Nov 252017
Join Psycho & Plastic on December 1st at 18:30
for a high quality live stream of their performance at
Noisy Academy in Berlin!


& Plastic are a Berlin based duo with a passion for nonconformist
electronic music. Regarded as ‘underrated live performers’ by Data
Transmission, they are on a mission to reintroduce a sense of wonder
and adventure to both the dance floor and the home listening

Their fiercely independent spirit is not only
embodied in their music, but also in their decision to operate their
own label GiveUsYourGOLD. The latest release on the imprint is Psycho
& Plastic's first full length album Kosmopop, a highly optimistic
dance album with dark undertones, featuring a unique sonic palette of
analogue synths, alien guitars, organic sequencing and otherworldly
vocals. It was approved by popular San Francisco collective Honey
Soundsystem and applauded by DJ Mag España with an 8.0. It also
includes ‘Planet Seductron’, which was awarded ‘single of the
month’ by Faze Magazin with a well deserved 10/10.

Listen to
Kosmopop on Bandcamp:
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& Plastic on Facebook:

Nov 202017

Autumn releases wave 1, Fleck ESC live set & Nexus 23 guest mix

UK producer Nexus 23 is back for his second sortie on Bass Agenda Recordings. 23 Theory, in short, is audio anarchy at its finest – giving the finger to convention and trends. Four tracks of fast and furious broken beats, wonky basslines and a hefty dose of punk attitude making it refreshingly hard to pigeon hole the sound. This won’t be one for those who stick to conventions, but for the adventurous – it’s dynamite. Check it here.
Also, check his blazing guest mix from this weekend’s episode of Bass Agenda here.
Greek weaver of darkness Noamm is back 18 months since his ‘Entering Darkness’ album on Bass Agenda Recordings In the case of some artists they might use 18 months mellowing out or exploring their sensitive side maybe. In the case of Noamm though – his music has become even darker, more raw, and more aggressive.

Each track spits itself at you with purpose; blending the tortured soul of a human-machine hybrid with a glimpse of an unpleasant future dripping with sweat and venom. Ride the Black Waves – if you think you can handle it. Dark Electro done right. Check it here.

Transhumanism 2 is OUT NOW on Vinyl and Digital formats!
Following on from the success of the first Transhumanism compilation (inspired when the four artists met for the first time at Dave Clarke’s first Whip It event in Amsterdam) the Dutch boys are back with a vengeance. Boosted by the support of the likes of UMEK, UMWELT, Maceo Plex, Dave Clarke and Helena Hauff these four artists (w1b0, RXmode, Slaves of Sinus & TFHats) have dialed everything up a notch with four new tracks. Check it here (less than 20 copies of the vinyl left on Bandcamp!)
FLECK ESC’s ‘Citizen Cage ‘ album is now available digitally!

Each of the eleven stops on the journey creates a snapshot of the city; a series of parts making up a whole. As a passenger on this ride in the middle of the night you will witness beauty, urban struggle, waste, fun, beauty, violence, spirit, darkness and everything from the mysterious and spiritual to the mechanical and functional. As the title suggests there is a question underlying this – are you trapped? Do you belong here? Do you want to be here? Whatever the answer, these are 11 views through the eyes of one modern citizen – Citizen Cage. Check it here.
Also check out Fleck ESC’s live set for Whip It! at ADE this year here.

Don’t forget to catch up on 2017’s episodes of the Bass Agenda Radio Show with Dez Williams, Juan Atkins, John Selway, DJ Overdose, Larry McCormick, ADULT., Kretz, Billy Nasty, w1b0, TFHats, Slaves of Sinus, RXmode, Andreu A. Nonimo, Volsoc and Kurt Uenala…


Nov 162017

Anni Hogan of Willing Sinners, La Magia and Marc & The Mambas fame, has a new album ready titled “Lost in Blue”.

‘Lost in Blue’ is a musical odyssey, says Anni. Her blueness began with seeing Derek Jarman’s BLUE at IMAX in 2014 that helped ignite a big surge in her creativity plus she was listening to a lot of Miles Davis and Chet Baker. But the big picture painted was the world in an increasing cyclone of turmoil fired her deep sense of feeling lost or stuck in it. She wanted to explore feelings of loss and lost whether emotional, physical, environmental, creative or cultural … and gather a little understanding and hope along the way…
She wrote a collection of songs, piano pieces with some additional arrangements and then guided by her producer Dave Ball (with production partner and sound engineer Rick Mulhall) the album adventure exploded from there. Musically “Lost in Blue” is an organic avant-garde jazz influenced largely acoustic album, piano driven with strings, vibes, glocks, marimbas, melodica, zither, recorder, trumpet, sax, harp, blues harp, bass guitar, double bass and occasional synths as the album’s instruments, Dave Ball and Rick Mulhall providing a jazz infused John Barry-esque production allowing the songs to sit in their own unique individuality whilst being part of a bigger ‘blue milieu’ sonic grounding for the album as a whole. Although many of the songs relay loss, pain and confusion, a feature of the album is the ‘end section’ technique on most of the songs which signifies light out of darkness offering hope to the listener’.
John Fiddler from Medicine Head, Gavin Friday, Wolfgang Flur, Kid Congo Powers, Celine Hispiche, Scarlet West and Richard Strange feature amongst a fascinating talented cast.
New York digital artist David Thorn has designed a series of postcards for each song
News about the release date will follow.

Check out her Facebook page


Nov 142017

B e e s 
(Luce Sia, 042)
Released on black C40,
limited to 60 numbered copies
with download code.

Listen / Buy / Download

“After a split cassette in 1997, «Bees» is in fact the first collaboration ever between the two historical Italian experimenters Deison and Devis G.*
Deison and Devis worked meticulously, but in an instictive and natural way to this project, inspired by the natural order of things, by bringing piece after piece sounds, texts and rhythms, gathering them together to build a complex structure, like bees do.” Luce Sia

*solo project of Devis “deviLs” Granziera of Teatro Satanico, Lvnvs,..

File under: Experimental, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Abstract, Drone

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“Degrade (lower level)”  is an unreleased track featuring on the series
[ SPECTRAL SIGNS _ 07 ] released by GHOST CITY COLLECTIVE, an audio-visual collective born in 2015 that pushes underground-self-produced stuff…obscure, lo-fi and experimental sounds!
[ Follow the ghosts ] |
DEISON / MINGLE – Tiliaventum BOX CD
(Loud!, Final Muzik)
DEISON / MINGLE – Innersurface CD
DEISON – Any Time Now CDr
(Loud!/Many Feet Under)
DEISON / FAVARON – Nearly Invisible CD
DEISON / UGGERI – In The Other House LP,CDr (Loud!, Final Muzik, Oak,Obr)
DEISON / MINGLE – Weak Life CD (Aagoo)
DEISON / MINGLE – Everything Collapse(d) CD/LP (Aagoo)
ANATOMY – Hypomaniac Larvae CDr (Loud!)
Thanx for your attention,


Nov 132017


Having emerged during the no-wave era, Melbourne-born hyperactive singer, composer, and producer  JG Thirlwell recently forged a new moniker – Xordox (his debut “Neospection” appeared on the excellent catalog of Edition Mego this year) – and added it to the impressive list of his multifaceted musical personalities. Some of you might know other ones such as Foetus, Clint Ruin, or Frank Want, with which he contributed to a likewise long list of releases by Nurse With Wound, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Marc Almond, Lydia Lunch, Jim Coleman, Electronicat and many others. Let’s dig into this new identity, as well as the interesting musical outlook of Mr. Thirlwell.


Chain D.L.K.: Hi, James! How are you?

Xordox: I am fine, thanks for asking.


Chain D.L.K.: It’s a big honor to talk to an artist who often gave some hassles to those reviewers in need of labeling music… I support such a style-drifting “policy”, but the release I’m listening to at the moment veers towards synth electronics, doesn’t it?

Xordox: The Xordox album is unapologetically and unrepentantly made with synthesizer and electronics. It is something I hinted at a little in some Venture Bros works, but this is a full on a synthesizer project, for the first time.


courtesy of Tina Schula

Chain D.L.K.: The above-mentioned confusion was also fostered by the impressive number of alter (or I’d rather say altering) egos…well, can you explain some possible “parental” relations of Xordox to previous alter egos?

Xordox: Xordox is a thing unto itself. The letter X is in common with Steroid Maximus and Manorexia; I like to include that letter. I was looking for a number of things when I chose the name Xordox – a name that would be the only thing that came up if you googled it. I was first trying to use a palindrome with the letter “X”, but most of those are being used by gamers or anti-depressants.


Chain D.L.K.: Do you mind if I say I miss some genial lyrical fits of cynicism and nihilism… In your opinion, what were the best ones?

Xordox: I am mostly happy with the lyrics I have written, but I think the ones on Hide, Love and Hole all stand up.
I also very much like the words I wrote for “Mine Is No Disgrace”, a collaboration I did with Melvins. A lot of people told me how much these words have resonated with them.


Chain D.L.K.: Well, let’s go back to the present… Why Xordox?

Xordox: I was invited by John Zorn to perform at his club The Stone in the East Village as part of a celebration of the centenary of William S. Burroughs. At first, I declined, as I didn’t feel I had anything to do, but I had been messing around with a Moog Little Phatty and Micro Korg hooked up to my laptop making arpeggios, and I wondered if I might do something with that, so I created a few pieces. I had been talking with Sarah Lipstate of Noveller for a while about doing a collaboration, and she was coming back to NY from the tour the day before the show. We had one rehearsal where I showed her the parts, and that was it. The show went well, and we performed it a few more times in NYC and once at a festival in Austin.
When I came to make the album, Sarah was on tour with Iggy and subsequently moved to LA. I wrote some new material which didn’t need any other instruments, so I have hijacked the project back for myself.


Chain D.L.K.: You show an impressive control of the synths you played with in “Neospection”… Would you say it’s related to your experience or the features of the devices you handled?

Xordox: I have been doing a residency at EMS in Stockholm over the past few years, mainly working on Buchla and Serge. I am not an expert on those instruments and usually get someone to help me with the initial patching. Some of that work found its way onto the Xordox album. There are synthesizer sounds on the Xordox album that I have just never used before, like synth string patches – I got to understand how that can be used, and their appeal.


Chain D.L.K.: Besides some classics of synth electronica, many moments of Neospection (particularly Destination: Infinity) resembled some stuff by Clock DVA for some strange reason… Any influence or relations to some of that sonic stuff?

Xordox: No, I haven’t heard ClockDVA since maybe 1980, but I noticed that Adi Newton played here recently. I’m not sure what he’s up to; I didn’t know they made synth music.


Chain D.L.K.: How did you make that sort of chorus in “Alto Velocidad”? Is the title a reference to Palo Alto?

Xordox: No, it means “high speed” in Spanish.


Neospection - cover artwork

Xordox ‘Neospection’ cover artwork

Chain D.L.K.: The kind of musical language you explore in Neospection is normally linked to visions of the future by common listeners… Is your vision optimistic or pessimistic?

Xordox: The view is utopian. Space is the place.


Chain D.L.K.: What’s the track that required more time to forge, and why?

Xordox: They all took about the same time, but some were harder to mix than others. Normally, I work on recording projects, but some of these pieces were specifically written to play live and, as such, I found them harder to mix as they were created relying on volume.


Chain D.L.K.: Just out of curiosity…in your opinion, is it the music that inspires visions or thoughts, or vice versa?

Xordox: I’d say visions partially inspire the music, then later on, the music inspires visions. It’s a feedback loop!


Chain D.L.K.: Imagine you can choose a match of each track to some sci-fi movie, documentary or any other visual media…any tips?

Xordox: I made a video for the track “Diamonds” using footage from NASA, with their permission. Otherwise, I’d rather the track not be tied down to any one interpretation.


Chain D.L.K.: Did you perform Neospection on the live stage? If not, are you going to do that?

Xordox: As I mentioned, I performed a lot of the tracks as a duo with Sarah Lipstate of Noveller. Currently, I don’t have any plans to perform as Xordox.


Chain D.L.K.: Can you tell us something about the cover artwork? It comes from NASA archives, doesn’t it?

Xordox: The front cover features the schematic of the Buchla circuitry. On the back, there is an image of earth shot from the space station. On the inside of the CD, there are two photos juxtaposed – the Buchla control panel and the Space Station cockpit control panel, which was shot by Ben Cooper.


Chain D.L.K.: Any other work in progress?

Xordox: I am currently scoring new seasons of Archer and Venture Bros; that’s taking a lot of my time. In addition, I scored a short film last month, and I am scoring another short film this month. I am preparing an album release of my Cholera Nocebo project and am hoping to get around to some archival Foetus releases next year. I have started a new Foetus album, but it probably won’t see the light of day until 2020. Before that, I am hoping to make two albums of my string quartets, and maybe some more soundtrack albums will appear. There’s also a bunch of other stuff too numerous to mention. You can keep up with what I do on my website and my Facebook page.


visit JG Thirlwell on the web at: