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Kalaha is the brainchild of a quartet of really talented Danish musicians. Emil De Waal (drums, sample pad, percussion, effects), Niclas Knudsen (guitars), Rumpistol (synthesizers, effects) and Spejderrobot (electronics) are so brilliant at music making that Kalaha deserves to be labelled as a supergroup. Their various stylistic colors fed the drift of influences (electronic jazz, afrobeat, dub and other ethnic nuances) your eardrums are going to meet while listening to the sounds of Kalaha. Here’s a chat with Kalaha’s spokesman, which occurred just before the launching of their new EP titled ‘Quarquaba’ on Rump Recordings.


Chain D.L.K.: Hi folks! How are you?
Kalaha: Hi there! We are really excited about our new EP, music video and upcoming tour, thank you 🙂

Chain D.L.K.: Compliments on your project! Can you tell us something about its birth?
Kalaha: Thanks so much! It is our first studio album, but still recorded live in the studio. All four of us in one great yet small recording room. We have all contributed with compositions, and afterwards Rumpistol and Spejderrobot have done some amazing mixing and editing work.

interview picture 1Chain D.L.K.: Why did you name it Kalaha?
Kalaha: We all like the game Kalaha and played it for hours and hours during our childhood. To us, the name covers both the playfulness of our music, the inspirations from Arabian and African music, and then the word has a percussive quality to it. It simply feels great to pronounce it.

Chain D.L.K.: How did you integrate traditional music from Africa and China into electronic jazz and dub?
Kalaha: For us, it has been mostly just playing music together. Being the musicians we are, it is just the way the music turns out when we play it together.

Chain D.L.K.: Who’s the mastermind of such an implementation?
Kalaha: It is truly a collective effort. We all have different strengths that somehow work together amazingly well.

Chain D.L.K.: Does Kalaha’s sound have an influence on other projects of each single member of the group?
Kalaha: That is a hard question to answer… But we are pretty sure that all the choices – artistic or life choices, as such – we make in life, will influence all our projects.

Chain D.L.K.: What’s the meaning of the word Quarquaba?
Kalaha: Quarquaba is a Moroccan metal percussion instrument from the Moroccan Gnawa people that our drummer, Emil, plays on the tracks Tippi Tabu and Jostykit. This name has a percussive quality to it as well; it rhymes with Kalaha and once again, it simply feels great to pronounce it.

Chain D.L.K.
: I really enjoyed all the tracks on this EP and the way they evolve… for some strange reason, “Tippi Tabu” resembled the broadcasting radio of Outrun, the well-known racing videogame! Any hidden inserts into it?
Kalaha: No, but we will definitely have to check it out 🙂

Chain D.L.K.: The “childish” melody and the Americana-like guitar chords you inserted in the rocky dub movement of “Josty Kit” is really amazing…what are the elements of this sonic mosaic?
Kalaha: The childish melody was in Emil´s basic composition/programming of the song. Then Niclas improvised the guitar part while we recorded it together in the studio. The dub movement was enhanced by Spejderrobot and Rumpistol in the mixing/editing process.

cover artworkChain D.L.K.: What’s the link between “Hahaha” and “Quarquaba”?
Kalaha: Word-wise, it is the three-part “a-word” and the rhyme. Musically, it is the evolution of our music together. Hahaha was a stereo recording (no multitrack) of our VERY first concert/jam together playing music from each of our back catalogues. Quarquaba is a studio recording of music written by all of us especially for this band.

Chain D.L.K.: Are you going to include other collaborators in the near future?
Kalaha: We have serious plans about bringing in some kind of vocalist, but we have not found the right one yet. And it sure has to be the right one to make sense for us.

Chain D.L.K.: I’ve read you’re going to perform at Beishan World Music…my compliments! Have you ever performed in China?
Kalaha: Yes, but not as Kalaha. We’ve all done individual tours in China before, playing places like the Midi Festival in Shanghai, NO+CH in Guangdong and the OctLoft Festival in Shenzhen. Every time, it has been a mind-blowing experience.

Chain D.L.K.: What are you preparing for that performance?
Kalaha: The Chinese audience, as we experience it, is very much into energy. So we will play a firework of a high-energy show every time 🙂

Chain D.L.K.: As your first album was recorded live, are you going to record your second album there?
Kalaha: Good idea! Thanks!!

Chain D.L.K.: Any praise for the work of people on mixer, sound engineering or artwork?
Kalaha: The album was recorded by an old friend, Troels Bech Jessen, who also recorded our first album. He is always a pleasure to work with and makes all the instruments sound and blend just right – both electronic and acoustic. Our artwork is extremely important to us, and this time, the artwork is a limited 75-copy hand printed cover by the great Danish artist Zven Balslev and his awesome printer Erling Jørgensen, who is a legend to all artists in Denmark.

Kalaha Live Dates 2016:
Feb. 19: Radar, Aarhus.
Feb. 20: Global, Copenhagen.
Apr. 23: Beishan World Music, Zhuhai, China.
Apr. 24: Beishan World Music, Zhuhai, China.

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Mark Lane “Who’s Really Listening?” 

Extended C-60 Cassette in 7″ Box w/inserts

1984 release reissue never previously available on cassette.

Label: Idiosyncratics.  Catalog number: I-15-106

One time printing of 200 artist hand numbered copies. 


-Beautifully printed 7″ Box top and bottom.

-Tray card cassette holder and companion acetate insert.

-Two sided card stock credits insert.

-Imprinted C-60 cassette (chrome hi-bias tape recorded in real time). 

-5 original songs and 10 bonus tracks.

-Collectors button.

-4″x4″ UV Sticker.

-Archival plastic sleeve with decal.



Side 1: “Tsar” (6:05), “Who’s Really Listening? (4:31), “Sojourn” (6:42), “Das Nicht” (4:12), “White Glove” (3:32), “The Lights of March” (4:10)

Other Side: “The Poison For Me” (3:47), “When  the Candle Burns Tonight” (3:21), “3rd” Party” (3:56), “Quest” (3:04), “Exit” (live) (3:18), America’s List (3:16), “All of My Dreams” (1:22), “Pleasure Heist” (2:42), “Il Pleut a Bruxelles” (3:20)



   Mark Lane has collaborated with many electronic musicians including Dirk Ivens and the Klinik, Martin Bowes of Attrition, Peter Van Vliet of Mekanik Kommando, Andy Szava Kovats of Data-Bank-A, Richard Van Dellen of De Fabriek, and Conrad Schnitzler of Tangerine Dream.

   Mark Lane’s music has appeared on over 75 music releases world wide. His solo works have appeared on such labels as Vinyl on Demand, Minimal Wave, and Stones Throw Records.


$20.00 plus $16.00 postage to EUROPE.

Discounts given for multiple copy orders.

Payment at Paypal via busy_moth@yahoo.com

All orders shipped within 48 hours of receiving payment.



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21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City

Deluxe CD/DVD

Release Date: 29/04/2016
Head to the official John Foxx store now to pre-order this new release, a compilation of John Foxx’s work from 2000 – 2016 featuring 2 new John Foxx And The Maths songs, remixes and a brand new collaboration with Gary Numan.

The Deluxe Edition also features a DVD entitled A Man, A Woman And A City consisting of 11 films created by Macoto Tezka with music by John Foxx & The Maths. This unique collaboration will only be available on the Deluxe Edition. There are also three exclusive digital downloads as part of the Deluxe package.

Head to the official John Foxx Store to pre-order your copy now!

Burning Car

Store Exclusive Limited,Edition
Gatefold LP

Feb 102016


Dear friends and partners,
We are very excited to announce the DIE FORM ÷ HURT album !
It will be available on February, 15th, but you can already pre-order / reserve it from now at Bain Total.
• “DIE FORM ÷ HURT (1984-1985)
(Rotorelief Records ROTOR0049)

This DIE FORM side-project was recorded in a few days in 1984 and remains the only trace under the name of HURT, initially released on BAIN TOTAL label (K.29 cassette) at the same period as “Some Experiences With Shock”.
As for the previous albums “DIE FORM ÷ FINE AUTOMATIC 1+2″, it appears in the “Archives of Industrial Music from France” collection, proposed by ROTORELIEF Records.
It brings together all the tracks of the cassette, and other titles from DIE FORM, close in the spirit and in the form, have been added.
It is a kind of snapshot, close to the tear and chaos, where the machines and the out-of-control guitars are used as a support for the cry up to the final exhaustion.
Passion – Pain – Urge.
Again, these are experimental and industrial creations, characteristic of this particular period/time, in the spirit of bands as “No New York” (Teenage Jesus, DNA, James Chance, Mars), and Suicide or Throbbing Gristle, SPK…

Tracklist :
01 – What You (1:22)
02 – Code-X (2:08)
03 – My Heart (1:20)
04 – Hurt (3:03)
05 – Fear Of The Bloody Night (4:24)
06 – Pain/Pulsion (6:39)
07 – Collision (2:18)

08 – Transdeath (1:57)
09 – Transmission-Axe1 (2:08)
10 – Transmission-Axe2 (2:25)
11 – Distress (2:41)
13 – Toxicosys (4:07)
14 – Stahl Frequenz (3:53)

2 limited numbered editions are available (total 500 copies)
including free digital download for a limited period :

– LP RED vinyl (200 copies) : 19 EUR + shipping
– LP BLACK vinyl (300 copies) : 17 EUR + shipping

– BADGE (20mm, black/silver) : 1,50 EUR + shipping

(Prices including 20% VAT / TVA)
Signed and dedicated – to your name – on request !


BAIN TOTAL : baintotal@wanadoo.fr
DIE FORM website : info@dieform.net
BANDCAMP : http://dieform.bandcamp.com/merch

Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information at :
baintotal@wanadoo.fr or info@dieform.net

Thank you for your support !
All the best,
Philippe & Éliane

• Facebook : www.facebook.com/DieFormMusic
+ http://www.facebook.com/dieformhurt
• Tsū : http://www.tsu.co/dieform
• Vimeo : http://vimeo.com/dieform
• Bandcamp : http://dieform.bandcamp.com
• Rose Eros : http://roseeros.bigcartel.com/

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Copyright © 2016 BAIN TOTAL, All rights reserved.
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Lust For Youth‘s new album Compassion is due out next month on Sacred Bones Records.

The trio recently shared the single “Stardom” from the record and are treating us to another taste of Compassion today. You can stream “Sudden Ambitions”, which is maybe one of the catchiest LFY tracks thus far here

LFY will be heading out on the road next month with stops in LA, NYC, and Austin for SXSW before heading back to Europe for a string of dates. Find the album info and tour dates below! 


Movement and gesture is natural. The flâneur has an iPhone, and their heart is embroidered into a microfiber sleeve in gold.”


Lust for Youth are a three-piece from Copenhagen made up of Hannes NorrvideMalthe Fischer & Loke Rahbek. 2014’s acclaimed album, International, took the melancholic insomnia of their former releases out into the street and away from the domestic frustrations of a life in headphones. Suddenly, surrounded by bodies, and with a staccato heart, Balearic infatuations and capricious nights in crowded clubs set the mood for Norrvide’s pining sighs. International marked Lust For Youth’s new-found decadence with fully resolved charm and enhanced self-deprecation.

This was swiftly channeled into their recent hit, “Better Looking Brother.” Compassion’s first single was streamed over 50k times in its first month, capping off a highly successful 2015 of worldwide tours and critical social media updates.


Compassion restates beauty for a time of crisis and clickbait. Judgement, design, form, and opinion: to what end will we refine our world if we can’t also make an anthem of our lives? This is the tender conspiracy: I’m on twitter; I have an anthem. Do we have an anthem? We have lust. Let’s meet irl.


Lust for Youth are affectionately vicious, and vulnerably sharp. They are the anticipation of the comedown as you come up on the best you’ve ever been of- fered from a bathroom stall. This is the spectrum: a low you know, and a dizzy new height.


Hearts blind lights and finance desire. Is it the fate of the cunning to look good, or is it just cunning to look this good? Compassion is dexterity: we all look this good. An impulse is an appetite, and you’re entitled to everything. Multitask collapse and revolution because you’re a beautiful mess.


Compassion is deliverance. Anticipate compassion.”  —Patrick Quick 

Listen & Share: Lust For Youth – “Sudden Ambitions”



3/17/2016 – Austin, TX @ SXSW

3/18/2016 – Austin, TX @ SXSW

3/19/2016 – Austin, TX @ SXSW

3/20/2016 – San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop

3/22/2016 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teregram Ballroom *

3/24/2016 – Brooklyn, NY @ Market Hotel ^

4/6/2016 – Berlin, DE @ Lido

4/8/2016 – Luzern, CH @ Südpol

4/9/2016 – Milan, IT @ Lo Fi

4/11/2016 – Paris, FR @ Le Petit Bain

4/12/2016 – Lyon, FR @ Le Sonic

4/13/2016 – Madrid, ES @ El Sol

4/14/2016 – Barcelona, ES @ Sidecar

4/16/2016 – Lisbon, PT @ Musicbox

4/21/2016 – Warsaw, PL @ Klub Hydrozagadka

4/22/2016 – London, UK @ Moth Club

6/11/2016 – Montreal, QC @ La Sala Rossa

* w/ Marshstepper, Drab Majesty & DJ Silent Servant

^ w/ Drew McDowall, Soho Rezanejad, Marshstepper



Lust For Youth


Sacred Bones Records


1. Stardom

2. Limerence

3. Easy Window

4. Sudden Ambitions

5. Better Looking Brother

6. Display

7. Tokyo

8. In Return