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The first CD by A New Life is finally available.
It contains two digital singles I did for Romance Moderne, the tape I did for Other Voices and four new ones for a total of 17 tracks!
As you can see it has a beautiful A5 silver metal cover, a professionally printed CD and a pin.
It can be yours for 10€ (EUROPE) and 13€ (REST OF THE WORLD)
Just drop me a message at the contact page of with your e-mail and I’ll make a paypal payment request.

From “Satori”
01 a new life
02 smile again

From “Phase two”
03 grand opening
04 in these troubled times I won’t dig my own grave

From “Fright Treasures”
05 end of a barrel
06 split in two
07 new beginnings
08 sentimental
09 another story
10 experiment in fear
11 keep on losing
12 divide et impera
13 time to go

14 bleakest needs
15 garage sale
16 safest place
17 black lagoon




Aug 292014

                                                                                                                                 Photo courtesy of Oliver Clasper

It is said that the gods of the dead demand you ritualistically commit to each intensely hot beat of the ceremonial drum.

Now, here, is the music for their celebration of death, music to dance together with, to oblivion, a music both spectacular and ecstatic where, like never before, the spirits of santería and vaudou mix with raw electricity into burning diabolical polyrhythms.

We here present Cut Hands and Festival Of The Dead

Festival Of The Dead is the new full-length studio album from William Bennett‘s Cut Hands, due to be released by Blackest Ever Black on 2xLP, CD and digital formats on October 13th, 2014.

This is Cut Hands‘ third album to date: the acclaimed Afro Noise I introduced the project in 2011, and 2012’s Black Mamba expanded its feverish vision, preceded by a single of the same name on Blackest Ever Black. 2013 saw the release of the similarly fiery ‘Madwoman’ and ‘Damballah 58’ 12″s (on Downwards and BEB respectively).

Festival of The Dead is without doubt the most potent distillation yet of Cut Hands‘ malign percussive energy, with pieces like ‘The Claw’ and ‘Vaudou Take Me High’ leading the irresistible polyrhythmic assault, in pursuit of one thing: a final rapturous celebration of oblivion.

Written and produced by William Bennett. Original veve artwork by Mimsy DeBlois. Mastered by Noel Summerville. 2xLP (BLACKESTLP010) housed in high gloss gatefold sleeve. Also available on CD and digital formats.



A1. The Claw
A2. I Know What I Must Do
A3. Damballah 58
B1. Parataxic Distortion
B2. Festival Of The Dead
B3. Belladonna Theme
C1. Vaudou Take Me High
C2. Inlightenment
C3. None Of Your Bones Are Broken
D1. Madwoman (Festival Mix)
D2. Fruit Is Ripe
D3. Fire Ends The Day
Aug 292014
‘The Dark’ will be available on a limited run of physical copies (cdr and cassette),
official release is set for September 14th.
it is now available for pre-order on Juno at :
and some words by Aidan himself :
Aug 292014

Hanetration has another free download titled “Murmurist EP”.

You can find it at

It’s fairly solemn, but feels somehow brighter, clearer than some of his previous stuff.

Check it out.

“sorrowful, resilient tones… a distinctive producer” (tinymixtapes)

Tenth Oar EP: “the best glitchy drone music we’ve heard this year” (homelessminds)

Torn Heat EP: “something new and something very beautiful” (soundcolourvibration)

Nae Troth EP: “transcendental in its textures” (floorshimezipperboots)

Timelapse EP: “I’ve sat through a half-hour of somewhat random industrial noise, I feel a little lost and I may have a headache” (hypnagogue)

Aug 272014

Aidan Casserly release ebook “A place for the Skulls”

Aidan Casserly, vocalist of Empire State Human and KuBO, releases his first poetry ebook

“A place for the Skulls” today. Released through Smashwords, it is Aidan Casserly’s second collection of poems (“Chasing Vapours” being his first). Covered design by Haiminh Le at Fontpusher, London.

If you enjoy intimate, personal and slightly darker themes to your poems, then look no further than “A place for the Skulls”. Influenced by the likes of Christina Rossetti, Anais Nin, W. Blake, Edgar Allan Poe, and E.E. Cummings.

There’s a tender and sensitive narrative at work within these works. Aidan peels back the layers within, to expose his most personal thoughts, delivering tender and heartfelt poetry, that encapsulates ideas in the minimum of words. Lifting the reader out of the ordinary, to give glimpses of a more illumining reality.

Where prose may seek to explain, poetry merely states, convincing the reader through its own power. Poems that engage the heart of the reader, and at times, when necessary, offer hope from seemingly painful experiences.

If you want to feel a oneness with your poetry, than look no further than “A place for the skulls”.

Aidan Casserly:

[vocalist, songwriter, electronic artist & producer]