Jul 272012
July 26, 2012 – NEW YORK, NY — No Cayman bank account, house at the shore, or bunker on the back nine, will keep you safe. Bankers, brokers and traders are put on immediate notice: ANGLESPIT’s “WALL ST. MASSACRE TOUR” is announcing its first leg of North American mayhem. Also joining them will be electro-metal powerhouse CYANOTIC and special guests scrEPM group MYPARASITES.
The first set of fail safes to go offline are:

Oct. 17 – Montreal, QB – TBA
Oct. 18 – Ottawa, ON – Café Dekcut
Oct 19 – Toronto, ON – Neutral
Oct. 20 – Detroit, MI – City Club in the Leland Hotel
Oct. 25 – Calgary, AB – Dickens Pub
Oct. 26 – Edmonton, AB – New City
Oct. 28 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre
Oct. 29 – Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
Oct. 30 – Portland, OR – Fez Ballroom
Oct. 31 – Sacramento, CA – TBA
Nov. 01 – Salt Lake City, UT – Club Sound
Nov. 02 – Steamboat Springs, CO – Tug Boat
Nov. 03 – Kansas City, MO – Record Bar
Nov. 05 – St. Louis, MO – Crack Fox
Nov. 07 – Pittsburgh, PA – 31 St Pub
Nov. 08 – Richmond, VA – Fallout
Nov 10 – New York City, NY – Gramercy Theatre

For more information about the WALL STREET MASSACRE North American tour, including MERCHANDISE DISCOUNT CODES from all three bands, visit http://www.angelspit.net/gigs/wsm2012/ or get your hands on some blood money and scan the QR code with your smartphone.

Jul 262012
Lots of releases coming up.
First up is a new EP by Nobody Beats The Drum, coming out 30th of July 2012. The Natural Thing EP contains remixes by Fellow, Rimer London & The Subs.

It’s receiving worldwide support from Plump DJs, Kosheen, The Oddword, Tony Senghore, Black Strobe, Freq Nasty, Krafty Kuts, Sovnger, Joost van Bellen & StereoHeroes amongst others.
Sounds awesome? It is awesome.  
Preview the EP here

So yeah we’ve got the new NBTD EP coming, but there’s more! In August the remix EP from Bronstibock is finally dropping with remixes by Blaxton, Spag Heddy, Shock and Awe, Doctr & competition winner Ace Fazer. Late august the new EP by Doctr called ‘Hotel’ will hit the interwebs and in early September the next EP by Spag Heddy will be available.
Follow our soundcloud to get previews
Have you had a listen yet? It contains amazing tracks by Blaxton, $jammie The Money, Shock and Awe, Spag Heddy, Clash The Disco Kids, Hide & Scream, Champagne Powder, Fellow, Quick & Brite, Warrior Bros and many more.
Available in online stores now
Here is a (small) selection of dates to catch a show by our artists:
Blaxton @ Wavefiles – Club Up (Amsterdam) 26-7
Ducked Ape (aka Bazen&Helden) @ Boemklatsch Equalizer – De Staat 28-7
Moore & Lezz, Bronstibock & Doctr @ Solar Festival 4-8
Nobody Beats The Drum @ Pukkelpop 16-8
Nobody Beats The Drum @ Lowlands Festival 18-8
Doctr & Nobody Beats The Drum @ Mysteryland 25-8

Still a few months to go, but we’re super excited about our ADE line up. So far we’ve got Nobody Beats The Drum, Spag Heddy, Blaxton, Distrakt (AUS) and Roska (UK) confirmed. BASSSSSSSSSS!!!
20 October 2012 @ OT301
Check out Roska’s playlist on 22tracks

We’re giving away 2×2 tickets for Wavefiles in Club Up, Amsterdam, this Thursday. So if you want to see Blaxton live at this Dubstep/UK Bass/Neo House party, let us know on production@basserk.com and we’ll randomly draw some winners.

Jul 232012
TAPHEPHOBIA “Taphephobia” CD

Cat. Number : grey011
Country : Norway
Format : CD
Barcode : 8410650153414
File : Dark Ambient
Release date : 20 July 2012

Tracklist :
cult | butterflies with needles | middle of the night | entering the woods / green river | the garden of fire | when it`s dark enough

Info / Audio samples : click here

Buy online
: click here
(12,00 euro, postpaid priority worldwide)

Second album for norwegian maestro Ketilon greytone label. Bleak and secluded sound world, featuring six looming movements of darkly, post-industrial, isolationist ambience in the pure nordic shining coldness.
The music Taphephobia makes is mostly based on manipulated guitars (except house of memories that is mostly based on sounds). Taphephobia try to get out the feelings he has at the moment when Ketil compose the music. The idea is to create a atmosphere that is sometimes scary, and sometimes beautiful, like for example a good thriller drama movie. Taphephobia is very skilled to create a cinematic atmosphere combined with personal feelings like fear, hope, hate, regrets etc… The main goal is to make the listener able to dream away with the music.
. COLD BODY RADIATION “the longest shadows ever cast” 7″ ep .
. SANTAAGOSTINO “Mokaraba Constellation” CD .
greytone.eu | facebook.com/dusktone.label | dusktone.eu | Fax +39.02700447808
Jul 232012

Dear all,
as we don’t like to stay in the sun very much, we stay in the shades at Boring Machines HQ and work hard on the new releases for the end of the summer.

We are setting up a label bandcamp page to cover all our bands that don’t have their own. You can stream, buy digital or buy phisical copies from there: http://boringmachines.bandcamp.com

Heroin in Tahiti’s  ‘Death Surf’ LP is now sold out. We are re-pressing soon in a special white vynil edition of 150 pieces + 50 marbled black/white with a download coupon for high resolution mp3s. Keep an eye on our shop.

As some of you may know, part of the Emilia Romagna region has been hardly hit by an eartquake in spring. One of our beloved friends Tiziano/Bob Corn is now homeless and in the half ruined house he lived in he had half assembled copies of his newest record, a collaboration with Matteo Uggeri  (yes, the one we just released a record with Luca Mauri and Francesco Giannico). Tiziano was finally able to get in the house and take out all the copies, assemble them and prepare it for shipping.
In two different occasions in past years Uggeri brought at Tiziano’s place a recorder and two binaural microphones, which he wore at all times, so as to capture excerpts of conversations, encounters, antics, laughter and songs sung while walking around the surrounding fields, which ended up as field recordings on this record. The tracks sung by Bob and recorded by Matteo sound very much like a dense, discreet soundtrack to a short film featuring side roles; the one that stands out is the end track by the duo Comaneci.
In the background, there s the persistent singing of an unidentified bird, possibly the same one that had accompanied Matteo and Bob s walks two years earlier.
The record is released in a thick brown cardoboard with handmade stamps and pro-printed inserts.
You can stream and buy this lovely record here:

La Piramide di Sangue is a seven piece psichedelic rock band with middle eastern influences from Turin, featuring members of other active bands like Movie Star Junkies, Love Boat and King Suffy Generator. The project started with the first solo cassette from member Gianni Giublena Rosacroce (clarinet, percussions), a mixture of middle eastern melodies, mediterranean folklore and spiced teas. The thing soon became a full band including two guitars, two basses, percussions and synths.
Thousands of perfumed rivulets invade the city streets of Turin and meet below the Egyptian Museum becoming stronger and melting into furious anthems.
La Piramide di Sangue is a mosaic of meditative and restless sounds with no sonic boundaries which embrace spores of psychedelic rock of all ages, mediterranean cultures and wah-wah explosions. The record has been recorded live at Blue Record Studio in Turin in one take.
‘Tebe’ is released in a 500 copies red vinyl limited edition, co-produced with Sound of Cobra from Berlin.

Luciano Maggiore and Francesco Brasini returns with a new record on Boring Machines after their monumental Chasm Achanes of 2010.
‘How to Increase Light in the Ear’ is the second release on Boring Machines by the duo part of the fertile Bologna (IT) area where sound/art projects like Xing/Raum, Netmage and Sant Andreadegliamplificatori are run by a community of forward thinking artist and musicians to create a meeting point for different languages and sensibilities.
As for its predecessor, this record has been created using tape recorders and several electronic devices (Maggiore) and a number of self-built guitars (Brasini), under the control of Mattia Dallara who gave shape to the sound in the acoustic space from the mixing board.
While the previous Chasm Achanés was based on low and rumbling frequencies, Maggiore and Brasini research is now focused on high pitched waves, through which they create a continuous movement of overtones and resonances. Tiny mechanical cracks are heard through the frequency bliss of the first track, a last resemblance of humanity into this otherwordly atmosphere.
The second track has a continuous click, almost a clock, hidden under the microtones of three different frequencies which create another blissful and luminous drone with an ecstatic feeling. When the track is almost coming to an end, a monstruous bass frequency, who lied in the background forever, finally comes in, changing shapes and colours of the drone.
Headphone listening is recommended.

More news during fall, but for now remember:  go to gigs, stay with the music.
Onga / Boring Machines

Jul 182012
House of Analogue presents
Aidan Casserly & Pawel Lopatka
“That Man from Berlin”

01 That Man from Berlin 02 Just this Once 03 Aura

Lyrics: Pawel Lopatka
Music: Aidan Casserly

Track 1 Dedicated to Barbara Górska, Dawid Hady, Elżbieta Schoenfeld and Neil Tennant

P+C 2012 House of Analogue
Out now on House of Analogue is “That Man from Berlin”, a 3 track single by Aidan Casserly & Pawel Lopatka.
“That Man from Berlin” is a very unique blend of blues, slow jazz, ambient and piano ballad driven musical landscape.
Featuring original lyrics by Pawel Lopatka and showing the intimate, musical skill of Aidan Casserly on the music and vocal side.
It’s a passionate and sensitive collaboration, by two people with a clear love of music, respect for each others creative passions and a strong bond of true artistic friendship.
You really can’t help but be moved by the glorious melodies, the singing, the wonderful lyrics within these songs, which have been lovingly created by both Aidan & Pawel.
It’s the third release by House of Analogue and it’s surely proof, that this young label (launched January 2012) is continuing to deliver the goods with each new release.
Here’s two promotional videos of two of the track on this release –
Aidan Casserly –
Aidan Casserly is the acclaimed vocalist, electro-pop producer & songwriter. Member of the ‘cult’ Irish synthpop band Empire State Human, (the disbanded) The Garland Cult and now as The Wazp (his new dark synth solo project).
ESH have numberous releases since “Pop Robot” in 2002. Their 2009 album “Audio Gothic” featured Kraftwerk legend Wolfgang Flur. The latest one “The Art” was released March 2012 on House of Analogue. ESH have had a #1 in the US iTunes dance charts, composed music for film and adverts. Made their US live debut @ the legendary Albion Batcave in New York, in 2003. Aidan has also released a book of poetry and song lyrics called “Chasing Vapours” (with U Books, Germany. Now deleted).
Discography – “White Soul” (album 2009), “The naming of Blue” (album 2010), “Castles” ft Martin Watkins (single 2011) & “That Man from Berlin” (June 2012).
Pawel Lopatka –
Pawel Lopatka is a Polish-born translator and songwriter. He’s a highly regarded translator, who has written the Polish translations of books by Mary Shelley, Paul Theroux, Nick Hornby, David Mitchell, John Boyne, and Armistead Maupin, as well as other distinguished British and American authors.
His creative collaboration with his idol Aidan Casserly, was triggered by the love for all things beautiful, and the musical fascinations the pair have turned out to share.