Jul 292016

Release date: August 19th 2016

“The Meaning” appears on the forthcoming “Maria” EP and follows the duo’s highly rated “Polaroids” and “Desire Lines” EPs

“I love how the lyrics that Jones sang here were directly inspired by the Deneuve samples, lending the affair a distinctly integrated feeling that many examples of found vocals usually lack…  the version of “Strangelove” was a bold new statement of an old favorite, “Infinite Hearts” and “The Bardo Of Becoming” were intriguing tributaries I’d like to hear them pursue further.”
From a review by the POST PUNK MONK July 25th

Singer Steven Jones met synthesist Logan Sky through their mutual friend Steve Strange of legendary 80’s band VISAGE with whom Sky had been playing synths since 2010, but who passed away in early 2015, RIP..  Read their latest INTERVIEW or hear them discuss the new EP here SOUNDCLOUD INTERVIEW

Playing across the UK, the duo’s performances include appearing on-stage in a special line-up of Visage alongside Heaven 17, Boy George, Kim Wilde & Daphne Guinness to celebrate the creative life of Steve Strange. More live dates are on the cards, including performances for Some Bizzare label this week and the Depeche Mode fan club in Estonia in November!

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“Maria” is available on limited edition (50 copies) 6 track turquoise cassette and as a subscriber we are offering you an exclusive PRE-RELEASE LINK

The 2nd track on the EP, INFINITE HEARTS “…features another Visage veteran, Lauren Duvall, performing the song as a full on duet with Jones and her presence on the track as both co-lead and backing vocalist lend this throbbing slice of electro a complex character that I would like to see Jones + Sky pursue further going forward. Ms. Duvall’s ethereal b-vox hit a lovely note her of crepuscular melody that fans of Gazelle Twin would surely enjoy.”

Steven Jones & Logan Sky

Steven Jones & Logan Sky

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Jul 292016
Out Now!
NIHIL (Feat. IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES) “Ventre” Book/CD (87th Cycle)
NIHIL (Feat. IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES) “Ventre” Book/CD (87th Cycle)
Ventre is the cumulative work of French writer and graphic designer NIHIL. A singular fictional universe growing and mutating within since his childhood, where unconscious fears and forgotten memories emerge as grotesque figures populating surreal landscapes and where everything appears as symbols and disguised archetypes. An ever-changing and bizarre tale marked by mystical heights and regressive downfalls. Ventre started in 2004 as a series of short texts and soon developed to include imagery as well, exploring transcendence and identity matters. After more than ten years of work, the Ventre art book collects ten cryptic and philosophical texts and seventy-five portraits of saints and martyrs, including a retrospective of past works and a number of previously unreleased ones.
The book comes with a unique soundtrack composed especially for this project by Swedish pioneer of the ambient industrial IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, which has infused most of NIHIL’s work since the early days and both have also become close collaborators. The music contributes to create a complete sensitive experience along with the texts and images, in a natural symbiosis of atmospheres and inspirations.
Limited Edition of 300 Copies.
Book Format: 7×10″. Hardbound cover with Matte Lamination. 115 pages.
CD: 7 Tracks. Running Time 39:18
ISBN: 978-0-9938651-3-8
Jul 212016

Ferrochrome –

Dirk Krause (Armageddon Dildos, DKDENT & Retro Adapter) and Aidan Casserly (Empire State Human, KuBO) have teamed up, to form a new electronic project called Ferrochrome.

They’re currently recording a debut album called ‘Under The Tongue’.

Their eclectic musical mix, and lyrical/dark poetic words, makes for an intriguing sound. Dirk is handling the music and Aidan the vocals side, and they record their parts in Netherlands and Ireland respectively. Final mixing is completed by Dirk Krause.

They’ve set up official facebook and soundcloud pages, where you can hear three songs (‘Under The Tongue’, ‘Medusa Water’ and ‘Shoot The Freak’).


Any record labels interested in their new act can contact Ferrochrome via these sites –



Jul 192016

luce sia 12Here it is, finally! LUCE SIA 012 is ready!!
A snow-white C70 by Artico Culto, composed by 2 live sets, featuring the legendary Gerstein on side B! Here’s how the artists describe this incredibile cold ambient work:

‘Live al Museo della Fantascienza’

‘Mental Hospital P14’

After the 2015 debut on ‘SoundScape713’ with ‘Norðurljós’, ARTICO CVLTO is releasing two live sets, the second one with Maurizio Pustianaz a.k.a. Gerstein.
‘Live al Museo della Fantascienza’ is the soundtrack prepared for the inauguration of the new Mufant (the science fiction museum) held on October the 31st 2015.
The night was shared with Urban Spaceman and it has been shot by Televisione Pirata and it’s available online here:


‘Mental Hospital P14’ is the recording of a live held on February the 12th 2016 at the Padiglione 14, in Collegno. The place is the ex mental hospital which in the 90s has been closed and turned into a place for concerts and stuff. For the performance, Artico Cvlto was a three member combo with Maurizio Pustianaz/Gerstein, whom took care of the production and the mix of the sound.

Limited to 60 numbered copies!

Jul 192016

luce sia 17LUCE SIA n.017 – The Tapes “Falso Movimento”
Another important piece of history has been entrusted us by the legendary Italian experimental-synth project The Tapes!
Like our previous re-release “Glasaugen”, “Falso Movimento” (recorded in 1987 as a private demo) never officially saw the light before this moment!
This masterpiece, inspired by ‘70’s avant-gardists like Franco Battiato (“Click” era) and early Tangerine Dream, is now available on white C40 in a limited edition 60 copies!