Oct 282014

Two years after the release of their promising homonymous debut and a few months after the 7inch-herald “Obscure”, Mechanimal are back with their second album, titled “Secret Science”.

First Single ‘We Come Alive’, Watch the video directed by ‘John Karabelas’: Youtube
Stream Full Album: Bandcamp ,Spotify

MTVIGGY: ‘It has the melodic, prog soundscape of Mars Volta and the frenetic, punk energy of Joy Division. ‘
VICE interview: Mechanimal Is Revitalizing the Entire Greek Music Scene.

Watch/Listen to the title song ‘Secret Science’: Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud

The Video reviewed by The CreatorsProject: Inside The Open-Sourced Chaos Of MECHANIMAL’s

If one had to describe Mechanimal with a single reference to genre, then ‘drone ‘n’ roll’, a name the members themselves give their music, would suffice: an explosive concoction of industrial synthetic sounds and krautrock rhythmology, penetrated by shoegazing guitars and spoken word poetry, spreading through musical tales of an obscure urban landscape.

Mechanimal’s ‘Secret Science’ speaks of the need for survival and recounts tales of a restless urban environment. Each track, as a lyric theatrical one-act, opens new avenues to the sonic palette of the band, where narrative aphorisms, analogue synthesizers, underground dub rhythmic passages and angry guitars compose the unique code of their ‘secret science’. Ten drone ‘n’ roll stories from those you do not hear in the news, but rather discover in the streets of a city that stays awake by the sounds of sirens.

Secret Science LP

Street date: 10 October 2014
12″/ Cd / Cassette
1. Kindergarten
2. Sehnsucht
3. Cutting Communications
4. Secret Science
5. We Come Alive
6. The Den
7. Ode To Europe
8. Always Drifting
9. Song To The Sirens
10. Down In The Basement


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Purchase on: Inner Ear store LP+CD/Cassette

Oct 272014

Expected at the end of November are two new 12 inches on Gooiland Elektro
and in collaboration with the Flemish band Embers their second record is

Embers from Belgium are nothing like you ever heard before… and this is no
understatement… of course you can hear what the band listens to
themselves…  their music has the heaviness of Swans, the arty influences
of Faith No More and the adventurous side of Novy Svet… It’s been a long
time since post-industrial music sounded so daring, unexpected and
twisted… Embers are a two-headed Dada orchestra that hammers away on
drums, plays around with electronics, jams on guitars and sings in their
own West-Flemish dialect… this results in what you could call “new Flemish
folklore”… one moment you think you are listening to folk music, the next
to industrial and the next to ambient… it is all there… most of the time
all together in one single song… this is music for the  experienced
listener… maybe… or just for anybody who wants to hear something
completely different from time to time…

Former Descent is the free spirited project by the mastermind behind
Neurobit and Rioteer… With this project he blends in a very successful way
minimalism and lo-fi electronics with tough rhythms… these rhythm based
tracks take its cue from old school EBM and new beat… this while the
melodic elements give the tracks just the right touches to draw you deeper
into them… harsh and playful and light and dark never went so well
together before…

Kit n C.l.a.w.s. is a project by two experienced musicians in the fields
of dance and psychedelic music … teaming up was probably one of the better
ideas they had for a long time as the music this duo serves us is simply
amazing… deep trance indulging moody house tracks with acid influences…
still this acid never becomes industrial as techno can be but stays on the
psychedelic side of things… slow trippy stuff to dance and dream away on…

Full track previews are available here:

Oct 272014

It’s time for great news from conzoom Records. Erasure support act PARRALOX release their sold out debut album “Electricity” in an limited 2 CD “Electricity (Expanded)” edition on 31.10.2014. Many albums have been sold yet so there are only about 200 copies left. 

On 31.10.2014, a dream come true to many Parralox fans. The long time out of print debut album from Parralox appears in a new edition edition double CD limited to 500 units only. This double cd features the original 15 tracks of the album plus previously unreleased material and extended versions from that time. 

The first CD features three unreleased and exclusive demo versions of the songs “I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine”, “Factory Friends” and enjoy “Eastern Wall” as bonus tracks. 

The limited edition second CD that comes with just this edition, then contains eight unreleased Extended Versions of the classics and of Parralox fans beloved songs “Europe”, „Black Jeans”, “X Minus One”, “Underground”, “Lovely”, “Should Not Be” and “I Heart U”. Also unreleased and exclusive to this limited second CD are still the original demo version of “Footsteps” as well as other exclusive remixes. 

A must have for all Parralox fans, a must have for all synthpop fans and a must have for all 80s lovers. This “Electricity (Expanded)” double-CD release also includes a comprehensive CD booklet with all the lyrics of the songs.

Track listing:

CD 1:

01. Europa 4:57

02. Black Jeans 3:28

03. I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine 3:46

04. Eastern Wall 4:13

05. Electricity 3:45

06. Sharper Than A Knife 4:16

07. Lovely 4:17

08. I Heart U 3:28

09. You And Me Both 4:11

10. X Minus One 3:52

11. Underground 4:42

12. We Believe In Electric Love 3:28

13. Factory Friends 4:46

14. The End Of Summer 4:03

15. Should Not Be 5:38

16. I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine (Demo) 3:45 *

17. Factory Friends (Demo) 5:32 *

18. Eastern Wall (Demo) 4:15 *


CD 2:

01. Europa (Extended) 9:03 **

02. Black Jeans (Extended) 6:05 **

03. X Minus One (Extended Mix) 5:45 **

04. Underground (Extended) 8:04 **

05. Lovely (Extended) 4:12 **

06. Should Not Be (Extended) 11:07 **

07. I Heart U (Extended) 7:42 **

08. Footsteps (Demo) 5:28 *

09. Factory Friends (SFS We Are Silent Mix) version1 7:06 *

10. Sharper Than a Knife (POS.:2 Remix) 4:31 *

11. The End of Summer (Dream Mix by Twisted Destiny) 5:04 *

12. X Minus One (POS.:2 Remix) 4:04 *

** unreleased

unreleased and exclusive on this CD release

Everyone who is interested in getting a copy shall use this link to our label store 


Oct 222014


Samadhisound is proud to announce the release of David Sylvian’s new long form composition; ‘there’s a light that enters houses with no other house in sight.’ A unique collaboration with American Pulitzer Prize winning poet Franz Wright, featuring contributions from Christian Fennesz and John Tilbury.

The release will be available in three editions: A limited deluxe edition in an embossed cloth bound book featuring selected poems from Kindertotenwald as read by Franz Wright with contributions from three renowned photographers assembled by Sylvian to illustrate the edition. The second edition is a digipak showcasing photographic artwork by Nicholas Hughes. The third is a digital download with extensive digital booklet. All art directed by Sylvian and designed by Chris Bigg.

“In September 2011, at the time of its publication, I read Franz Wright’s Kindertotenwald. I was familiar with Franz’s earlier work but something about the subject matter of this collection resonated with me as if my psyche had momentarily found an echo in tune with, but more eloquent than, its own internal voice. There’s a knowledge of the world in Wright’s work (not world weary but wary of the false note, pulsing with a current that comes from bearing witness to what’s ‘real’ whilst remaining vigilant of the tide of delusion and vanity that threatens to engulf us) that omits neither light nor dark but embraces both. Here’s a man who’s been to the other side and returned or remained to tell of what he’d seen, not without sacrifice, nor a wonderfully dark vein of wry humour… On agreeing to take part in a brief tour with Stephan Mathieu and Christian Fennesz I came to the conclusion that it was better to find a focus for the work prior to touring than to attempt a form of free improvisation. The starting point in my mind was Franz and Kindertotenwald

I composed the bulk of the material in transit on a laptop with no additional hardware. I thought of the piece more as a remix of many sampled soundbites, granulated and looped, carefully distilled elements drawn together to form ‘movements’ which worked in support of and/or complimented Wright’s readings. Christian, Stephan, and I took a rough form of this composition on tour with us in Sept-Oct 2013 working under the name The Kilowatt Hour. Once I’d spent enough time away from the blueprint I returned with the intention of elaborating upon the initial composition for future release. Christian recorded some of the beautiful additions he’d refined on the tour, John Tilbury brought his superior talents to compliment my own piano contributions and, with the addition of some samples from prior sessions with Otomo (Yoshihide) and Toshimaru (Nakamura), as well as some electronics of my own, the work was mixed, again, in transit as my life continued, indeed continues, to take unforeseen twists and turns.

Franz Wright has defied expectations and all prior prognoses and has returned from the precipice that is terminal cancer to a precarious, but passionately lived and thoroughly exploited, state of grace. He has been treated for lung cancer for four years now, and both he and his wife, Beth, have been through some incredibly trying times “…(which) I can only describe as like nothing I could ever previously have imagined, not even in dreams. Is death the mother of beauty? How one loves such huge sayings when young, and how oddly self-conscious they seem, logic dressed up in poetry’s clothing and thus ultimately shallow, like discussions about the unconscious which naturally cause it to flee. I cannot depict in any way the appearance of things in light of death’s imminence—With regard to writing itself, never have I felt such a wildly enthusiastic freedom , a willingness to try anything, a surefooted confidence that there is a perfectly simple and clear way, in a very small space, for a language conscious of its limitations and—I think of Orwell’s remark comparing good prose—I would add poetry, in many cases, ought to be like a window, one I suppose of crystalline spotlessness—the way it renders other things visible, beyond itself, not just itself…” – David Sylvian, June 24 2014


Read the full essay here.

Purchase the Deluxe and Standard CDs. Includes FLAC/MP3 download bundle.

More info on Franz Wright.

Audio samples can be heard here.

Visit the microsite

Oct 222014
Cyclic Law Newsletter – October 21 2014
2 new titles now available!
DESIDERII MARGINIS “Hypnosis” 2CD (71st Cycle)
“Hypnosis” is the eight full length album by the long established and widely acclaimed swedish dark ambient artist Johan Levin. This new opus is a massive 2CD release! A truly dark orchestration of the subconscious levels of the human psyche as it reveals itself through our dreams. As one could expect from Johan Levin’s undeniable craftsmanship, this is an engrossing and carefully crafted work. It’s major focus and intent was to convey the intricate details and strong emotions of dreams and nightmares that were submitted by friends and fans, as well as those of Johan himself. With a strong narrative and a distinct progression from surreal melancholy to feverish fear this album is an intense odyssey through the ever fascinating subconscious mind.
Edition of 500 copies in 8 panel Digipack. Running Time 1:48
PHURPA “The Magic Rituals Of The BON Tradition” CD/DVD (69th Cycle)
It is with great honour that we present new material from one of Russia’s most enigmatic act, PHURPA. Lead by Alexey Tegin since 2003, PHURPA has gained wide recognition and praise for their truly unique performances and eerie rendering of the ritual chants of the pre-Buddhist BON tradition of Tibet. Their musical ensemble is solely based around ritual Tibetan instruments. The main traditional feature of such an ensemble is the mantra chanting, a unique overtone chanting called “rgyud-skad”, or the Tantric voice, which is based on the principle of the singer’s transmogrification during the so-called “chanting meditation”. PHURPA’s rendering of this special use of the most primordial of instruments, the voice, is quite simply mesmerizing. Deep low tones and overtones, all tuned to a perfect pitch, carry one to unchartered realms. These chants are accentuated by the clattering of traditional drums, bells, gongs and various horns. Powerful, massive, penetrating and definitely unique are what PHURPA’s organic aural meditations could be described as.
This new album is accompanied by a separate DVD of a live performance in Moscow. Giving the opportunity to witness their ritual magic in it’s intended form.
Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel Sleeve.
CD Running Time 48:00. DVD Running Time 35:15