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“I traversed the worlds, I ascended into the suns, and soared with the Milky Ways through the wastes of heaven; but there is no God. I descended to the last reaches of the shadows of Being, and I looked into the chasm and cried: ‘Father, where art thou?’ But I heard only the eternal storm ruled by none, and the shimmering rainbow of essence stood without sun to create it, trickling above the abyss.”

So declares Christ in the opening section of Jean Paul’s 1796 text “Speech of the Dead Christ”. The text served as inspiration for the music presented on this split album by Daniel Menche and William Fowler Collins, and in the instance of the above quote, also functions as an apt description for it – immense, harrowing, and numinous. Like the procession of images conjured in Jean Paul’s twisting passages, the sounds made by Collins and Menche unfurl in a trail of drifting shadow punctuated by convulsive spasms of light.

    Opening the album with a harmonious set of gently spiraling tones, Daniel Menche’s piece “Raised Coils of the Giant Serpent of Eternity” offers only this brief moment of serenity before a headlong dive into a cacophonous abyss of darker dimensions. Suspended in pools of liquid bass, layers of molten brass hover, dissolve and reappear. Pitches rise and fall, intersecting for brief periods of melodic convergence before crumbling again into heaving slabs of rumbling dissonance. Closing out the piece a low and solemn tone emerges from the roar of Menche’s spectral orchestra, seeming less like resolve, than the final flickering breath of a dying star.

    Conversely, William Fowler Collins’ offering on the second side remains in a state of subdued tension for much of its duration. Primarily constructed around the emanations of decayed strings, these glimmering filaments seem in perpetual retreat from comfortable stasis or momentous upheaval. Swaying over a backdrop of inky black, disharmonious clusters gradually pile one over the other, pulling apart and recombining, eventually forming a jagged and unsettling crest. From here bilious clouds of humming static overtake the disintegrating strings, appearing long enough to set the stage for the conclusion of the narrative. Much like the opening Menche’s piece on the reverse side, Collins’ gently cascading sheaves of brushed guitar that close out the album serve as a small enclave of comfort in the otherwise lightless caverns through which he and Menche have driven the listener.

The LP is housed in a custom letter pressed 12″ jacket designed by Aaron Turner & Faith Coloccia, limited to 250 copies. There will be a cassette version as well limited to 50 copies.

Daniel Menche has previously released albums through labels such as Touch, Editions Mego, Soleilmoon Recordings, RRRecords, Sub Rosa, etc.

William Fowler Collins has previously released his music through labels such as Type, Root Strata, Digitalis, Utech, Handmade Birds, etc.

Individually William Fowler Collins and Daniel Menche have collaborated with and remixed artists such as KK Null, Kevin Drumm, Sunn0))), Gog, Mike Shiflet, Pyramids, Andrew Liles, John Weise, MSBR, etc.

STREAM: Daniel Menche – “Raised Coils of the Giant Serpent of Eternity” (excerpt)

STREAM: William Fowler Collins – “I Heard Only the Eternal Storm” (excerpt)

“For the last two decades, the Portland, OR, musician has built dozens of massive, teeming spans of sound, deliberately sculpting a cacophony of static, hum, and rhythm into objects of inescapable gravity. Menche is a wizard of tone and a master of pacing, toggling expertly between tedium and restlessness, a linked pair that’s something of a holy grail in such long-tone experimental fare.”

Pitchfork on Daniel Menche

”… this guitarist-by-trade brings the most sinis- ter depths of heavy music into the digital era, pulling from both the barren Western doomscapes of Hex-era Earth and the icy calm of Brian Eno’s ambient work to craft a sound that makes for the most bleak vision of America’s future drummed up by Cormac McCarthy look like the roaring ‘20s. This will grip you as only the things that both mesmerize you and shake you to your most fearful, trembling core can. If you are trapped out in the Mojave with only a few ounces of water left before the buzzards come for your fetid corpse, this will be your soundtrack accompaniment.”

Pop Matters on William Fowler Collins 





Limited pressing of 270 LPs & 50 Cassettes

1. Daniel Menche – “Raised Coils of the Giant Serpent of Eternity”

2. William Fowler Collins – “I Heard Only the Eternal Storm”


Apr 272014

We have been busy working on new material as well as planning a short Northern European tour in May and are currently based in Berlin. Italian dates to be added for the end of the month and June soon as well. On tour, we will be joined by An:idea filling in on synthesizers. An exclusive new track will be available on the upcoming Death Disco Volume IV this summer. A new full length album will follow later this year…Stay tuned! Tour dates below!

May 2 – Tsunami Club – Cologne, DE – link
May 14 – Espace B – Paris, FR – link
May 15 – Café Central – Brussels, BE – link
May 17 – Absturz – Leipzig, DE – link
May 28 – Urban Spree – Berlin, DE w/ Lust For Youth – link


Apr 272014

We feel so proud to present our first re-issue, with one of the most unknown and interesting projects from the 80’s synthpop & darkwave  scene “Joy Before The Storm”, and their sole and impossible to find Lp “Silence Ever After” edited in 1985 , now remastered and with a new jacket and insert including all information of the band.

Joy Before the Storm formed in Madison (Wisconsin) in 1984 by Matt Anderson (Voice and Synths) , Kevin Kaulson  (Synths) and Dan Mckay (Drum Programming-Rhythm Box), Silence Ever After was written, recorded and mixed during the summer of 1984, using now-classic synthesizers, Arp Solus, Roland SH09,  Korg KR-55B and Roland CR78.

AT-005 Joy Before The Storm – Silence Ever After LP

Limited 30th anniversary edition with only 320 copies.

Sound samples here: https://soundcloud.com/atemporalrecords/sets/joy-before-the-storm-silence

orders: atemporalorder[at]gmail.com


AT-004 V/A –  División Avanzada Independiente (D.A.I.) LP

División Avanzada Independiente (D.A.I.) was a collective of musicians that was formed in the early 1980s in Valencia and could compare with similar movements such as the B.E.F. (British Electric Foundation) , its Member initial were Jose Luis Macias (Glamour, Tomates Electricos, Europa and Ultima Emación), Miguel F.Jim (Proceso Inverso, Psiko Psiko and Radio Klara), Fco.Jose Galán (Tomates Electricos, Fanzine and Fuegos Fatuos & Notre Dame) and Lino Oviano (Europa, Ultima Emoción and Fuegos Fatuos & Notre Dame).

The DAI was formed by groups concentrated in construction of sounds with electronic gadgets, drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers, the D.A.I. edit during the early 80’s several cassettes impossible to find today, we have selected and remastered the best tracks of that movement, presented in a limited pressing of 320 copies.

Sound samples here: https://soundcloud.com/atemporalrecords/sets/v-a-division-avanzada

Orders: atemporalorder[at]gmail.com

AT-003 Grupo Q – Back Up LP

Grupo Q was formed in 1981 by Fernan Carmona (ex-Bola) one of the pioneers of the Spanish electronic music, “back up” is a compilation of the first works never edited. For fans of Ultima Emocion/Europa, Fanzine, Aviador Dro or Oviformia Sci.

Vinyl limited edition 320 copies.

12 original remastered minimal-synthpop songs from 1981 to 1983.

Sound samples herehttp://soundcloud.com/atemporalrecords/sets/grupo-q-back-up-lp-at-003

Orders: atemporalorder[at]gmail.com

AT-002 Dusk to Dawn – Remains LP

Dusk to Dawn were formed on 1991 in Grevenbroich, a small town near Cologne. Magazines and mail-order catalogues initially described their stile as “gothic rock with electronic impact”. The line-up was accordingly: Jörg Erren (bass, synths), Andreas Kleinwächter (guitar) and Achim Zolke (vocals, synths). Later on, the six strings disappeared in favour of (nearly) pure electronic instrumentation.

Two “official“ mini albums on cassette were published on Hamburg-based label Electrope: “Before the Eye“ (1992) and “Places you will never see“ (1994). In addition, some contributions for tape anthologies were made of which some thousands were sold to the dark wave scene. Still worth hearing are these two that even today are to be found on the web: “ELECTROPE Vol. I – Never judge a tape by its cover” with Dusk to Dawn’s “Ashes” and ”Til The End Of Time” by Beton Tapes featuring “Fading”. In addition, the band sold around 350 of their original tapes.

Dusk to Dawn also went public with airplays and a few gigs. On the whole, 26 songs were realized until the end of the 1990’s, most of them being recorded with a simple multi track recorder. They were assigned to the genres dark wave, electro and synth pop. Noteworthy to some reviewers was the fact that the band tends to not compose jointly: Each member brings in self-developed songs. This individuality is quite clearly recognizable in both lyrics and music.

Vinyl limited edition 320 copies.

10 original remastered darkwave-synthpop songs from 1991 to 1995.

Sound samples here: http://soundcloud.com/atemporalrecords/sets/dusk-to-dawn-remains-lp-at-002


AT-001 Séptimo Sello – Vuelo 747 LP – SOLD OUT – Digital Album Available

Séptimo Sello were a Spanish synthpop group formed by Mariano Lozano, “vuelo 747” is a compilation of the first works never edited. The songs have been remastered, cleaned and conveniently edited for this special edition. For fans of Vince Clarke-era Depeche Mode, Ultima Emocion/Europa, Fanzine, Aviador Dro or Oviformia Sci.

Vinyl limited edition 320 copies.

11 original minimal-synthpop songs from 1984-1985

Digital Album: http://atemporal.bandcamp.com/album/septimo-sello-vuelo-747-2011-at-001


AT-006 T.V.Soviética – Maquetas y Demos 1983-1984 LP (Coming on Oct’2014)

Youtube:  T.V. Soviética – Óxido (1984) Atemporal Records AT-006 2014

 Best Regards

Atemporal Records


Apr 242014


Young Alaska by Christian Löffler

Just before the arrival of summer this year, Christian Löffler releases his next musical statement and autobiographical journey named “Young Alaska”.

The German producer unveils his unique soundscapes by delivering eight tracks which are deeply rooted, once again, in harmony and emotion. He sticks to his calm approach to electronic music and proves, through his live-sets, that emotions control the dance floor, creating a real sense of euphoria. During the course of “Young Alaska”, he tells the story of his journey over the course of the past two years.



bleep picture

Christian Löffler – Young Alaska

Bleep states:

"…Young Alaska is arguably his finest work to date, distilling a stirring, mood-rich take on techno, ghostly vocals and crackling, delicate beats pulled onto dance floor templates. 'Notes' revolves around mournfully fluttering vocals and crisp but light percussion, building a soulful odyssey that, while it pulsates with the steady thump of club music, is far more geared towards the heart and head. The gritty strings and pinging synths that carry the opening title track are hypnotising, while the spiralling electronics of 'Mt. Grace', underpinned by sighing voices, is strangely moving. 'Beirut' is probably the album's most club-focused moment, glimmering pads creating a tightly wound atmosphere. The lulling piano chords of 'All Comes' provide further ambivalent, electronic emotion. All in all, it's an unusual but moving album, techno tropes used to create dark but soulful music."



boilerroom 2

After his debut at Boiler Room Berlin two years ago, Christian was invited to come play again together with Max Cooper, David August, Hrdvsion and Oskar Offermann plus Edward on April 9th.

If you missed this show, it is now online over at boilerroom.tv


text-free download

Christian Loffler 08 Matthias Heiderich

photograph taken by Matthias Heiderich

The College Media Journal (CMJ) is hosting two songs from Young Alaska at the moment. "Mt. Grace" is featured in their monthly mixtape (April) that you can access in their mixtape section and "Veiled Grey", that you can directly pick-up here: CMJ.com




Podcast for Detektor.fm

1. Son Lux – Pyre

2. Recondite – The Fade
3. DJ Koze – Nices Wölkchen (Robag's Bronky Frumu Rehand)
4. Dave DK – Woolloomooloo
5. Maher Daniel – Farewell At The Gates Of Dawn 6. Kiasmos – Looped
6. Gardens Of God – Apnea

7. Christian Löffler – Mt. Grace
8. Warpaint – Drive
9. Daughter – Love (Synkro Edit)




25 Apr. Bielefeld (GER), Nr. z. P.

11 May. Wachtendonk (GER), Blaue Lagune Open Air

23 May. Cologne (GER), Electronic Beats Festival

07 Jun. Cologne (GER), Heinz Gaul

14 Jun. Berlin (GER), Humboldthain

Christian Löffler

03 May. Basel (CH), Jägerhalle

09 May. Hamburg (GER), Nochtwache

01 Jun. Leipzig (GER), Täubchenthal

07 Jun. Cologne (GER), Heinz Gaul

14 Jun. Schwindegg (GER), Club Caliente

Daisuke Tanabe

29 Apr. Tokyo (JAP), SuperDeluxe [as Kidsuke]

Hiroaki OBA

25 Apr. Tokyo (JAP), Oath

29 Apr. Tokyo (JAP), Rainbow Disco Club

Marius Sahdeeq

16 May. Cologne (GER), Roxy




Christian Löffler – Young Alaska (12" + 7" Vinyl and DL-Code)


Colo – UR [12" Vinyl]


Christian Löffler – All Comes / Notes [7" Vinyl]


Colo – Holidays [7" Vinyl]

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Apr 242014

Over the Sonar weekend in Barcelona, FACT MUSIC POOL SERIES is again hosting some very special pool parties.
This year the BPitch Control party will be on the 14th of June 2014.

Ellen Allien has invited many artists like Javi Sampol, Thomas Muller, Kiki & Camea (B2B) and some more special guests to play their favourite records with her between 2PM and 11PM.

Get wet and wild with us at the pool oasis La Carpa Barcelona in Avd Manuel Azaña 21- 23/ 08906 Hospitalet de Llobregat/ Barcelona.

We can’t wait to celebrate this special summer night with you!

Stage 1:
Ellen Allien Official Fanpage
Marc Houle
Kiki B2B Camea
Thomas Muller
Laura Jones
Fur Coat
Javi Sampol
+ special guest

Stage 2:
Thomas Grün
Original Unit
Martin Huergo
Alex Rath
Roberto Martín