May 292014
Hello everyone,
We’ve got three very exciting label nights lined up for you in June!
Sweat Tongue
Hunter Complex
Floris Bates And The Rented Friends
Friday May 30:
Coen Oscar Polack @ STEIM & Oorsprong – Een Osmotische Avond – Osmosis II, Amsterdam [FACEBOOK EVENT]
Sunday June 1:
Puin + Hoop @ Grensverkenningen III, Pletterij, Haarlem [FACEBOOK EVENT]
Friday June 13:
Katadreuffe @ Victorie, Alkmaar
Saturday June 14:
Spoelstra @ Gifgrond, Tilburg [FACEBOOK EVENT]
‘The finest eighties electronics that was recently produced in the Netherlands.’
‘Food for the melancholiacs and wave fans among us.’
‘Absolutely fucking brilliant remix by @drvgcvltvre on new excellent single by Dutch producer @huntercomplex.’

Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Clone, Juno

Hunter Complex premieres video for Hours at Kicking the Habit.
On Friday May 30 Roodkapje will reopen their Megashop at the Teilingerstraat 128 in Rotterdam with a minimarket. The Narrominded catalogue will be for sale!
Review of Katadreuffe gig in Leeuwarden at 3voor12/Friesland.
Pictures of Katadreuffe gig in Leeuwarden (by Hans Jellema).
Another set of pictures of Katadreuffe gig in Leeuwarden (by Oscar Anjewierden).
Hunter Complex shares live recording from Cultuur?Barbaar! Festival in Leiden.
Hunter Complex shares two tracks from Radio Resistencia session on Intergalactic FM.
That’s it for now!

All the best from us

May 272014

Edward Ka-Spel & Philippe Petit: Are You Receiving Us, Planet Earth ?!
(ltd. Vinyl + Metal Box CD) (Rustblade)

Under my Sonic Seducer DJ alias I have just uploaded a new mix, only consisting of Soundtracks, where everything is super groovy and a lot of the tracks have a London in the swinging 60’s vibe to them, but most of it all it sounds like a breathtaking cinematic experience, close your eyes and let the images run while your feet dance around… John Barry, Henry Mancini, Quincy Jones, Jimmy Smith, Geoff Love, Elmer Bernstein, Ennio Morricone, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Roy Ayers, Lalo Schiffrin, Les Baxter, Johnny Pate, Bar-Kays, Roy Budd, etc…

    I’ll be doing a couple of DJ sets over the WE part of Contemporary Art celebration happening in town, then embark for the States, stop in Belgium on my way back and then some more DJing to start the Summer atthe end of the month… Gotta be a busy one playing 16 shows in a month:

May 30 – Printemps De l’Art Contemporain
DJs Andy Votel + Doug Shipton + Waaterproof + The Sonic Seducer
Montévidéo – Marseille

May 31 – Printemps De l’Art Contemporain
DJs Waaterproof + The Sonic Seducer
Le Jetée / Cinéma Les Variétés – Marseille

June 3 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @  Auxiliary
Richmond, VA

June 4 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ Eyedrum
Atlanta, GA

June 5 –  Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ C4’s FUSE Arts Center @ Dreamland
Louisville, KY

June 6 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ Fuse Factory
Columbus, OH

June 7 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ Betty’s Grill
Nashville, TN

June 8 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ Rake’s End
Cincinatti, OH

June 9 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ The Burlington
Chicago, IL

June 10 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ Center Free Space
Milwaukee, WI

June 11 – The Nova Mix: An hommage to William Burroughs
Montévidéo – Marseille

June 12 – Asphalte Event @ Rockerill
Charleroi, Belgium

June 13 – Sonic Seductions # 15 @ Café Central
Brussels – Belgium

June 20 – Sonic Seductions # 16@ Les Demoiselles Du Cinq, Marseille
DJ OIL + The Sonic Seducer

June 25 – Cinema Night @ Sport Beach Café: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

June 26 – DJ Eye Scream vs. Sonic Seducer
Mundart / Marseille

HAVE A NICE DAY – Philippe

May 272014

The Estranged – s/t available now on LP, digital, + mailorder-exclusive clear vinyl!
The Estranged return with their 3rd (4th, if you count the singles comp LP) album for Dirtnap.

Continuing in The Estranged’s tradition of mutating and evolving with each subsequent release, the new album is an epic, sprawling masterpiece of tense, ominous angst-ridden postpunk.

They’ve heavily toned down both the Wipers influence of the 1st album and the blatant death-rock vibe of the 2nd. Instead,  this one finds the band establishing a streamlined, punchier sound that both rocks a little harder than the last album, while retaining some of the textured soundscape feel which fans of that record have come to expect.The influences on their newest album range from the Cure to Echo & the Bunnymen to The Troggs to The Chameleons. Lyrically, they have more of an ambiguous angst ridden approach, musically showing the bands continued maturity in their song writing and recording process.

The first pressing of 1000 LPs are packaged in ultra-heavy “tip-on” style jacket and inner sleeves. Subsequent pressings will come in regular jacket/sleeves. All copies come with a coupon for a 320 kps Mp3 download.


Related Titles On Sale:

The Estranged – Subliminal Man LP is on sale for $8 from 5/27-5/12!

The Estranged – Subliminal Man CD is on sale for $5 from 5/27-5/12!

The Estranged – Static Thoughts LP is on sale for $8 from 5/27-5/12!

The Estranged – Static Thoughts CD is on sale for $8 from 5/27-5/12!


We offer free media rate shipping (U.S. customers only, sorry) for orders $25 or higher. We ship your orders 5 days a week, most orders go out within 48 hours of receipt.

Order your copy of the LP/CD from

Stream for free, download for $7 from

Want to stock this release in your store/distro? Wholesale info can be had by writing jennifer at


1. Forever Been Erased

2. Fatalist Flaw

3. Hide

4. Languid Sky

5. Mark Of Sin

6. Over And Over

7. Play For Keeps

8. Another Stab

9. The Ride


Sonic Avenues – Mistakes  LP/CD (Color vinyl out of print, black vinyl still available.)


Missing Monuments – s/t LP/CD (LP still available on gold vinyl, CD has entire first LP and 2nd 7” as bonus tracks, for a total of 23 songs.)


Autistic Youth – Nonage LP (Clear vinyl still available!)



Steve Adamyk Band – Dialtone LP (out end of June)

Sugar Stems – Only Come Out At Night LP/CD (out end of July)

May 222014
3 New releases now available.
TeHÔM “Lacrimae Mundi” CD (67th Cycle)

Active in the mid 90’s, Croatia’s TeHÔM has been resurrected in the past years by original member Miljenko Rajakovic. Their first 2 albums were released on Twilight Command, side label of Douglas P’s NER label. TeHÔM’s founding member Sinisa Ocurscak unfortunately passed away in 1997, victim of a probable war related cancer. 3 years after his passing their 2nd album, and what was thought to be their last, “Theriomorphic Spirits’ was finally released. The project was then laid to rest and years later finally revived. A very surreal, obscure and cinematic sounding opus has been created by Miljenko, following closely in the footsteps of previous works but now taking the project to new levels. Yet always in keeping with Sinisa’s vision and in honor of his memory and spirit. Artwork By Dehn Sora.
Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel digipack.
9 Tracks. Running Time 59:00

TREHA SEKTORI “Severh Sehenh” CD (66th Cycle)
Imagined as the end of a cycle, initiated with 2012’s “Endessiah” album, “Severh Sehenh” is not really the third album from Treha Sektori nor an e.p. It’s to be seen an appendix, a specific chapter of time. It consists of a lone track, cut into different movements. The material was formally composed for live performances, with the overbearing urge of facing eyes, to live through them. Imagined as a burden to carry, a day we didn’t expect, and a final step that is unknown. No way to unload what is on our shoulders. Acceptance is the only way to trace a new path. Peaceful times with hard thoughts. Rough moments with joyful feelings. saveh erh anth ah erah leh, We will save what ties our throats. deverh ah temehera. koreska enh, We will remember in our hands, the day when we lost.
Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel over sized sleeve with 8 page booklet.
1 Track. Running Time 36:30

REUTOFF & SAL SOLARIS “Eigengrau” CD (65th Cycle)
Joint release by Russian post-industrial projects Reutoff and Sal Solaris. The working title of the record is «Beyond the principles» and refers to the psychoanalytic concept of inner human life guided by two principles; that of reality and pleasure. The sober, cold cosmic ambient of Sal Solaris expresses the principle of reality that restrains the drive of our wild souls while the emotionally rich and turmoiled post-industrial of Reutoff matches with the impetuosity of human desire. Does the domination of these principles mean that a human creature is crucified between the desire and impossibility of its realization? This album taken as a whole is a hypothesis, that there is a place where a person can be free from itself. With our eyes closed we behold the inner utterless “intrinsic grey”, Eigengrau, that shines beyond any principles.
Edition of 500 copies in Gold Foil Stamped 6 panel Digipack with 4×12″ poster.
8 Tracks. 1:15:00

Upcoming Release
Available June 21st 2014
IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES “Cannula Coma Legio” CD (70th Cycle)
New material and remixes from the legendary Swedish act.
May 202014

Live at The Pushing Against The Wire Festival, England. 1992

Recordings from the Cold Spring Records event that also featured
In The Nursery, Legendary Pink Dots and Meat Beat Manifesto.

Released worldwide through Sub Culture: June 2nd 2014.

Listen to it now through the official bandcamp page: 

The Rising Tide/Right Hand Man/Look Out! Hedonist/Scenario/
The Game is Up/Thin Red Line/Mind Drop/Fusillade III/Agenda Station
Recorded in stereo from the mixing desk direct to DAT. 

Mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios, Coventry, England. 2014. 

Cover Photo by Phil Clarke 

A Two Gods Production. 6GODSDIG 

Step into The Cage…
 Martin is increasingly immersed in The Cage
with his Studio production, remixing and mastering work.. 

Apsara Maschima/Accolade/Naked Lunch/John Costello band/Seraph Sin/Contaminated Intelligence/Casa de Orates/Khost/Michael X Christian/Proxies/Roladex/My Silent Wake/Trepaneringsritualen/Laibach and NIN/Coil to name just some of the most recent …
Coming this summer: Cage21: a compilation and celebration of the 21st year of the Cage. 

and finally…this time…
We have been working on a series of esoteric ATTRITION merchandise…  badges/pins/magnets/mirrors..
you can check them out here:

Lots planned for the autumn…
With new releases and tours in Europe and quite possibly our return to the USA…
Next stops are in the UK,
Alt-fest kettering, August 17th and Dark Culture fest in Manchester Sept 27th
see you there

Martin Bowes, Coventry, England. 2014.