Feb 272013
attrition - narcissist
A T T R I T I O N : Narcissist
Release date: March 1st 2013
A Two Gods Production. 2GODSEP
ATTRITION – Narcissist – a digital 3 track ep…
With the album version of the song from the upcoming album The Unraveller of Angels,
and 2 remixes from Angst Pop (featuring Technomancer) and Vi Rez….
Cover photo of Jezebel by Holger Karas.
OUT NOW and available free for one month until march 31st 2013 only from our bandcamp store……
listen and take from here… http://attritionuk.bandcamp.com/album/narcissist-ep
and look forward to a promo video for this song very soon…
The Unraveller of Angels…
the unraveller/karma mechanic/narcissist/one horse rider/histrionic/snakepit/suicide engineer/the causal agent/hollow latitudes/the internal narrator
The long awaited all new album from ATTRITION will be released in April on Vinyl and 2 seperate CD editions…
its a new direction for us…with many special guests, Mona Mur, Matt Howden, Ian Arkley, Jyri Glynn, Erica Unwoman and Tylean amongst them….
attrition greece 2013http://www.chaindlk.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/2.jpg”>
ATTRITION on tour 2013
The Unraveller of Angels tour starts in April and will take in 4 continents…
We are excited to announce these dates so far..
April 20th : Death Disco, Ogigou 16, Psirri, Athens, Greece
May 4th : Reproduktion 13 festival. Roundhouse, Camden, London, England.
with Naked Lunch, John Costello, CWNN, MIld Peril
May 16th – 21st : Canada…Peterborough/Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal
with Scene Noir
June 19th – 26th…New Zealand…2 shows tbc
September…West coast USA – LA/SF/Portland/Seattle and more tbc
September 28th : Dresden, Germany details tba
October 12th : Santiago, Chile…details tba
November : Szczecin, Poland tbc
many more incoming… UK/Norway/Sweden/France…
do let us know if you can help promote in any way and we will hook you up with art and music
and check our official website for updates…
the cage studios
The Cage: audio production and mastering studios
Celebrating 20 years since its inception, Martin’s work at the Cage studios is going from strength to strength…
Producing for My Silent Wake, Acclimate, Tyler Milchmann,  Scene Noir, 3 Cold Men, Strange Walls, Contaminated Intelligence and more
….remixes for Mona Mur/En Esch, Black tape for a Blue girl, Fernthal, The Damage Manual, The Hiram Key, Implant, Stromkern, In the Nursery and more…
mastering for Psychic TV, Ed Ka-spel, Merzbow, Steven Severin, Anni Hogan with Nick Cave and Marc Almond, Parade Ground, Sleep Research Facility, Schloss Tegal, Ten Horned Beast, Melonta Tauta, Sol Invictus, My Silent Wake, Stress, 3 Cold Men, Hirsute Pursuit and many more…
if you are looking for quality affordable mastering or song production, mixing or remixing for your own projects,
and thanks to file transfers, wherever you are in the world – then do get in touch….
and finally…
My good friend Daniel Gouyette is coming here from Paris in March to film a video for the song One horse rider…
and start on the first ever ATTRITION documentary….
Until next time…..
Martin Bowes. Coventry. England
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Feb 272013

Poupée Mécanique is the second digital single taken from Happiness Project album 9th Heaven. This 5-track EP includes two remixes of Poupée Mécanique by Klass Kid and 360°, an alternative version of the album track Flesh And Bones, a Foretaste reworked version of Balloons And Zeppelin and a brand new mix of Heights by Neutral Lies. The clip proposes a twisted and memorable journey within the mind of a Poupée Mécanique.

The trio confirms its international renown by granting a two-page interview to the Italian magazine Ritual # 52 and a presence on the new Zillo CD sampler with their new single Poupée Mécanique.

Reminder: the CD album 9th Heaven is now also available on most digital platform and can also be discovered on streaming platforms like Spotify or Deezer.



Not a new album, not a remixes compilation but a fully new take on existing songs. Foretaste has completely re-recorded its 2008 successful album for the extra-limited US edition of Terrorist TV! The tracklist also changes and new tracks are added like Pornstar Baby and Keep the devil away available on CD for the first time:
Soft And Delicate
Play The Game
Porn Star Baby
Keep Me Satisfied
The Prototype Of Love
Dying For The First Time In My Life
All I Know
No Remorse
Keep The Devil Away

A new digital single will also be released with exclusive remixes.

No release date at the moment… be patient.



Dekad hit single So Sorry, is now available in extended version on the Electropop 8 compilation. And guess what… some copies are available in our X11 program: so if you order 3 CDs or 2 CDs and a T-shirt on our online store, you can get this compilation for free!

Feb 252013

Dear friends, winter is almost ending and we have a bunch of new records coming out in the next months. Also we’re very happy to know that our favourite magazine ever, OCCULTO is about to come back with the third release ‘The e Issue’. Speaking about occult stuff, there’s a great festival happening in Rome in April, book your travels now and don’t miss it! Details below.


My Dear Killer – The Electric Dragon of Venus LP
‘The Electric Dragon of Venus’ is the first full length record since Clinical Shyness, in the meantime a track from MDK was published on a 7” split with Rella the Woodcutter and other five old tracks appeared on the split cd series ‘5 Pezzi Facili’ under the ‘Cynical Quietness EP’ name.
From this collection of songs emerges the multifaceted nature of the project in the form of arrangements which blend the sharpness of the guitar-based noise feedback element with more feeble and delicate sounding episodes , always maintaining the minimal yet uncompromising character of the bare naked song-writing.
Once again, discomfort and undigested habits are brought to the listener without filters, it’s a bitter bitter world and My Dear Killer is back to remind us. Life’s no good again.
The record is released in LP format, 300 copies with screenprinted covers by Corpo-C.

DuChamp – Nar LP
DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin, religiously devoted to drone. Drone is related to a precise childhood memory: the sound of the hair dryer, that her mother used to fix her hair. That was the sound of care, bliss, and infinite love.
‘Nar’ is the first solo record of DuChamp. It has been composed and recorded through reharsal space changing, ideas deleted, fatwas from former lovers during year 2012 in Berlin. All tracks are played by DuChamp and recorded and mixed by Diego Ferri. Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique, Starving Weirdos) sung in ‘A Worship’ and also did the mastering.
The albums is released on LP with cover photo by Lara Schilling and graphics by Alice Cannava’ (Occulto Magazine).

BeMyDelay – Hazy Lights LP
‘Hazy Lights’ is the new album from ByMyDelay, the solo project of Marcella Riccardi (Blake/e/e/e, Franklin Delano,Massimo Volume), singer and guitarist. Her interest in archaic blues, guitar loops and delays was the main inspiration for her first album ‘ToTheOtherSide’, released on Boring Machines in 2011.
The new album, entitled ‘Hazy Lights’ is a more stripped down affair. Most of the loopers and delays have been put aside, in favour of a more organic and simple texture of light arpeggios where the beautiful voice of Marcella can float freely and gently. The record is a collection of folky songs which move to another concept of psychedelia. This time is more rural and human, reminding a lot some of the british folk tunes.
The record sees the accompanying of Maurizio Abate who uses bass, electric guitars, lapsteel, harmonica, tanpura to create a gentle flow of sounds around BeMyDelay’s minimal guitar plucking.
The album is released on LP with cover art made of pictures shoot by BeMyDelay herself.

Occulto magazine is back! The third issue of our favourite magazine, which explores new possibilities in the popularisation of science in connection to other fields such as the visual arts, parascientific theories and history of ideas is in the works.
You can book an AD on it, preorder it or just make a donation. Follow this link for more info: http://www.occultomagazine.com/index.html
All preorders will be rewarded with a special compilation curated by Boring Machines, with bites of our latest releases and many other unreleased great projects we love.

On April 4/5/6th Rome is the place to be. The great folks of Dal Verme venue, same people behind the infamous scene Borgata Boredom are setting up the most explosive psychedelic festival ever, calling the best bands of the italian underground all in the same weekend.
Many Boring Machines bands will be there amongst a lot of other great friends, it’s really an unmissable event if you’re tuned on that large family of sound called psychedelia.
More info on Thalassa blog: http://thalassafestival.blogspot.it

Go to gigs, stay with the music
Onga / Boring Machines


Feb 212013

Nikos Costantinou is a guy coming from Greece.
He did a page on Facebook “Swedish Electro Scene” back in March 2011 in order to support Swedish bands he was friend with. As time passed more bands contacted him to join the page and to see their news posted there.
On April 2012 he had the idea to release a compilation to celebrate the first thousand page fans, so he started to propose the idea to his contacts. The thing started to grow the last September and the bands started to send their songs. He gathered 27 bands/tracks and since on December the page reached 1000 members, the compilation has been released on the 5th of January and now it’s available for you all!



1.Moist feat.Smith &Thell – Me And You 04:27

2.Optic – Devil & I (Control Mix) 04:37

3.Rezonance – Obscurity 05:43

4.Arachnophobias – Saudade (Swedish Electro Scene Remix) 08:31

5.Avantgarde – Memories 04:16

6.Liebe – Quiet As A Knife 03:10

7.International – European Lover 04:26

8.Cold Connection – Bright 03:58

9.Dpoint – Be Silent (Currency Of Joy Remix) 04:23

10.Social Ambitions – Do You Want To Go 03:04

11.Radiant – Lifeline 04:29

12.Emmon – Secrets & Lies 04:07

13.Endless Shame – Twilight Zone (Swedish Electro Remix) 06:00

14.Vanguard – In Your Arms 03:58

15.Neurobash – Providence 04:50

16.Additive Nil – Unknown 06:01

17.Unitary – Miscreation (Version) 04:59

18.Chaos All Stars – The Iron Sky 04:04

19.Steelberry Clones – Victims Of Fashion 04:18

20.The Pain Machinery – Kick 03:54

21.#366: A life lived – Bible:The Devil’s Just A Man 05:26

22.Atari Cowboy – Never Follow Anything 03:19

23.Spark! – Hela Din Varld 03:32

24.Code 64 – Progenitor 03:44

25.Cryo – Zero G 05:06

26.Libra – A Day Worth Time 04:50

27.Fatal Casualties – Glas 05:48

Feb 202013

SNOG "The Plug-In Drug" – Vinyl 12" Ltd Edtion 300 copies – Pre-order open (M-tronic)

We are very proud to welcome on M-tronic the legendary Asutralian band SNOG with a new 12" Transaprent Blue Vinyl limited ot 300 copies. Official release date is March the 30th !

Snog are sexy and dangerous.
“The Plug-In Drug” 12” presents 3 brand new tracks (from the forthcoming album “Babes In Consumerland”) with exclusive remixes and unreleased tracks. Deluxe presentation with striking original artwork and transparent blue vinyl !

They use ideas and philosophies as slyly crafted weapons. Mind-bombs from the loins of Eros.
A full 21 years since their first release (the provocative dancefloor-hit “Corporate Slave”) Snog have lost none of their fire, wit or intellect. Band mastermind Dee Thrussell’s long journey to recently arrive as a transgender woman informs every wry musical gesture and satirical lyric.

Joined by dear friends and collaborators Atom TM, Felix Kubin and Ash Wednesday, this is electronic music as you’ve never heard it before – blindingly articulate, fearless and yet strangely accessible.
2013’s incarnation of the legendary Snog is a now an all female act, a powerhouse trio delivering slyly subversive electronic pop.
You have been warned !!
Pre-order now this very limited vinyl for 20 euros including shipping worldwide !!!


 Press Gang Metropol "Fictions" limited 12" vinyl out now !! (D-monic)

After the great success of  "Checkpoint" Press Gang Metropol strikes back with a new 6 tracks EP including the new and fantastic single "Fictions" and also the very demanded "Parade". Including 4 wonderful remixes by  Haujobb (Germany), Millimetric (France), Lowlight (South Africa), Adan & Peter (France).

This item is strictly limited to 300 hand-numbered copies !!!
You can now order it for the price of 15 € including shippng worldwide !
In addition you will get a free code to download the songs in digital format.
Check an audio/video teaser of the vinyl :

Sweet William "Ocean" new album open for pre-order (D-monic)

Sweet William's new album "Ocean" is a concept album : it begins with a prologue, classically instrumented, then proceeds directly with the title track "Ocean" which finally opens the album in the good old rock style and straightforward. Constant tempo changes and musical opposites merge into one another, “Ocean” is about the human abyss,  the music seems threatening, dark – but then again bright and shiny – just like the sea – the Ocean. Sweet William’s music is back to its roots which leaded them to be a successful band signed on the respected Hyperium and Dion Fortune ! This album contains some hits such as “Insane”, “Over”, “Ground”, but it also features a wonderful cover of Joy Divison’s anthem “New Dawn fades”.

17 tracks, 74 minutes, out 30th of march, pre-order now for 13 € inclduign shipping worldwide !!!

MISERYLAB "Documentary" (CD + Vinyl) Few copies left (D-monic)
http://dmoniclabel.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/3/6/13368573/header_images/1350635084.jpg” height=”177″ width=”699″>

We only have a few copies of our 500 hand-numbered copies limited editions of the wonderful double gatefold CD & Vinyl of Miserylab "Ducmentary", buy this cult item before it's too late !

As reminder, Miserylab is Porl King's solo project (in the 90's he was the frontman of the famous band called Rosetta Stone). A purely dark post-punk approach – of large chorusing bass and guitar – up front unmistakable drum machines and new wave synthesizers … there's no self-indulgence here – this is about connecting – and connecting immediately lyrically and melodically . Documentary is a retrospective collection of classic miserylab material – stemming 2008 to present day .. including some of the earlier – possibly overlooked tracks such as 'making a bomb' to the more well known anthems such as 'people' and 'children of the poor' .. coupled with a 7" single of recently recorded previously unavailable in hard format singles and rarities .. as with all miserylab albums there isn't a single second of filler here … as the CD moves chronologically – there is a tangible sense of progression as the tracks become dynamically bigger and stronger – as the consistency of song-writing is maintained from start to finish …

Miserylab wears it's heart on it's sleeve – there is no diplomacy or shying away from issues or it's political stance – this is pure anti-capitalism – anti-war – anti-right-wing .. and if you disagree with it – if you challenge it – it will answer you back … there are no apologies given … miserylab is on the side of the poor – the voiceless those who have done right even those who have done wrong – it will always stand against authority under any circumstances .. if this makes you uncomfortable – it's meant to – miserylab is uncomfortable …

Visit our websites for more infos and add us on facebook !!!

www.m-tronic.com / www.facebook.com/mtroniclabel

www.d-monic.net / www.facebook.com/dmonicofficial