Jul 312014


                                                                                                                                                     Photo courtesy of Jane Chardiet 

Four days before New York noise musician Margaret Chardiet was supposed leave for her first European tour as Pharmakon, she had a medical emergency which resulted in a major surgery. Suddenly, instead of getting on a plane, she was bedridden for three weeks, missing an organ.

After seeing internal photographs taken during the surgery, I became hyperaware of the complex network of systems just beneath the skin, any of which were liable to fail or falter at any time,” Chardiet said. “It all happened so fast and unexpectedly that my mind took a while to catch up to the reality of my recovery. I felt a widening divide between my physical and mental self. It was as though my body had betrayed me, acting as a separate entity from my consciousness. I thought of my corporeal body anthropomorphically, with a will or intent of its own, outside of my will’s control, and seeking to sabotage. I began to explore the idea of the conscious mind as a stranger inside an autonomous vessel, and the tension that exists between these two versions of the self.” Consumed by these ideas, and unable to leave her bed, Chardiet occupied herself by writing the lyrics and music that would become Bestial Burden, the second Pharmakon LP for Sacred Bones Records.

The record is a harrowing collection of deeply personal industrial noise tracks, each one brimming with struggle and weighted with the intensity of Chardiet’s internal conflict. Bestial Burden was recorded at Heaven Street Records in Brooklyn, N.Y. with Sean Ragon (Cult of Youth, Venerence), who also recorded 2013’s critically acclaimed Abandon. That album led to extensive touring with Swans, Godflesh, and The Haxan Cloak, as well as a litany of glowing press from the likes of Pitchfork, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Fader and more.

As an avid listener of noise, industrial, and power electronics, Ragon understood that the usual rules of recording sometimes need to be thrown out the window to capture the best possible performance. He allowed Chardiet to experiment with a mix of live recording and tracking, and some of the vocals were recorded live with a group of people packed into the studio so she could feed off their energy. The result of those sessions is the bar-raising follow-up to Abandon, and an invitation to go even deeper into the sometimes terrifying, always fascinating labyrinth that is Margaret Chardiet’s mind.

Stream the harrowing album trailer below and make sure to catch her on tour in Europe with Swans this September/October. The album teaser represents the moment before Margaret went to the hospital, as she began to hyperventilate. It was shot on Super 8mm and directed by Jacqueline Castel

WATCH: Pharmakon – Bestial Burden trailer (dir. by Jacqueline Castel)


Sep 25, 2014: Brussels, BE, AB Club
Sep 26, 2014: Amsterdam, NL, Paradiso Music Hall
Sep 28, 2014: Paris, FR, Le Marioquinerie
Sep 30, 2014: La Rochelle, FR, La Sirene
Oct 1, 2014: Barcelona, ES, Sala Apolo
Oct 2, 2014: Madrid, ES, Shoko
Oct 3, 2014: Durango, ES, Plateruena
Oct 4, 2014: Porto, PT, AmpliFest
Oct 7, 2014: Fribourg, CH , FRI-Son
Oct 8, 2014: St. Gallen, CH, Grabenhalle
Oct 9, 2014: Torino, IT, Hiroshima Club
Oct 10, 2014: Bologna, IT, Estragon Club
Oct 11, 2014: Rome, IT, DNA Concerti
Oct 12, 2014: Milan, IT, Alcatraz Milano
Oct 14, 2014: Zagreb, HR, Pogon Jedinstvo
Oct 15, 2014: Budapest, HU, A38 Ship
Oct 16, 2014: Ljubljana, SLO, Kino Kiska Centre For Urban Culture
Oct 17, 2014: Vienna, AT, Arena Big Hall
Oct 18, 2014: Krakow, PL, Unsound Fest
Oct 20, 2014: Prague, CZ, Lucenra Music Bar
Oct 21, 2014: Berlin, DE, Berghain
Oct 23, 2014: Leipzig, DE, Schauspiel Leipzig
Oct 24, 2014: Cologne, DE, Gebaeude 9
Oct 25, 2014: Hannover, DE, MusikZentrum
Oct 27, 2014: Hamburg, DE, Kampnage
Oct 29, 2014: Dresden, DE, Beatpol
Oct 30, 2014: Frankfurt, DE, Mousonturm
Oct 31, 2014: Karlsruhe, DE, Jubez
Nov 1, 2014: Munich, DE, Feierwerk 



1. Vacuum
2. Intent Or Instinct
3. Body Betrays Itself
4. Primitive Struggle
5. Autoimmune
6. Bestial Burden


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Jul 312014

“Oscillator Bug’s strange sound exists at the previously unforeseen axis of Dan Deacon’s maximal brainiac pop and Gary Numan’s arty synthetic dream.” — SPIN
Chicago analog synth psych-pop outfit Oscillator Bug premiered the first track from their forthcoming full length recently via SPIN. The infectious mind-melting/melding track “Feel Rif” is available to listen to and share HERE

Oscillator Bug is like a force of nature in the age of climate change: unpredictable. Borrowing from the revolution-minded mass hallucinations of 60s psych as well as weirdo bedroom pop and several decades worth of avant-garde synth experimentalism, Oscillator Bug is a wild, infectious and occasionally disturbing rendering of 21st Century popular music.

Oscillator Bug’s Zaid Maxwell has been making music in the Windy City for several years, playing in various bands (including Shapers with The Hood Internet‘s Steve Reidell) and recording others. While currently playing in a couple of more explorative and caustic outfits, Maxwell was compelled to extract these 10 auditory earwigs of pop goo that had taken roost in his brain. The resulting Bursts of the Million is tunefully fun and twisted Candyland passage through someone else’s fever dream that pulls listeners ever-inward.

Album opener “Enavasion” kicks things off with one of the more jagged tunes, reminiscent of Ween‘s finest post-funk colliding with early Devo and driven by Maxwell’s jaw-dropping falsetto vocal acrobatics. The title track pits a delicate lullaby vocal melody over a Suicide-style organ rhythm loop. Elsewhere, the hook-laden “Feel Rif” sounds like a frenzied march of warbling synth creatures and guitars that Maxwell tries desperately to keep under control, like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, singing in alternating falsetto and baritone as a shimmering melody leads into a cathartic eruption of electro-euphoria reminiscent of Of Montreal‘s glammy artrock. Other tracks like “Glimmi Gloe” and “Don’t Go To Sleep” further emphasize the album’s primal, hallucinatory glory. At times it’s like “Raspberry Beret” era Prince gone lo-fi, other times a Tangerine Dream nightmare, and elsewhere a godhead rendering of Future Islands in the sky with John Lennon. Point being: buy the ticket, and take this ride.

Bursts of the Million will be available on LP, CD and download on September 9th, 2014 via Dymaxion Groove


09/08 Portand, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge *
09/09 Seattle, WA @ Neumos *
09/11 Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge *
09/12 Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge *
09/13 Lawrence, KS @ Bottleneck *
09/14 St Louis, MO @ Off Broadway *
09/16 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock *
09/17 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall *
09/19 Columbus, OH @ Skully’s *
09/20 Ferndale, MI @ The Loving Touch *
* w/ TOBACCO (Black Moth Super Rainbow)

Artist: Oscillator Bug
Album: Bursts of the Million
Label: Dymaxion Groove
Release Date: September 9th, 2014

01. Enavasion

02. Bursts of the Million

03. Giimmi Goe

04. Big Snow

05. Feel Rif (STREAM)

06. Don’t Go to Sleep

07. Dearest, Arthur

08. Nadya Lyons and the Imposing Peril of a Brave New World

09. Cilycada

10. Solo

On The Web:

Follow Oscillator Bug on Twitter: @MaxRockwell


Jul 312014
Empire State Human are delighted to announce we have signed with Werkstatt Recordings for the release of our next song based album “The Dark” in September, 2014 (werkstatt167].
Werkstatt Recordings, based in Rhodes/Greece, was founded in 2009 and is an independent net-label focusing on electronic synth music. Artists such as Protector 101, Arc Neon, Jowie Schulner, Beatbox Machinery, Kubinski & Droid Sector Decay, we’re very happy to
be joining a very unique and interesting label with a solid catalogue of releases.

“The Dark” is Empire State Human’s third album since July 2013, and features
all new songs, including a track with Martin Bowes, of UK band Attrition called “The Digital World”, on spoken vocals. Two tracks “Drifting” & “Funhouse” have original lyrics with by Tracey Bishop.
To quote lead vocalist Aidan Casserly – “The album is our most emotional album of all our 20 releases so far. We wanted to create a wall of electronic mood and layers, which builds up as each song begins and ends. Approaching the intimacy of the songs, as we did, was a difficult task, as with all our releases, we still see ourselves as an electronic pop band and not a rock band. But in reality we were ready to create this album, a cinematic, sci-fi styled one”

Full track listing:

Empire State Human “The Dark”

01. A tear in a blue sapphire

02. Monochrome
03. Black knight rising
04. Come lie with me
05. Cut glass
06. Drifting
07. Funhouse
08. The digital world (feat. Martin Bowes)
09. Rise for the lonely
10. The dark
The album will be released on Bandcamp & Juno by Werkstatt Recordings, which will also include a limited cdr release run. ESH will handle the digital release.
Sobel Promotions in the US will be partnering ESH and Werkstatt Recordings, regarding online/radio promotion.
Artwork by Fontpusher in London, the album is mastered by Pete Maher (Pet Shop Boys, Garbage, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails).


Jul 302014

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Thanks for the support and have a great Summer!

Jul 242014
Hey all,

Because summer has really kicked in of here in Amsterdam we thought it would be nice to let you know about the batch of free tracks we’ve released in the last couple of weeks. You can just click all the links below, go to the specific Soundcloud page and download them from there, Easy does it!

The free tracks for grabs are:

Hamertje Tik – I want you
Lily Allen– The Fear (Van Pi remix)
Julien Mier– Porcelain Dust (Levingtquatre remix)
Orthogon Wolf music compilation Vol. 1 – Various artists like FS Green, Gissi, Tommy Jacob and Kappa Kavi.

Go get em and have a great summer!


Track: I want you
Artist: Hamertje Tik

Released: July 2014
Basserk records section: Dutch Bass

Buy Hamertje Tik’s ‘HOME’ CD now on Bandcamp



Track: The Fear (Van Pi remix)
Artist: Lily Allen

Released: July 2014
Basserk records section: Domestic Bleeps



Track: Porcelain Dust (Levingtquatre remix)
Artist: Julien Mier

Released: July 2014
Basserk records section: Domestic Bleeps



Track: Orthogon Wolf Vol1.
Artist: Various

Released: July 2014
Basserk records section: Dutch Bass

FS Green
Tommy Jacob
Orthogon Wolf
Kappa Kavi
Dave Lux



For more information about Basserk check basserk.com