Oct 052015

Autumn is already here again, where did all the time go ……

…. after some of the usual and unusual delays SP 006 is finally released. It was originally intended as

a Summer release, something to turn up the volume and hitting the streets even bumpin’ out of your

car or bike stereos.

CyborCosis are a transgender duo from Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK producing music together

since years and giving it all away freely in the spirit of the early Rave and Techno scene.

For some uplifting leftfield and psytrance, trance tunes check out ‘Trans Lives’ for free / pay what

you want at https://klappstuhl.bandcamp.com/album/trans-lives

One track features the Canadian activistBrae Carnes striving for equal rights for all and especially

against any oppression, find further links about them on the release page. Of course this comes like

all Klappstuhl Records with printable artwork.

SP 007 was already released in spring, in case you’ve missed it go ahead to

https://klappstuhl.bandcamp.com/album/thiscontinuum and listen to some subversive retro

nostalgia synth lines by the great Walt Thisney.

Next to come on October 25th is the best of Magic Moments At Twilight Tim selected from the

original analogue tapes by Mick Magic (himself) and remastered for the ultimate experience.

‘Flashbax Ω Ultimate’, SP 008 could have been the first double CD but turned out to be one 12 track

disk inlcuding dl code or a whole Album worth of 6 wild and lengthy extra tracks demonstrating the

Band in full flight.

And yes in case you’re not familiar with this English New Wave influenced, Alternative Psychedelic

Power Pop combo now is the time to jump into the paralell Universe of Music & Elsewhere @

http://www.mickmagic.net .

“Of course Klappstuhl is honored to work with these legends of the united world underground on

such an exciting project” says chairman carsten s.” Originally I just wanted to reissue one of their old

tapes which reached me through an Italian connection in the early 90’s which I recently had

rediscovered but Mick jumped at the chance und I had no choice but to give in”.

Check https://klappstuhl.bandcamp.com/album/flashbax-ultimate at the release date for immediate

aural pleasure and excitement.

As for now enjoy the hopefully golden October and stay in touch,

– carsten s.


Not to forget in May there was a new release in the Schrey series, this time an free / pay what you

want EP by KOΣ (a side-project by 6 9 N & F) collecting all versions of the swinging post industrial

electro piece ‘Excerpts Of Disappearing Agony’ originally published on an early Drahtfunk Products


For any questions, anecdotes and more ……….. feel free to mail via


Oct 052015
We back after holidays
We have two new albums from Polish great bands:
ECHOES OF YUL ‘The Healing’ CD
HATI ‘Metanous’ CD
HATI ‘Metanous’ CD // ZOHAR 105-2
“Metanous” is HATI’s third album on Zoharum, but the first one including new material. Two years after releasing “Wild Temple” CD (MonotypeRec., 2013) the band is back with a new album which is a summary of the period 2011-2012 when the musicians performed as a trio of Rafał Iwański, Rafał Kołacki and Robert Darowski. It’s the next time in their history when the duo changed their line-up to expand the sonic formula and create music of a slightly different nature. In the case of “Metanous” the weight of percussion is balanced by the sound of the didgeridoo which exists here not so much as an addition, but a fully-fledged instrument. As usual, you can hear many other instruments making up the sonic world of HATI from the very beginning of the band. Here you can find gongs, drums, bells, found objects, horns and other wind instruments. The sound generated in this new interaction is rich, song structures are usually complex, often based on a dialogue of characteristic
gong-based rhythms with didgeridoo and several other instruments played by Robert Darowski. Here are also acoustic drone explorations, equally important in the music of the group. Once again HATI reveals a new, hidden face. By re-building their line-up or inviting new members or collaborators (so far they include Z’EV, Dariusz Brzostek, Slawomir Ciesielski), Rafał Iwański and Rafał Kołacki still explore new sonic areas.
“Metanous” is the transformation (of the mind); the work meta Latin means as much as the boundary, the end, the turning point. In the case of HATI, it is in fact the end of that period for Toruń musicians. The group will never return in such a configuration again. This album is a recording of an interesting period of the group included in seven compositions recorded for the purpose of this release.
ECHOES OF YUL ‘The Healing’ CD // ZOHAR 106-2
After two regular albums, a split release and a well-received EP called “Tether”, Echoes of Yul returns with a brand new full-length album filled with their own vision of slow-motion music. The weight and intensity of the previous releases give way to atmospheric journey through the author’s concept of sonic tracks, krautrock, dub and minimal rock. Less literal and more musically abstract – that’s what the new Echoes of Yul sounds like with all their characteristic elements but exploring new territories and not repeating their previous ideas. Michał Śliwa is not trying to follow worn-out, tried and safe paths, but created a new coherent piece of work entitled “The Healing”.
The album is produced by Michał Śliwa and mastered by James Plotkin (OLD, Khanate). The cover was desinged by Maciej Mehring and Michał Śliwa.
The album is released in a digipak and is strictly limited to 500 copies.
www.zoharum.com – the label for experimental art
www.alchembria.pl – the shop for alternative minds
www.hardart.alternation.pl – the mag for restless souls

Oct 052015

Hello there!
Avant! is glad to announce a brand new release:
Like Breath Beneath A Veil LP
Hand Of Dust is one of the most interesting acts going on right now in Copenhagen and they’re finally delivering their first full-length album.

After singer and songwriter Bo Høyer Hansen officially joined Marching Church in the past few months, the band took its time to refine the style already shown on the Walk In White single (released by Avant! last year) and the wait has been rewarded in full.
The dark folk/rock sound of their first two EPs has now come to a perfect, extended formula withLike Breath Beneath A Veil. Ten new songs defined in martial stomps, semi-acoustic guitars drenched in reverberation and throbbing, vibrant bass lines. A fistful of murder ballads pregnant with tragedy and unavoidability. There’s no fanfarelike hyperbole here, only a raw, solemn gait marching onward to god-knows-where.

“for your seeds and your soils / they’re hollow / your torment and your toils / they’re hollow / of ilk hollow” – Apocalyptic folk in the literal sense.

RIYL:  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Wreckery; Lower, Marching Church, Icegae.

LP comes housed in UV glossy jackets with a 16-page lyrics booklet. Vinyl out Oct 5, digital outOct 12.

Oct 052015

We are moving! To help ease our load we are offering a 25% off on all Cyclic Law titles and Mail-order items (except Cyclic Press titles).
Use coupon code: MOVE before check out (in View Cart Section)
Valid from Oct 1st till Oct. 7 ’15
Latest publication through Cyclic Press
DEHN SORA “The Sensation Of Being One Of Them” Book/CD (80th Cycle)
French graphic designer and musician Dehn Sora, (aka Treha Sektori), compiled over two years of his visual work taken from exhibitions, carefully selected works commissioned by various international musical acts and labels (Blut aus Nord, Church of Ra, Manes, Cyclic Law and more) and also presents us two full series of new artworks.
The book is accompanied by a 25 minutes album of previously unreleased material specially created for this book release. Titled “The Sense of Dust and Sheer” and composed as a soundtrack to the books visuals, it is a collaboration between Dehn Sora’s own project, TREHA SEKTORI, and the solo project of Swiss composer Sam Vaney, MUHD (of Cortez fame). A unique addition to this album is the rare presence of KRISTOFFER RYGG from ULVER, contributing his always poignant vocal skills to the whole, making this ep a very special piece in itself.
Divided into four chapters, Dehn Sora exposes his chimerical visual obsessions through the hidden symbolism of animality and manifests sacred, unknown mythologies. Each pieces are accompanied by a written comment, complementing their deeper meaning.
Edition of 300 copies.
Book Format: 7×10″. Spot UV lettering on Hardbound cover. 100 pages. Matte Finnish.
CD: 1 Track. Running Time 25:00
ISBN: 978-0-9938651-1-4

Oct 052015

A Live interview and most of the live set from our appearance on VPRO,
the national Dutch radio station,
broadcast live from (a far too light and sunny) Arnhem market square in July 1984.
Taken from a cassette somebody recorded off the radio that day,
copied and sent to me 27 years later in 2011
Available as a “name your price” bandcamp release for the month of October only…

Live on Spleen from the VPRO, Korenmarkt, Arnhem, Netherlands, July 22nd 1984

1. ATTRITION interview
2.Something Stirs
4.The Outer Edge
5.The Next day
6.The Redoubt of Light
7.Pendulum Turns
8.Across the Divide (Part and Radio outro)

Martin Bowes: Vocals/Electronics
Julia Waller: Vocals
Ashley Niblock: Synths

Mastered from a cassette recording from the original broadcast
and presented here in all its lo-fi glory.
by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios, Coventry, England. 2015

A Two Gods Production: