Mar 272018


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Siberian band NYTT LAND presents its new epic musical canvas. Working with the same unchanging 4 band-members, the musicians continue to revive the true magical sound of the Ancient North.


Ođal is inspired by the traditional music of the indigenous peoples of Siberia, the Old Icelandic epic and the atmosphere of classic Norwegian black metal.

This time the album was recorded without using samples; all parts of the instruments were performed live. All songs were recorded and mixed in one of the technical quality best Russian studios, “Radio Sibir”, which strongly affected the sound quality. All the sounds of nature were recorded in western Siberia and northern Norway.

For the first time the 4-year-old son of Natalia and Anatoly, Yuri Pakhalenko, took part. By this they emphasise the concept of the album – heritage.

As in the previous album, Fimbulvinter (CSR234CD), Ođal features the traditional Siberian overtone singing technique “kargyraa”, but the overtone singing by vocalist Natalia Pakhalenko gives a special character to the sound. This is very unique, since this technique is a almost exclusively a male singing practice due to its physicality.

So, it’s time to start the path to the roots…

Presented in a 6-panel digipak. 

Barcode: 0641871745074

Track Listing:

1. Darrađarljóđ / The Song of the Valkyries
2. Ragnarök
3. Midsommar
4. Hávamál
5. Norđur / Yule Song
6. Tagelharpa Song
7. Deyr Fé / The Heritage
8. Völuspá
9. Sigrdrífumál / The Ballad of The Victory-Bringer

Release Date: 26th March 2018


14 AprLittle Devil Black Ritual, Tilburg (NL)
16 AprBobble Cafe, Lille (FR)
17 AprNo Man’s Land, Volmerage Les Mines (FR)
18 AprLe Cirque Electrique, Paris (FR)
20 AprHôtel de la Musique, Villeurbanne / Lyon (FR)
30 AprWalpurgisnacht, Omsk (RU)
26 MayMayan Tree, Svargas (RU)
24 JunMidsommar, Arhipovka (RU)
12-15 JulCastle Party 2018, Bolków (PL)
15 JulClub Vagon, Prague (CZ)
22 JulFolk Summer Fest, Tarusa (RU)
12 AugKayn, Kaliningrad (RU)
14 AugProtokultura, Gdansk (PL)
16-18 AugMidgardsblot Festival, Horten (NO)

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Mar 272018
We are now taking Pre-Orders for 3 upcoming titles.
And we are still taking pre-orders for:
NORDVARGR “Metempsychosis” CD/LP/CS (108th Cycle)
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To be released on March 31st, Vinyl LPs will come by the end of April.
*UPDATE: The RAISON D’ÊTRE “Alchymeia” Vinyls should ship first week of April, thank you all for your patience with this unexpected delay that’s been completely out of our hands.
Thanks again for your interest and support,
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DØDSMASKIN “Ingenting”
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TAPHEPHOBIA & KAVE“Monuments” CD (109th Cycle)
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Mar 272018

Happiness Project is back with a new 6-track mini-album of exclusive tracks and remixes from the forthcoming album Mutation. With additional production by JB Lacassagne (Dekad), Happiness Project starts its mutation towards a more electronic and solid sound. But Happiness Project remains faithful to its signature style. The characteristic bass guitar is still there, and from the very first second of the title track Big Cities, so is their unique mix of melodic male and female vocals. Big Cities EP is a first step in the new direction taken by the band in their new 10-track album, to be released this fall.

Mar 272018

Spheric Music presents the new CD

VANDERSON featuring Lambert – Sequenced Thoughts

Vanderson is well known on youtube (4800 Abos, thousands clicks) and within the electronic scene. Vanderson returned to his sequencer based electronics for what he was admired for in the past.

He already released various albums on several electronic labels like Syngate, Mellowjet and Generator. His recent Berlin School album on Spheric Music „Vandisphere“ received good reviews.

This time he put more work into composing clever and ingenious sequences that are at the same time very captivating. This was a great inspiration for Lambert, who is also very much into sequences, to play upon Vanderson basics. Lambert, influenced by Tangerine Dream in the early 80s, added several sounds and melodies to make the 80s feeling complete (Tangerine Dream – Tangram / Pergamon).

Vanderson found very good sounds to create deep and wide atmospheres as if somebody is admiring the astonishing cosmic space. Flowing sounds a la Planetary Unfoldings (Michael Stearns) lead into pulsating sequences.

Maybe this is one of the most fully developed and sophisticated sequencer albums Vanderson ever released.

It is a honour for Spheric Music to present this opus, featuring 4 long Berlin School tracks, on his label.

Katalognummer: SMCD 8101

EAN-Code: 4260107470809

Release Date: march 23rd also via H’Art Musikvertrieb

Duration/Laufzeit: 72:21 min

Style: Tangerine Dream / Klaus Schulze

The titles:

1.    Sequenced Thoughts Part 1 18:39
2.    Sequenced Thoughts Part 2 21:31
3.    Sequenced Thoughts Part 3 16:50
4.    Sequenced Thoughts Part 4 15:29


Mar 272018

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Dark electronic music artist Miss FD releases her fourth studio album today on Quantum Release Records, titled Transcendence. The album features seven new compositions written and performed by Miss FD, and includes collaborations with Vulture Culture and Robert Dante.

The new album is available on PledgeMusiciTunes, and other digital music outlets. PledgeMusic orders include special access to behind-the-scenes entries from Miss FD made while creating Transcendence, plus availability of a limited edition 4-CD discography with Transcendence and Miss FD’s prior albumsMonsters in the Industry (2010), Love Never Dies (2011) and Comfort for the Desolate (2013), as well as other exclusive merchandise.

The opening track “Despair” is also featured in a new music video directed by Chad Michael Ward, which “invokes feelings of isolation and existential suffering,” says Miss FD. “Once accepted through self-examination, these emotions can become a source of primal healing, rather than an over-medicated symptom.”

Robert Dante, featured on earlier Miss FD albums, contributes string and guitar arrangements throughout Transcendence, and a piano performance of Miss FD’s “Transcendence Intermezzo”. Vulture Culture’s Alex Dalliance’s production work is featured on “Delirium”.

Introspection and acceptance thematically permeate the album, which concludes with “Icarus”, after the Greek mythological figure who famously soared on wings too close to the Sun.


Release:     March 27, 2018

Type:            4 page digipack + 12 page booklet

Label:          Quantum Release Records

Order #:      QRR015

UPC:             888295674195

Order On: PledgeMusic and iTunes


  1. Despair
  2. Vagaries
  3. Delirium (feat. Vulture Culture)
  4. Little Galaxy
  5. Transcendence Intermezzo (feat. Robert Dante)
  6. All the Pieces
  7. Icarus

About Miss FD

Miss FD is a dark electronic music artist, singer, songwriter, producer and performer. The project began in 2009 captivating audiences from the dark music world with a unique combination of haunting yet upbeat music, thoughtful lyrics, and mysterious and sensual vocals.

With a strong fanbase both live and online, Miss FD released her debut album Monsters in the Industry in 2010, followed by Love Never Dies in 2011 and Comfort for the Desolate in 2013. Her new album, Transcendence, releases today.

Miss FD has collaborated with leading artists in the world of electro-industrial/EBM, including Ghost & Writer, Psy’Aviah, and most recently Vulture Culture, whose work is featured on “Delirium” from the new album Transcendence. Miss FD and Vulture Culture also recently collaborated on the “New Era” track for Alfa-Matrix’s Electronic Body Matrix, Vol 2.

Miss FD online: