Oct 312016
Announcing the release of the first album of my new project with Phil Von:

META MEAT, an electro-tribal-industrial duo, available on CD, digital (and double-vinyl on January 2017)
Labels : Audiotrauma and Ant-Zen.

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Both electronic musicians and composers, Somekilos (half of 2kilos &More) and Phil Von (co-leader of Von Magnet) also share a passion for percussions and rhythms.

Their common project entitled META MEAT associates the source of flesh (MEAT) with its passage beyond (META).

META MEAT is a very physical live act bound to propel our bodies and souls into another state, a state of release and trance, incarnating a wish to elevate our animality towards a higher conscience of being.
The duo fights together a vibrant duel. Their joined skills and energies combine real drumming & beating (Somekilos), real stamping & banging (Phil Von) together battling against twisted virtual synths samples & machines. The electronic sounds being treated as radically as the acoustic percussions played by the two musicians, the musical result turns out sounding utterly “tribal”.

 Enhanced by the magnificent production and mixing of Def (mastered by Norscq), this first album is a Samurai pact, a commitment to raw musical integrity and an oath to elegant barbaric sonic power. 

And if this album was a weapon, the perfect soundtrack for our actual world wars? Cruel, merciless, sad, pandemic but harshly accurate. When two antagonistic cultures scrape and collide against each other, Occidental versus Oriental, modern versus archaic… even adding the Eastern Asian third part into the balance, so to stir an even more complex and brutal electro-ethnic blend.

How can we envision a better world?
Let us first try to transcend its poignance.


Oct 272016

Finally a third volume of the essential reissue series featuring rare and out-of-print vinyl releases from Horror Electronics maestro Burial Hex.

This collection takes us further back in time to a more raw and singular vision, whilst still infused with passionate vocals and eire religious allusions that would eventually lead to a development of increasingly more compositional elements in the Burial Hex cycle. Collecting his sides from the split 7″ with Sylvester Anfang on Aurora Borealis, the split 12″ with Iron First of the Sun on Cold Spring, and taking a side each from “Bagirwa Hymn” on VON Archives and “From The Rites Of Lazarus” on Urashima, we experience the death industrial roots of this expansive project.

Without as much focus on otherworldly hybrids, yet still organically eclectic, this offering will bring the grinding grey atmospherics and the nauseating aggression of early Horror Electronics into focus. Artwork by Nathaniel Ritter (Kinit Her).

Barcode: 0641871744848

Track Listing:1. Throne (6:47)
2. The Coming Of War (11:27)
3. Actaeon (8:55)
4. The Feast Of Saints Peter And Paul (18:43)
5. Armagiddion (21:54)

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Oct 252016

Welcome to our october newsletter, here are all latest news of our label M-tronic !! 

We are happy to announce that the new and 8th album fo german legendary project Mnemonic is now open !
Be fast to pre-order as they are available in  very limited quantities !
It is available in two formats:
 12″ VINYL LIMITED TO 100 copies (9 tracks + download code with additional tracks)
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9 tracks Vinyl 12″ limited edition 200 copies: white transparent color,  insert, digital download code
Information :
To speak of Kuta, we won’t evoke the previous musical experiences of the artist: indeed the singer-keyboardist rock past experiences (Corpus Delicti, Press Gang Metropol) are now far enough … Now with four albums, Sébastien Pietrapiana (aka Kuta) finally breaks nine years of discographic silence, giving with “Blueprint” an exciting follow-up to the delicate “A Home”  which was distinguished especially by the participation of prestigious pianist Mike Garson (musician for David Bowie and Smashing Pumpkins!). Resolutely electro-pop, more catchy than its predecessors but still melancholic, “Blueprint” fully assumes its nostalgia of the 80’s ! Returning to his first musical loves Kuta finds a fantastic second breath, and confirms that the future is often feeded by the past …

Audio teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAjnyVebl-o

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Out now on M-tronic is the new album by the american duo Snowbeasts “+ -“.
Snowbeasts is an american electronic duo formed by Robert Galbraith and Elizabeth Virosa.
The project released its firstt album in the summer of 2014 on Rob’s own label Component Recordings and immediatly caught our attention. As a consequence we immeditaly offer them to appear on our legendary free compilation “Table Of Elements” (volume 3.0).
4 groundbreaking dark twisted electronic and ambient albums later, the duo known for it wired twist electronic mixture between Bad Sector ambient territories and cEvin Key’s Download sonic experiences is back, on M-tronic Records with a free (name your price) digital album !


Mlada Fronta “Take the leap” track taken from the recent album “Outrun” has been chosen by Renault to illustrate the live broadcast of their new car ZOE (100 % electric): 6 live broadcasts per day til the 6th of november, subscribe here if you attend to attend this live experience: https://zoelive.renault.fr

We remind you that we till have a few copies of the recent MLADA FRONTA ‘releases which were acclaimed by the press :

“Outrunner” 12 red vinyl > Buy 22 € including shipping worldwide

“Outrun” CD Digipack 3 panels >Buy 15 € including shipping worldwide

• INDUSTRIAL #21 FESTIVAL: 28/01/2016

M-tronic is happy to present  the 21st edition of our festival Industrial in Cannes (south of France) next 28th of january 2017.

More infohttp://www.industrial-festival.com/industrial-21.html
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Oct 252016

Following the sulphureous sting of 2015’s ‘Thus Avici’, Tunnels Of Ah’s third album, ‘Surgical Fires’ is a dense, fermentative working. Asemic vocals are sunk beneath an alienated electronic landscape of seismic drones and paranormal frequencies. Loss, gain, conflict, resolution, decay and transformation as an initiatory path is the current running through ‘Surgical Fires’; the surgery alluded to in the title being psychic surgery. With original album artwork by Stephen Ah Burroughs (HEAD OF DAVID) and a vocal contribution from London-based ritual artist Soror Anji Cheung, ‘Surgical Fires’ is another singular Tunnels Of Āh release evasive of categorisation.

Barcode: 0641871744800

Track Listing:1. Demonic Forms
2. Purging Process
3. One Hundred Gates + Eight
4. Mind As Corpse Bearer
5. Release Of The Burning Mouths
6. Black Air (Exhale)
7. My Love To The Lordly Cobras
8. Emission Through A Hole In The Head

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Oct 252016

Invasion presents
AMBASSADOR21 “Human Rage”
CD, 2CD Deluxe Edition (limited to 300 copies), digital album
Order now in AMBASSADOR21 online store

After 6 years full of blood, sweat and tears, AMBASSADOR21 strikes back with new mind-blowing studio album.
AMBASSADOR21 always balance on the edge, their music is a breaking point, where industrial, hardcore, rhythmic noise and ebm blend together in an unique apocalyptic mix. Celebrating their 15th Anniversary, AMBASSADOR21 dance with wolves and introduce “Human Rage”.
“Human Rage” is ten new tracks which will feed your mind and heart and will make you dance. Ten tracks as ten words which AMBASSADOR21 use to describe the present – terror, fear, bigotry, war, money, freedom, action, courage, love, friendship.
From the feeling of an incoming storm in the industrial mid-tempo main title “Human Rage” to the blast of aggression in high-speed hardcore beast “Fear Level Red”. From the martial beats and provocative lyrics in Russian and English in “Revelation” to the deep wobble bass and wall of noise in “Metal”. From the fighting beats in brutal “Cannibals” to the trap synths in dance floor killer “Scream Your Name”. From the fast moving guitar tracks “Do Or Die Time” and “Empire Must Fall” to the dark, cinematic and noisy title “Before We Die”. From the straight industrial hammer-beats to the explosion of noise and cold transparent ambience at the end in “Black Dot”. It’s hard, it’s catchy, it’s honest. With this new album AMBASSADOR21 do what they do best – blast your brains.
What are the keywords that come in your mind when you listen to “Human Rage”? Terrorism, religion, attitude. “Human Rage” is mature work of adult people with a strong position, who aren’t afraid to draw conclusions and speak out loud on their behalf.
Devaluation of human life. Terrorism, which has become a part of everyday life. Human life as a small coin in the ideological, financial and religious wars. Those are the main motives of “Human Rage”. This album is addressed to thinking, open-minded people, who are responsible for their own acts, who ask the right questions and are searching for the right answers; who aren’t afraid to live and are in love with life; who can’t imagine life without music.
Did you notice how many times the word “life” was mentioned? Yes, “Human Rage” is a martial dance in the name of life.
Too late to be cool. It’s do or die time. Now listen to “Human Rage”.
01. Human Rage
02. Fear Level Red
03. Revelation
04. Metal
05. Cannibals
06. Scream Your Name
07. Do Or Die Time
08. Empire Must Fall
09. Before We Die
10. Black Dot
2CD Deluxe Edition is strictly limited to 300 copies and include bonus disc with new remixes by NULLVEKTOR, HYDRONE, 13TH MONKEY and also tracks from “Killers” EP, “Time To Burn” EP and “We Are Legion” EP which weren’t released on CD previously, with remixes by LENNY DEE & MR.MADNESS and HALLUCINATOR among others.
Get digital version of “Human Rage” (CD and 2CD) in our Bandcamp store
and in all other best digital stores. 
We have also new merch in our store!
Get new AMBASSADOR21 t-shirts “Human Rage” and “Your God Is Dead” (both available as Men & Girlie), and also great super limited editions of new keychains, 25 copies of each. Metal, laser engraved, double-sided, numbered. Only few copies left!
"Human Rage" t-shirt men & girlie
See you at next AMBASSADOR21 gigs!

11-12.11.16 – Lauter Krach Festival / Lauter, DE INFO
19.11.16 – Noize Of Life Festival / Mannheim, DE INFO
28.01.17 – Industrial Festival Cannes / Cannes, FR INFO

More coming!