Jun 262014

Hadamard – Ass in Bass (Elektronische Werke Part 3)



New release on SolarOneMusic


Janko Bartelink better known as Hadamard and for his works at Transient Force, Bunker records,

Mighty Robot Recordings or Last Known Trajectory brings us his dope mixture of experimental hip-hop sound,

robotic electro funk and bumpin bass music. Hadamard’s – Ass in Bass EP is the 3rd part on SolarOneMusic’s

Elektronische Werke Series, after Dynarec and Q-Chip. Don’t sleep on this uncompromising “badass” EP,

limited to 250 copies!!!

Artist: Hadamard

Title: Ass in Bass

Label: SolarOneMusic

Cat-No: SOM029

Genre: electro, Hip Hop, Bass

Format: 12” , digital

Distribution: clone – www.clone.nl


Soundsamples: http://bit.ly/SJGYia


SOMCIC01: EXS aka The Exaltics_ These Days (The Crystal Issue Cycle 1)


Brand new upcoming release by EXS aka The Exaltics on SolarOneMusic


Next on the “The Crystal Issue” series after Mantra and Perseus Traxx is EXS a side project from

Robert Witschakowski better known as The Exaltics. After the debut for Solar One Music’s sublabel

Unhoerbar (UHB006) they return to SOM. Authentic Soul Techno flows on this clear blue vinyl edition.

German Techno rooted in Detroit for those who know. limited Vinyl only!


Soundsamples:  http://bit.ly/SUwtrA



Artist: EXS

Title: These Days

Label: SolarOneMusic

Cat-No: CIC01

Genre: techno

Format: 12”

Distribution: clone – www.clone.nl




Jun 242014

Xeno & Oaklander featured at Dazed, stream new album Par Avion

Xeno & Oaklander Par Avion
Release date: June 24, 2014 (CD, Digital) July 15, 2014 (Vinyl)

This summer, Xeno & Oaklander bring their minimal electronic sounds to Ghostly International with new album Par Avion, their first for the label, June 24th (CD, Digital) and July 15th (Vinyl). The album’s title is a reference to postcards — it translates as “by plane”, and was used to mark airmail sent from exotic places. The songs are postcards of love for a cold age — shimmering moments from the present,  romantic messages from the past, and love mementos for the future. Together, they make up an album of contrasts — the songs move from upbeat to downbeat, slow to fast, light to dark.

Par Avion‘s rich diversity of sounds comes at least in part from the fact that it’s an album-long ode to synesthesia. As singer Liz Wendelbo explains, “Sound makes me think of a scent, which makes me think of an image, which makes me think of a certain kind of light.” The sensory experiences are palpable: “Jasmine” calls to mind the intoxicating scent of jasmine flowers that bloom at night, “Nuage D’Ivoire” sweats under a tropical sky full of clouds that hold the key to the past and the future, “Sheen” glistens with reflections dancing in the water and with inner visions of romance, where light and dark meet in the pupil of the eye.

Adding to the sense of exoticism, Wendelbo’s whispery vocals are sung in both French and English, calling to mind Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy. Again, there’s a contrast between dark and light — the alluring, tropical warmth of Wendelbo’s vocals is juxtaposed against duo’s signature icy cold, ultra-modern synth sounds. Those sounds have a new component for Par Avion — synth wizard Sean McBride uses an analogue Serge modular synth to create washes of sound that recall ’90s shoegaze. The result is an album that stimulates and fascinates throughout, a rich feast for all the senses, a world to get lost in again and again.

Par Avion will be released in LP, CD, and digital formats. A special edition vinyl version, limited to 350 hand-numbered copies, will include flesh colored vinyl and a rose-scented art perfume insert, allowing further personal exploration of synesthesia. Pre-orders are available at The Ghostly Store.

Tour Dates:

07.12 Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (w/ Lusine, Lemonade, Chad Valley, Yumi Zouma)
08.02 San Diego, CA @ The Hideout (w/ White Hex, Flaamingos)
08.03 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo (w/ White Hex)
08.05 Sacramento, CA @ Le Twist
08.06 San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room (w/ White Hex)
08.10 Seattle, WA @ Kremwerk (w/ White Hex)
08.16 Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right (w/ White Hex)

01. Interface
02. Lastly
03. Sheen
04. Par Avion
05. Jasmine Nights
06. Reflections
07. Nuage d’Ivoire
08. Providence
09. G. Bruno

Purchase Par Avion here

Jun 242014

Per Aksel – Sub Culture Records

In Norway in the 80’s, Tor Dybdahl and his label Temptation Records released some singles that today are legendary in the synthpop/minimal-wave/electro-goth scene all over the world, and the original 7″ vinyls from Clockwork Orange, Downers and Horsemen are today highly sought after, selling at prices of £50 and upwards! That is IF you can find them!

For the first time these singles, as well as loads of archive material from the same bands/label are now available both on CD/LP and digitally.

The Temptation Tapes – Volume I was released to raving reviews and collectors went nuts!


Wanna listen to the songs before going to all the download stuff, visit the official Sub Culture Records Bandcamp on the address below.

Sub Culture Records / The Temptation Department / Hommage Records


Jun 242014

Kalaha – New High Profile Quartet from Denmark              

ARTIST: Kalaha feat. Rumpistol, Spejderrobot, Emil de Waal, Niclas Knudsen

TITLE: “Hahaha”

FORMAT: Digital Album

RELEASE DATE: 1st of September, 2014.

Improvisations in the field between jazz, electronic music and Afro beat – a new Danish quartet release a beautiful, evocative album with an immediate appeal to dance as well as to reflect. 

Two of Danish electronic music’s most exciting producers, Rumpistol and Spejderrobot have teamed up with the legendary jazz drummer Emil de Waal and guitarist Niclas Knudsen (Ibrahim Electric) to explore this  – the result is Kalaha.

Kalaha quartet was formed in 2013 after an improvised show for the electronic STRØM festival in Copenhagen. The band members had been asked to challenge the field of electronic music and jazz in a live set-up. They are now ready to release the album ‘Hahaha’, due out on September 1.

Kalaha can already be experienced at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival on the 10th and 11th of July 2014.

10/07 – Papirøen / Holmen – Jazz Meets The Street – http://www.jazz.dk/koncert/9078/

11/07 – KB18, Copenhagen V – http://www.jazz.dk/koncert/5852/

Read and find more info in this press release.




Jun 182014

Jerome Kitzke

The Paha Sapa Give-Back

innova Recordings

29 July 2014

Composer Jerome Kitzke’s ongoing concern with the American landscape and how we live in it manifests in full flower on The Paha Sapa Give-Back, his first all-original release in fifteen years. The political and the personal are interwoven in three intensely theatrical pieces whose music thrives on the spirit of Plains Indian song, driving jazz, Beat Generation poetry, and contemporary classical music. The result is a sound that is uniquely and bracingly American, where freedom and ritual converge.


Language that is stinging, tender and humorous figures prominently in these pieces where the poems of Allen Ginsberg, Aeschylus, John Scott, Anonymous, Helen Mackay, Harold Pinter, Walt Whitman and Rumi are brought to ecstatic life in Kitzke’s hands. The disc begins with Kitzke’s rollicking account of “The Green Automobile,” his 2000 setting of Ginsberg’s 1953 poem about friendship and love, for amplified speaking pianist. On the title track, Kitzke’s band, The Mad Coyote, gives a hard-driving reading of this 1993 exhortation to give the Black Hills back to the Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho nations, thus honoring the 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaty. Rounding out the record, actor Jennifer Kathryn Marshall teams with ETHEL and percussionist Barbara Merjan in a searing performance of Kitzke’s 2008 anti-war work, “Winter Count,” which uses the aforementioned poets’ words as a libretto.


An image of friendship, a call for justice, and a protestation of war, all given forth in Jerome Kitzke’s inimitable musical language. That is The Paha Sapa Give-Back.

John Halle

Outrages & Interludes

innova Recordings

29 July 2014

Outrages and Interludes brings together eight works documenting composer John Halle's decade-long involvement with radical Leftist politics. Described by Kyle Gann "as one of the great unsung totalists,” Halle and his fusion of vernacular styles, kinetic rhythms, formal sophistication, and subtle lyricism point to a new direction in music and political engagement that nevertheless maintains deep roots in the American musical tradition.


Featuring the work of some the finest young musicians including Ransom Wilson's Le train bleu and The Now Ensemble, the collection of salvos takes on bipartisan atrocities dating to the Truman administration, Christian identity stalwart and mass murderer Timothy McVeigh, a former Harvard president's belief in the "impeccable logic" of poisoning Africans and concludes with an inspirational guest appearance by Occupy Wall Street’s David Graeber in an extended reflection on a seminal 18th century anarchist text.


Conor Brown's strikingly elegant production creates a consistently warm and inviting environment for confronting what are sometimes harsh political and musical truths.