. 180g vinyl with matt card sleeve. Comes with download card.
The triumphant reawakening of San Francisco’s masters of behemoth ritualistic darkness… Within “Shrines For The Unwanted, Respite For The Cast Aside”, bone, antler and voice produce connective threads between the worlds, as guitar and percussion punctuate shifts in mood. Voices call to the spirits, and the spirits call back in return. Recorded in 2016 during four private, collective only rituals, the pieces pull the listener through the darkest and most overgrown trails of the blackest forest. Monumental and horizonless ritualistic black ambience. Vocal visitations by A.C. Way of Sutekh Hexen. Spot-varnished digipak.
A gathering of majestic, heavy, dark ambient, ritual, drone and noise music from Iran. Highly original and monolithic, with stunning production, Visions Of Darkness stands shoulder to shoulder with the giants of the Dark Ambient scene. The darkness here is a consequence of the mood of the artists: Ali Phi, Alphaxone, Anunnaki Signal, Crows In The Rain, Downtown Of HongKong, DSM, Hossein RangChi, idft, Limen, Mehdi Behbudi & Vahide Sistaani, Narcissa Kasrai, Nojan, Nyctalllz, Poo Yar, Reza Solatipour, Rhonchus, Saint Abdullah, Soheil Soheili, S.S.M.P., Xerxes The Dark, XSIX.
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Jun 142018

The Overlookers :
Driving Fast debut EP, now available for preorders!

Unveiling a part of the secret around The Overlookers, Driving Fast EP gives you have a first hint of what to expect in the forthcoming album Teenage Wet Dreams. Inspired by American vintage red cars, thriller movies and synthetic sounds, The Overlookers deliver an explosive mixture of electronic pop, synthwave and EBM! Watch the video teaser on Youtube

Don’t miss the limited edition CD with exclusive bonus:

Go to the BOREDOMproduct website


Jun 142018
We’re now taking pre-orders for the upcoming new album by VORTEX “As Gods Fall” 2CD (126th Cycle).
Official release date is Summer Solstice, June 21 2018.
“As Gods Fall” 2CD
(126th Cycle)
“As Gods Fall” celebrates the 10th year of existence for the German ritual cinematic ambient project by Marcus Stiglegger. It is the final part of the mythical trilogy that began with “Kali Yuga” (2013) and “Moloch” (2015). Inspired by the Nordic mythology of the Edda, this album revives the realm of the Old Gods in their final conflict. As before this musical reflection on mythology is used as a metaphor for a portrait of the present world out of balance. The tracks were composed after a intense journey to the ancient viking relics of Scandinavia in 2015: “Breathing the air of history I felt ultimately connected to the past and heritage of the old Germanic tribes and their mythology, also understanding what this all means for what happens in the world today. “As Gods Fall” is a cycle of music invoking forgotten energies and lost wisdom…” For this album Marcus S. joined forces with many guest (including Michael De Victor of While Angels Watch), providing unique instrumental and vocal contributions. From pounding martial rhythms and hypnotic ritual chants via brooding drones to stunning and fragile melodic elements this album captures the essence of what Vortex stands for: ritual music. The album was recorded from the summer of 2015 to the winter of 2017 and finally mastered by Frederic Arbour in 2018. Stunning artwork was created by Nihil.
This release also contains a bonus-disc “Helstrom” featuring 2 unreleased Vortex tracks as well as remixes by Apoptose, Empusae, Phelios, Visions, Operation Cleansweep and more…
Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel Digisleeve, matt lamination with 8 pages booklet.
CD1: 9 tracks, running time 46:09
CD2: 10 tracks, running time 53:49
Latest Titles:
“Dark Age Of Reason” CD/LP
(122nd Cycle)
Now 22 years since it’s original release, we present ARCANA’s first album in it’s original length, remastered and with new artwork on both CD and Vinyl. Very few bands evoke such awe and inspiration than this Swedish act driven by the now legendary talent of Peter Bjärgö. ARCANA have been pillars and always at the forefront of the so called Neo Classical / Heavenly Voices movement with their poignant, ethereal and medieval inspired music. Sorrowful strings, doomsday horns and trumpets, massive percussion and snares, bells, dulcimer all interlaced with exquisite Male and Female voices create a quite singular atmosphere of grandeur and of melancholy for times long gone… Rejoice once again, or for the first time, in this timeless recording.
CD Edition of 500 copies in 4 panels Digisleeve. 10 tracks. 36:43
LP Edition of 300 Copies in standard LP sleeve with printed inner sleeve. 10 tracks. 36:43
“Cantar De Procella” CD/LP
(123rd Cycle)
Now 21 years since it’s original release, we present ARCANA’s second album in it’s original length, remastered and with new artwork on both CD and Vinyl. Very few bands evoke such awe and inspiration than this Swedish act driven by the now legendary talent of Peter Bjärgö. ARCANA have been pillars and always at the forefront of the so called Neo Classical / Heavenly Voices movement with their poignant, ethereal and medieval inspired music. Sorrowful strings, doomsday horns and trumpets, massive percussion and snares, bells, dulcimer all interlaced with exquisite Male and Female voices create a quite singular atmosphere of grandeur and of melancholy for times long gone… Rejoice once again, or for the first time, in this timeless recording.
CD Edition of 500 copies in 4 panels Digisleeve. 12 tracks. 47:56
LP Edition of 300 Copies in standard LP sleeve with printed inner sleeve. 12 tracks. 47:56