Mar 262018
Electronic pop / dark synth band Huminoida's second
full-length album is released in April as digital, CD and LP+CD
The Grey Area offers nine tracks of human emotions from
the dark end of the scale. Melancholic synthpop, angsty new wave and
harrowing beauty form the musical background for direct, unpretentious

"This wasn't an easy album for me to make. The last
three years haven't been exactly euphoric in my life or in the world
in general,
and the anxiety of the times has affected the lyrics
and overall mood of the tracks. There's no science fiction or
surrealism this time, the
themes on this album are very much of
this world, this reality. That is one of the reasons why I decided to
call it The Grey Area" explains K-K-, the sole member of

"The Grey Area" is an appropriate name also because
musically it's kind of an oddball. It's not easily categorized and to
call it simply "synthpop" may be a bit misleading. There are the
melancholic electropop songs, but also new-wave influenced and heavier
tracks as well as the moody, beautiful tunes. It's
diverse, but I think strong collection of songs."

CD with
large 20x20cm booklet – Release date 6th of April
Vinyl+CD with
booklet – Release date 20th of


(Kimmo Karjalainen) was a member of industrial / synth band [Active]
Media Disease 1993-1998 and electropop duo Neuroactive
Huminoida was founded 2007.

Mar 162018


Remixes & Beyond


What we have been up to, you ask? We do not sleep here at BIINDS HQ, that is for certain.

While we're slowly working on our new EP, a few remixes by us/for us have been released.

First, we released "It is I (KvK Devil's Night RMX)", an earth shattering remix crafted by BIINDS' and ReVerse Bullets' own Klaas Von Karlos. A nifty little VHS style music video put together by Nicolo Sommer for the track is also available for your viewing pleasure here. You can grab the track for free if you wish to do so

Second, a remix made by us was released for the alternative/post industrial band X-Vivo. It features vocals by X-Vivo's talented singer Alina who, in our opinion, sounds very close to Amy Lee of Evanescence. You can listen to the track via YouTube and download it for free on X-Vivo's Bandcamp.  

Last, but certainly not least, we gathered an entire band consisting of Heloise Levebvre on violin, Klaas Von Karlos on electronics and synths, Nicolo Sommer on programming, synths, sound design, mandolin, Jordi Kuragari on guitar and Gidon Carmel on live drums to rework Collide's track "Pale Blue" which will be released May 22nd on Collide's double album "Mind & Matter"

As always, thanks for the interest in our music. 

Check us out on the internet here:

Mar 152018

Cavern Of Anti-Matter

Hormone Lemonade

Hormone Lemonade

Cavern Of Anti-Matter return for their third studio album on their own Duophonic label. Hormone Lemonade sees the band heavily utilising the sounds of modular synths and home built drum machines, yet still keeping the loose, improvised sound familiar to fans of their first two albums, with minimal guitar melodies and live drum kit helping to build hypnotic layers of texture.

The albums genesis was in the self-constructed rhythm machines of band member Holger Zapf, the Taktron Z3 and Taktron Z2, being recorded to tape during three one-hour sessions. These sessions also included the use of 70s Hohner and Eko drum machines. Holger played his parts in a free-form way and the bpm varied wildly as it was not possible to sync it to any outside controllers.

Tim Gane edited these initial jams into useable chunks and proceeded to overdub each new rhythmic “chunk” with some basic musical ideas, keeping in tune to the hum of the machines and retaining the “feel” of the inherent pulse. Joe Dilworth arrived to lay down a beat over these minimal backing tracks, going with the flow as best he could.

In the following months the music was fleshed out using various synths and sequencers from Roland, Arp, Oberheim and Holger’s modular synth set up. As well as many of the bass and sequencer parts the modular also supplied the chords by tuning each one of its five oscillators to specific notes and intervals

Click on the image to watch the 'Phase Modulation Shuffle' Video

Praise For Hormone Lemonade


“Their most successful album to date … With ‘Hormone Lemonade’ COAM have contorted that off-kilter groove into a tighter, more intense and – more importantly – totally unique aesthetic”Electronic Sound

“Keeps Stereolab’s earworm melodies as well as their oblique songtitles, using modular synths to patch together longform jam sessions”DJ Mag

"Cold and bouncy autobahn action from Tim Gane, his current accomplices and a couple of overdriven homemade drum machines. The antic motorik spirit of Stereolab lives on!"Mojo

“A winning melange of tinny disco beats, retro-futuristic textures and layers of synth, it’s by far their most cohesive work to date” – Record Collector

“Like a meeting of science and nature in a hall of mirrors, it’s a synthedelic delight” – Prog

[Phase Modulation Shuffle] “A glowing orb of a song that, true to its title, shuffles along with an antigravitational grace. Rather than being a song to sit down and admire, 'Phase Modulation Shuffle' suggests a new dance craze created by an alien humanoid race. Imagining it being played out on a neon-lit dancefloor on a planet many galaxies away, but not too dissimilar from our own, 'Phase Modulation Shuffle' makes perfect sense. It sounds like it's been beamed across space as a vision of how bold and bright music can be."The 405

“Dynamic and minimal – a brilliant record.” Nick Luscombe, BBC Radio 3