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The LP-series from Drone Records, dedicated to the Drones of
the World, and the Drones of our Minds. A kind of continuation of
the Drone 7"-series on a more user-friendly format. Each LP
features four artists from the international drone-scene and is
limited to 500 copies, pressed on four different vinyl-colours.
Vol. 3: JIM HAYNES (USA), MANINKARI (France), KSHATRIY (Russia),
EXIT IN GREY (Russia). stunning artwork paintings by British
JIM HAYNES: psychogeographical drones of rust and decay.
This highly interesting sound-artist from San Francisco (also
active as painter, label-manager, & writer) is focused on the
unpredictable processes of rust & decay in connection with the
perception of time. For his contribution "He stopped at a
picture…" to the re-newed Drone Rec-series he is using field
recordings from a world war 2 era radar outpost (located near the
Golden Gate Bridge), combined with shortwave, motors, wire-tapping
microphones, analogue electric sounds.. => a breathtaking
experimental & raw drone-collage, full of tension & almost
dramatic suction, sound of " psychic loss & american paranoia"
EXIT IN GREY: timeless natural drones.
The main project of Russian Sergey [S] from the Moscow-area (who
mesmerizing the listeners since years with small & handmade
editions of emotional daydream-drones, intuitively woven together
with guitar, field recordings & analog synths. The long piece
"Drawn by Memory/The Wind 2012" is a perfect example of his skills
and creates with minimal instrumental & natural sound-sources
an atmosphere of timelessness and nostalgia..
KSHATRIY : dark psychedelic (higher?) consciousness drones.
KSHATRIY means 'warrior' in Sanskrit and expresses the artists
believe in the universal power of sound. Hailing from the
fascinating St. Petersburg scene in Russia comes this "fractal
dark drone ambient' project, especially focused on
cosmic/transpersonal consciousness themes – these "Shifting Waves"
sound secretful & mysterious with a phantastic spatial
sound-quality (open to both digital & analogue sound sources)
for the perfect cosmic mind-movie.
MANINKARI : handplayed / instrumental trance drones.
This French duo (consisting of two twin-brothers from Paris) has
blown us away with their captivating "handplayed" instrumental
drone music, with influences from various styles like Jazz, Art
Rock and Classical Music, combining improvisation and composition.
Often based on percussion & strings, they look at their sound
as a spiritual tool causing a disorder of the mind, a 'visible'
transformation of the uncontrollable dreams & their own
subsconscious. The two pieces "Enstase 1 & 2" sound at the
same time subtle, airy and dense using a suprising
instrumentation, and show impressively one of the possible new
directions of drone music.
= four projects that differ considerably from each other, but
united through the idea of the power of the Drone.
~ ~ The drones of their minds "materialized" ~ ~ The
"intelligence" of drones materialized ~ ~
four vinyl-colours, each 125 x: WHITE & GREEN MIXED // BLACK
Tilmann Benninghaus (Berlin) using bronce-colour & UV gloss.

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Jan 282014
The Rome based nihilist suicide pop outfit Spiritual Front returns with “Open Wounds,” a monolithic selection of re-arrengment and re-mastering of tracks from their back catalogue. The band, originated in 1999 as a project fronted by Simone Salvatori, has been described as crossing a wide variety of genres and musical styles or traditions, and the band itself is considered highly unique among the modern neofolk and post-industrial scenes in Europe. Strongly recommended to fans of Ennio Morricone, Death In June, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Johnny Cash, Swans, Crime & The City Solution. You can stream the album in it’s entirety below!

About Spiritual Front:
Spiritual Front is a five-part neofolk act from Rome. Its members describe their music as “nihilist suicide pop”, although elements of neoclassical and rock music, melancholic folk, as well as tango are prevalent, along with a recurring experimental feel. The group’s work has been described as crossing a wide variety of genres and musical styles or traditions, and the band itself is considered highly unique among the modern neofolk and post-industrial scenes in Europe. The ingenuity and constructiveness of Spiritual Front’s songs have gained them somewhat of a cult following since their formation in the late 1990s. The band originated in 1999 as a project fronted by Simone “Hellvis” Salvatori, a guitarist and singer from Italy. They have since worked extensively —both solo and with several other neofolk projects— on their musical output. The group has performed subsequent tours throughout Europe. Their song, “The Gift of Life”, appeared on the original score of the American slasher film Saw II.


1. Soul Gambler
2. Hey Boy
3. Song For The Old Man
4. The Devourment Of The Will
5.  Delation / I Live Through You
6. Autopsy Of A Love
7. We Could Fail Again
8. Nectar On Your Lips
9. A Long Summer For The Dog Of Satan
10. Eucharist Of Sodomy

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Jan 282014
HYBRYDS ‘Music for Rituals’ 2CD
STROM NOIR ‘Urban Music’ CD


Release date: 25.01.2014


HYBRYDS ‘Music for Rituals’ 2CD
Zoharum continues reissuing past works of one of the most interesting projects coming from the 1980s underground – Hybryds. The third installment in this series is the extended 2CD reissue of their first CD album ”Music for Rituals”.
Sandy Nys talks about the album: ”Music for Rituals was first released in a hand-made pouch, on the German label ARTWARE. The music was like the first tape release, made in different places with different people on a 4-track Tascam cassette recorder. I also started making mail art music with musicians from far away in the world (no Internet back then) sending basic music on cassette which I used in the compositions. In this music, Yasnaia and her cello + voice became prominent as we started working together. The rarities cd contains some stuff I did with Alpha Project aka Mark Burghgraeve (Somnambulist, Mbryo, Klinik etc..). The saxapulation project was a mail collaboration with Barry Edgar Pilcher. A saxophone player from the UK, sending me sax improvisations on cassette. From those pieces I made small samples with a Korg delay capable of making samples of a few seconds ( remember it were the 80 ties!). I mixed them together on the 4 track cassette to new sounds and compositions. It was released as a tape on 3RIOTAPES. From than on Barry started to be a Hybryds member with his sax contributions on the Hybryds releases. Beautiful girl hunter: I met Michel (I forgot his second name) in a pub in Antwerp. We started discussing astrology as he claimed to be an excellent astrologist himself. At the end of the evening after lots of drinks he told me he was building and playing kotos. A few days later he came by with 2 beautiful crafted kotos. It was a pity we only had an afternoon time, he showed me how to play this wonderful meditative instrument. We played a lot, but I did not record much, thinking this could lead to a new music collaboration. But Michel just disappeared out of my life. Another meeting in those times happened when I was running a video renting store and he rented some weird underground stuff. ”Girl Hunter” was a strange SM video from Japan. I mixed the voices of this movie on the few recordings of koto and some cello pieces from Yasnaia to create a fantasy world, the soft meditative music with the exotic Japanese voices telling weird stuff about life, sex, pain, lust and death. Luckily, the movie had subtitles and you can find it now on the Internet. The track disappeared unused in my archives and was specially remixed from the original 4-track cassette for this CD.
This album 2CD is packaged in a digipak limited to 500 copies.
STROM NOIR ‘Urban Music’ CD
Strom Noir debuts on Zoharum with his 9th full-length album entitled ”Urban Blues”.
This renowned Slovak one-man project of Emil Mat’ko penetrates the textures of shimmering ambient, urban drone with delicate tints of post-rock.
His next offering contains 8 compositions of staggering beauty and cinematic feel.
when you listen to music while walking in the city, background sounds and noises may supplement it in a non-recurring way and, even if you know the track by heart, your only feeling for the very first moment is that something is different… I have tried to capture this feeling of reverse déjà-vu on my latest album “urban blues” which presents a trip through the city – the city you believe you are familiar with, but, on the other hand, your feeling that something is wrong is increasing.
This CD is packaged in a ecopak limited to 300 copies.
Zoharum presents ECHOES OF YUL in their new release entitled “Tether”.
After 2 longplayers (“Echoes of Yul” on We Are All Pacinos and “Cold Ground” on Avantgarde) and a split CD, it’s time for the next release, atypical in every respect.
It’s not a full album in the exact meaning of this word. “Tether” is an extended play which has a record running time for such a release which clocks at 78 minutes. It’s a stylistically varied project which is the result of the collaboration with many artists of different backgrounds.
“Tether” contains 4 new tracks full of slow heavy riffs, sounds from broken synths and ethereal atmospheres plus a number of reinterpretations by Different State, iconAclass (MCDalek), James Plotkin (OLD, Khanate), Maciek Szymczuk, Stendek, Steve Austin (Today is the Day). All compiled to sound not like a compilation, but a stand-alone cohesive album with many unexpected twists and turns.
Release date: 25.01.2014
This CD is packaged in a ecopak.

Do dnia 24 stycznia trwa jeszcze przedsprzedaż. Jeszcze przez kilka dni można nabyć specjalny promocyjny pakiet przedsprzedażowy…
Zestaw zawiera:
1) STROM NOIR ‘Urban Blues’ CD
2) ECHOES OF YUL ‘Tether’ CD
3) HYBRYDS ‘Music For Rituals’ 2CD
Premiera: 25.01.2014
Oferta ważna wyłącznie w trakcie trwania przesprzedaży, tj do dn. 24.01.2014. Po tym terminie pakiet zniknie z oferty.

Zoharum team
Jan 242014
ATTRITION : Demonstro : 1982 – 85


A definitive collection of 20 of the rarest ATTRITION songs from those very early years…

With previously unreleased tracks, demos and alternate versions.

So many experiments with analogue synths, drum machines, tape loop, bass guitar and effects…


Many of these tracks were released on cassette compilations at the time …

and 2 of them on our very first vinyl release…

a 2 track flexi disc with Adventures in reality fanzine in 82…

But there were a lot of tracks that never did get released back then…

some were demos, some just never found a home at the time…


For the last 30 years i have been carrying boxes of those cassettes around with me as i travelled around the UK, and Holland briefly…

I’ve spent a lot of time selecting the best and cleaning them up in my studio from the old cassette mixes, and in some cases from the original 4 track tapes…


It’s time to put these to bed…. i hope you enjoy this little slice of our life….


Martin Bowes, Coventry, England, 2014


A Two Gods production for Peripheral Minimal.

Release date February 14th 2014.


Available on CD and download to listen to and pre order here:









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COIL / NINE INCH NAILS – ‘Recoiled CD (CSR193CD) – £11

Shipping: 24th February
“Recoiled” is a rambunctious alchemy, of magikal Coil sensibilities and hi-tech home circa 90’s mixing technique, all fused in the cave-like early studios of Danny Hyde (Coil, Electric Sewer Age) / Peter Christopherson (Coil, Throbbing Gristle). These were the unrestrained PRE- BIG studio- mix downs, of four songs which long time Coil admirer / collaborator Trent Reznor requested Coil to remix. Reznor sent over the original multi-tracks and DATs to Hyde / Christopherson, who independently mixed versions and then met to synch both creations, molding them into these master versions. ”Recoiled” includes a fuller, more opulent version of the track ‘Closer’, which eventually made it onto the opening credits to the movie “SE7EN“. These 5 lengthy compositions (just under 40 mins) are pre-Ableton / laptop generation type priest song creations, with the use of baby alarms and numerous wires to create bespoke effects. These legendary tracks were always rumoured to exist and, only the due diligence of a dedicated NIN forum who hunted them down, are released/unleashed for your listening pleasure. 4 of the tracks were released on the download-only “Uncoiled”. A bonus, previously unheard track from the same sessions closes the album. Jhonn Balance is also manifest on this gilded constellation. Beautifully remastered. Digipak. All orders direct from Cold Spring will receive a release promo card.

COIL / NINE INCH NAILS – ‘Recoiled LTD Colour LP (CSR193LP) – £19

Shipping: 24th February
Brown / black splatter vinyl in a heavy glossy sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Ltd x 500 copies. This release is only available directly from Cold Spring.

COIL / NINE INCH NAILS – ‘Recoiled Black LP (CSR193LP) – £16

Shipping: 24th February
Black vinyl in a heavy glossy sleeve with printed inner sleeve.

PSYCHIC TV – ‘Live At Thee Marquee CD (CSR189CD) – £8
Shipping: Now
Marquee Club, London, 20th May 1986. Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Mouse, Matthew Best. Ltd x 1000 copies.

PSYCHIC TV – ‘Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light‘ CD (CSR188CD) – £8
Shipping: Now
9th May 1985 at Hammersmith Palais, London. Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Max Prior, Mouse, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Dave Ball (Soft Cell), Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Sorrow, Coil, Current 93). Ltd x 1000 copies.

PSYCHIC TV – ‘Hacienda‘ CD (CSR187CD) – £8
Shipping: Now
5th November 1984 at New Order / Factory’s legendary club, Manchester. Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, John Gosling (Zos Kia, Coil), Paul Reeson, and Alex Fergusson. Ltd x 1000 copies.

Buy all 3 PTV releases above for a special combined price!

TUNNELS OF AH | Lost Corridors CD (CSR184CD) £10


Shipping: Now
Industrial esoterica from S. Burroughs (Head Of David), evoking the spirit of the pioneering underground experimental scene. This is psychick war. For fans of Coil, Psychic TV, Arktau Eos, Z’EV.

Z’EV | A Handful Of Elements CD (CSR182CD) £10


Shipping: Now
Dense, deep drone works. Z’EV has drawn deep from his 40 year old sonic archive, producing soundtracks to accompany you to the other side of ambient, through the door between your eyes.


MESEKTET – ‘Towards A Bleak Sun’ CD (CSR191CD)
SHIFT – ‘Altamont Rising’ CD (CSR195CD)
SOL – ‘Where Suns Come To Die’ CD (CSR186CD)
DEADWOOD – ‘Sheolic’ CD (CSR163CD)
VA ‘Sound Of Progress’ DVD (CSR194DVD) – Foetus, Test Dept., Coil, Current 93


• 21 Feb 14, Blå, Oslo (NO)
• 22 Feb 14, Blå, Oslo (NO)
• 30 May 14, Tavastia, Helsinki (FI)
• 1 Jun 14, Club Zal, St Petersburg (RU)

• 3 Mar 14, Exchange, Bristol (UK)

• 12 Mar 14, KOKO, London (UK)

• 14 Apr 14, Oval Space, London (UK) – with Tim Hecker

• 2-3 May 14, United Forces Of Industrial, London (UK)

• 12 Jul 14, Slimelight, London (UK) – Live: Kirlian Camera, Naevus, Rome (solo set)

• 20 Sep 14, DOM, Moscow (RU)
• 21 Sep 14, da:da, St Petersburg (RU)

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