Apr 292016


/DeathOven : Rebels Have
No Kings/

After it’s predecessor from 2014. ‘I Dreamt of a
Dragon’, dreDDup’s new release is out!! Seventh studio album from
serbian industrial rock band dreDDup is here! Full title of the record
is ‘DeathOven:Rebels Have No Kings’ . Album contains 10 new songs and
47 minutes of hard electronics. They like to call their genre –
demonic electronics. Album was recorded in the period 2014-2016 and
mixed in DURU studio in Novi Sad, Serbia. You can stream complete
record from YouTube or you can buy your digital copy directly form the
band and their Bandcamp page. dreDDup is currently looking for a
record label to release this album in hard copy.


01. Gillo Teen
02. I Dream
03. Pris
04. Disco-Taken
05. Zelia
06. VenoM
Flame still burns
08. ReMorse Code
09. Point of No Return
Lust Supper

album links::

Digital download from Bandcamp


Apr 242016




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THE THIRD INCARNATION OF RIGHT NOW MUSIC WITH A SPECIAL SENSATION FEATURING MUSIC OF Steve Reich, Michael Gordon, Terry RileyTom Chiu, Philip Glassand an asian premiere performance of a new work by Mathew Rosenblum with Two stars of the Contemporary Music Scene: Mantra Percussion 

and FLUX Quartet.

with Appearances by Kho Sang Ji Trio and 

Sung Rak Shim plus Sung Rak Shim with Sang Ji Ko 

Please note, clicking an artist's pic will take you to facebook and websites, some will be exclusively in Korean.

"BYUNG KI HWANG, one of the foremost interpreters of the kayagum, a 12-stringed Korean zither with strings made of twisted silk fiber, is the first composer to have written ''modern'' music on an instrument that dates back some 1,400 years. And on Sunday afternoon at Carnegie Recital Hall, Mr. Hwang, accompanied by Sang Won Park on the changgu (an hourglass drum), performed a program that contrasted his own original descriptive pieces with formal traditional kayagum music…''Forest'' had the tunefulness of an attenuated Irish hornpipe played on an acoustic guitar. ''The Silk Road,'' which contained the program's most variable textures, musically illustrated the concept of translucency with finely spun webs of sound created by extremely delicate strummings on the upper neck of the instrument." The New York Times

Award Winning Pianist Jong-Hwa Park performs Music of Steve Reich and Terry Riley.

Jong Hwa Park is a concert pianist and a professor. Born in Korea, Park showed talent in both the piano and in academics at an early age.

Park achieved many accolades throughout his career. Park received first prizes at national competitions in Japan, Korea and the US. Internationally, Park is a recipient of a number of awards including the Queen Elizabeth International Piano Competition in 1995, where he received a Critic's Prize; the Santander International Piano Competition in 1998, where he was awarded Second Prize and the Public Prize; and the Rubinstein International Competition in Tel Aviv, where he was awarded a special prize. Park is also a laureate of the Ferrucio Busoni International Piano Competition.

Kyungso Park, Ga-ya Gum

One of the young stars of this ancient instrument, she brings a new approach to composing and playing. She is eclectic, modern and adventurous, while maintaining a deep respect to the ancient art of the instrument. 

Sang Ji, Kho, Badoneon

Sung Rak, Shim, Accordion

Both artists will play separately and together.

Please note" All artists pics are linked to websites with complete information. Some of the webpages are in Korean only. 

Senior Curator: Inhyun Kim

Assistant Curator: Peter Robles

E to M Music & Art LTD.

Serious Music Media | | news@seriousmusicmedia.com |

90th East

New York, NY 10128

Apr 222016


Post Industrial pioneers Sutcliffe Jugend take everything to a new level with the beautifully packaged album “Offal”. Available on deluxe double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, and CD in a gatefold digisleeve, featuring monochrome paintings by Kevin Tomkins.

With printed lyrics included for the first time, we get to the heart of Sutcliffe Jugend at their euphoric and vilifying best. Words that will make you question what it is to be truly human and not the conformist PC neo-liberal slave so prevalent and encouraged in the modern era.

The production on the album sounds massive compared to previous releases, giving the carefully constructed songs an intense, brutal and relentless environment not heard before. Kevin Tomkins’ vocals are pushed to new extremes, doing battle with Paul Taylor’s vicious guitar and synth work.

“Offal” features four epic tracks (55 minutes) of naked emotional release that will leave the listener breathless and gasping for more.

CD in gatefold digisleeve.
Double black Vinyl in gatefold sleeve with download card. Ltd 500.

Forthcoming Sutcliffe Jugend live dates (Headliners):

23/04: XI Congresso Post Industriale, Club Kindergarten, Bologna (IT)
27-28/05: Epicurean Escapism, Tiefgrund, Berlin (DE)

Tracks: 1. Cleave (11:52), 2. Howl (13:34), 3. Slice (13:39), 4. Crawl (16:00)

CD Barcode: 0641871744633
2LP Barcode: 0641871744640


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Over n` out!!


Apr 222016


Foretaste’s new album called Space Echoes will finally be released next September – no worries it will be worth the wait! To keep you waiting the new single Lost in Space will be released in late April/early May.

A 6-track CD version of Lost In Space is now available for pre-order on our webstore .

This is a very limited edition including 2 exclusive tracks and remixes from album tracks, so don’t wait to much to reserve your copy.

1 . Lost in Space (remix)
2 . My Absolution
3 . I Know Where to Find You (remix)
4 . Paradise of the Broken Hearts (remix)
5 . Diving In Hell – CD exclusive
6 . Lost in Space (hyperspace remix) – CD exclusive

A free download of Lost in Space is also available on our brand new Bandcamp page, go and have a look!

Like for previous albums, XX & XY have chosen a central theme for this new album: Space and science fiction. Fans of classic American Sci-Fi literature are in for a treat.

Apr 212016

Alfred EnglishAlfred English
Piston EP
Catalog No: IM042
Release Date: 29 April 2016
Format: Digital

1. Air Grid – FREE DL @ XLR8R
2. Proximity Mine
3. Piston
4. Extraction Console
5. Piston (TSVI & Luru Remix)
6. Piston (Patrick Brian Remix)
7. Piston (WWWINGS Remix)
8. Piston (ETEVLEH Remix)

Marking the beginning of a new era, ULTRAMAJIC label manager and internet savant Alfred English welcomes his anticipated debut EP on Infinite Machine. Perhaps more serious then his visual artwork, Piston EP sees Alfred craft club music that is strangely heavy and hardcore as it is comforting and emotional. Rather than filtering the fleeting trends of the Grime Clubtrak wasteland, the Los Angeles artist took the vast, industrial tradition of Hardcore woven with dark, broken beats and emotive, retro chords, built with the attention of an IDM or EBM producer.

Opening song Air Grid (available from XLR8R as a free download) is an experiment in syncopation and the art of continual tension building, rhythmically contrasting the dramatic synth stabs against regionally-rotating drum patterns, nodding to 80s Electro as much as it is to classic Jersey Club, and embodying the spirit of Jimmy Edgar, DJ Haus, and early Hotflush.

Proximity Mine, the second track, heavily electrifies the basis of Air Grid, leading Industrial Techno stabs in a brutal, pulsating call and response over a driving, concrete Club rhythm. In the second half, Alfred summons up the likes of Alex Coulton or early Distance with an oscillating, half-time deconstruction that paralyzes the violence of the first half.

With an inviting, emotional introduction, the EP’s title song, Piston, does not take long to collapse into a merciless, alien assault. The light, club beat is simple yet clear, the melody is subtle but catchy. It is heavy, but contrasted by its strange, brief sincerity and tactical use of negative space, it consumes as much as it comforts.

Alfred’s final song, Extraction Console, is perhaps the most comprehensive of the bunch. As if a morning conversation between birds was industrially-translated, wonky, drunk synths flip over and over between Hip Hop, Electro and Club rhythms before the drop D power chords call back.

For the sake of full scale club assault, four were asked to remix Piston. TSVI & Luru flip it fully into a slow-burning Club tool, underlined by ominous trumpets and straightforward Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Patrick Brian plays up the original’s contrast with an extra emphasis on the angelic chords between the sci-fi assault, and an extra dose of snapping snares. WWWINGS do as they do best, and framed Piston as a haunted, gothic dub. ETEVLEH meticulous deconstructed our title song so as to rebuild it into a chaotically beautiful battle of strings, steel drums and Grime, as if the theme from a metaphysically-fucked anime.