Jan 292016


Combine the ritual aspects of MZ. 412 and the darkest ambience from Nordvargr, with vocal materials and a rising spiritual awakening, and you get Anima Nostra – a collaboration between Margaux Renaudin and Henrik N Björkk that marks a new era in the vast cannon of the latter and as well as the former. Anima Nostra is also a visual experience, with artwork that will guide the open mind into deeper understanding.

The album features guest vocals by death metal mastermind Nader Sadek, recorded inside the sacred Sneferu pyramid in Cairo. Included is an alternate version of MZ. 412’s ‘Mourning Star’; an even more ominous behemoth than the original, this track perfectly complements the rhythmical structures contained in the album. A remarkable synchronization of minds.

Comes in a magnificent, metallic-print adorned 6-panel digipak, with 8-page booklet, containing stunning alchemical artwork throughout by Renaudin.

Tracks: 1. Sunyata | 2. Spiritus Omni | 3. Mourning Star | 4. Kmt | 5. Runik Hexagram II | 6. Gjallarhornet ljuder | 7. Lavenement Du Neant | 8. Maladia Skandinavia

Barcode: 0641871744671


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Jan 222016
Artist: Rumpistol feat. Ane Trolle
Title: Eyes Open Wide
Genre: Footwork / IDM / Dream Pop
Release Date: January 22nd, 2016.


Through the last 12 years Rumpistol has gained wide acknowledgement from everyone from John Peel (UK) to Laurent Garnier (F) and has played live at Boiler Room UK and MUTEK Montreal.

For his new single ”Eyes Open Wide” the Danish musician has invited acclaimed singer Ane Trolle into his dreamy electronic sound-universe while at the same time seeking inspiration in the restless rhythms of the footwork/juke genre.

Stream the track here: https://soundcloud.com/rumpistol/eyes
Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/pU5gIM5Moog

Just like Rumpistol, Ane Trolle has helped shaping the Danish – as well as the international musical – landscape over the last ten years, and her rough and vivid voice have reached a wide audience, both through different collaborations, and as a solo artist. You might know her voice from Trentemøller‘s hit ”Moan”.

The new single will be out Friday the 22nd of January, 2016 on Rump Recordings.

Release Link
English info sheet
Hi-res artwork & pics

In the music video for “Eyes Open Wide” we meet a female sleepwalker who is drawn towards an illuminating cube on what looks like an alien planet.
The cube and the woman are gradually awaken by the music, which transforms the forest into a spectacular light scenario.

Some might recognize the light construction as KUBE – a specially designed audio-visual concert installation that lately has become an integrated part of Rumpistol’s live show.

More about that here: http://www.rump-recordings.dk/artists/17

Artist: Kalaha
Title: Quarquaba EP
Genre: Electronic / Jazz / World
Release Date: February 19th, 2016.

For the first time ever, the Danish band KALAHA has come together in the studio, resulting in an entire EP trilogy to be launched the 19th of February, 2016.

On the first EP ‘Quarquaba’ Kalaha have let themselves be enthusiastically inspired by traditional music from both Africa and China, blended with retro-futuristic movements in electronic music and jazz.

Live Dates 2016:
Feb. 02th: Skive Jazzklub (DK): Kalaha.
Feb. 05th: Pumpehuset, CPH (DK): KUBE: Rumpistol, Bjørn Svin, Mikkel Meyer & Smerz (NO).
Feb. 19th: Radar, Aarhus (DK): Kalaha.
Feb. 19th: Double Rainbow, Århus (DK): Rumpistol (DJ-Set).
Feb. 20th: Global, Copenhagen (DK): Kalaha.

If you feature any of the releases, we would be very happy, if you’d consider making us aware of it and/or send us a copy / link. Thank you very much in advance!

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Jan 222016

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Jan 222016
Cyclic Law Newsletter – January 22 2016
3 New Releases Now Available!
ALLSEITS “Chimäre” CD (80th Cycle)
THE HUMAN VOICE “Silent Heart” CD (82nd Cycle)
ONUS “Proslambanomenos” CD (83rd Cycle)
ONUS “Proslambanomenos” CD (83rd Cycle)
New joint project from the master minds behind SOPHIA / ARCANA and EMPUSAE. Peter Bjärgö and Nicolas ‘Sal-Ocin’ Van Meirhaeghe’s long term friendship culminates in this unique collaborative project, ONUS. Based on recordings created by Peter over some years, Nicolas then worked to transform them into a perfect symbiosis of both musician’s respective projects. Ethereal and introspective, Onus transpires with the burden of life yet offers a far away glimpse of hope.
Edition of 600 copies in 4 panel over sized sleeve. 6 Tracks. Running Time: 41:41
UPC: 089902506827
THE HUMAN VOICE “Silent Heart” CD (82nd Cycle)
NORTHAUNT’s Herleif Langas unveiled in 2008 new work under the name THE HUMAN VOICE. Now the much anticipated follow up to his first album is finally here as “Silent Heart”. Where his work as Northaunt primarily focuses on rendering barren landscapes aurally, The Human Voice dives within, to the emotional turbulence and confusion of a lost soul. Melodic piano passages and intricate field recordings like only he can capture fuse with sparse atmospherics. “Silent Heart” is a deep personal plunge into the aching heart of man.
Edition of 600 Copies in 4 Panels Digipack with 16 pages Booklet. 8 Tracks. Running Time: 56:06
UPC: 89902506810
ALLSEITS “Chimäre” CD (80th Cycle)
Now 6 long years after the acclaimed “Hel” album, Germany’s Nina Kernicke returns with “Chimäre”. Inspired by the seeming duality most of us carry, the fight between what one desires to be and one’s current state. A look at the illusory world constructed by the mind and the fact that everything is relative and a matter of perspective. Chimäre is a metaphor for doubt and subsequent questions. No one truth exists. A surreal journey submerged in profound guitar drones and hypnotic rhythmic pulses, “Chimäre” sees the grand return of a true musical force.
Edition of 600 copies in 8 panel Digipack. 6 Tracks. Running Time: 68:50
UPC: 089902506803
Jan 202016
Just released for 2016 worldwide on Baffy Incorporated London Company.

Available on all good digital stores.

Every once in a while something strange comes along. This time it's

London based Baffy releasing their debut 'Baffy's Revenge' on their

label Baffy Incorporated London.

Baffy's Revenge starts with the song 'Got a rot' which sounds like bad

post punk with death metal growls, the lyrics are supposedly about a

rotting cock.

The next song 'Banging in my room' sounds like unprofessional pop punk

but sloppily played without a drummer.

'Snitch' is where things get a little more interesting, the song

sounds like fuzzy 70s rock, but again with questionable vocals. Are

they serious? But the guitar solos are certainly entertaining and the

overall crunch of the song is satisfying to the rock ear. The

sincerity of the lyric "You snitch" is remarkable and this is what

gives Baffy it's cutting edge.

'Yabazee' is a bizarre tale of a man who yabbers and the lyric

"Spewing forth an oral poo" is something we can all relate to however

'Strange guitarist' is just a short song with a silly vocal part and

whirring guitars.

Next up is "Baffy's theme" the theme tune to the album with a

perfectly terrible intro and simple repeated riff. The saxophone

sounds like it's gone off on this track. Stinky.

Then it all ends with "Sexless Child" and "Chainsaw" which both sound

horrible but have a few charming moments of organ, saxophone and

guitar soloing that push this release as far as it can go before

literally exploding out of your laptop, or whatever device one may


The cover art is a Baffy. A Baffy is a Baffing Spoon – a seldom used

golf club. This is somewhat unexplained but I'm thankful for the

printed lyrics. Si, Rich and Tom must sure be proud of what they have

achieved with this stunning release.

Listen Here : – http://baffy.bandcamp.com/album/baffys-revenge

Also, in the amazon –