May 262012

MW036 In Aeternam Vale – Dust Under Brightness LP

Minimal Wave is proud to present a second volume of selections from our French favorites,In Aeternam Vale. Culled from a vast archive of recordings, these tracks were originally self-released on various cassettes by the band’s frontman Laurent Prot between 1985-1988. The sound ranges from early EBM / industrial to gristly coldwave to dark reverby guitar psychedelia. This record illustrates the stylistic range that, through experimentation and fearlessness, Laurent Prot and Pascal Aubert were capable of producing. To quote a review from In Aeternam Vale’s self-titled LP (2009) : “All the caustic, lazy, lowbrow/highbrow genius is there and even though the music is still raw, ramshackle and DIY-sounding, it’s produced and mastered like a MOTHERF***R!”. MW036 is a limited edition pressing of 999 hand-numbered copies, housed in matte heavy weight printed sleeve and black paper innersleeve. Special thanks to Eamon Ore-Giron for providing the cover painting. Purchase here, $22. Sound samples linked below.

1 Dust Under Brightness
2 Dance Binaire
3 Twist Again
4 Mat
5 Metal
6 Annie
7 AL W
8 Strawberry Flower

MW036-12 In Aeternam Vale – Dust Under Brightness 12″

Minimal Wave is proud to present a 12″ single also from In Aeternam Vale. The single features the original unedited 12 minute version of hypnotic dancefloor track Dust Under Brightness (1988) accompanied by Highway Dark Veins (1987) on the flipside, a rare, cult 13 minute techno track, recently featured in Ron Morelli’s set on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space radio show. The single also already made Juno Plus’ May 2012 charts. The record is pressed on 160 gram white vinyl, comes in a white hand stamped sleeve and is limited to 500 numbered copies. Going fast, purchase here, $16. Sound samples linked below.
1 Dust Under Brightness
2 Highway Dark Veins


MW037 Felix Kubin – TBA LP
MW038 Ohama – TBA LP
MW039 Sympathy Nervous – TBA LP
MW040 The Fast Set – TBA LP
MW041 Daily Fauli – Faulit Til Dauli (Special 30th Anniversary Edition) LP
CITI006 Kontravoid – Native State 7″
CITI007 Streetwalker – Future Fusion LP


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Veronica Vasicka tour :
June 1 : NYC : w/ Justin Anastasi / The Soft Moon at Bellwether 
June 8 : Helsinki, Finland : at Nolla
June 9 : Moscow, Russia : at Strelka
June 13 : Art Basel at TBA
June 27 : Paris, France at TBA
June 28 : Berlin, Germany at Prince CharlesFor further event details, check the Minimal Wave Facebook page.

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May 252012

We are honoured to confirm you the forthcoming issue of the third album of Cruise Ctrl : “…are not what they seem”. Il will be published by the US label Signifier in September 2012 ( It features 8 original track including a vocal collaboration with the indus veteran Dirk Ivens (Dive, Sonar, Klinik, Absolute body control…).


First extract of our album :



John C.

May 232012

Sonik Foundry – Explosive TRACK ORDER 01. Beat it Down 02. Intolerance 03. Slipping Away 04. Primer 05. Fuse 06. Obliterate 07. Fusion 08. Detonate 09. Pleasure And Pain 10. Desolate 11. Fallen 12. Perception Of Hate 13. Terra 14. Fuse (Assemblage 23 Rmx) 15. Slipping Away (00tz 00tz Rmx) 16. Severance Pay (SINthetik Messiah Rmx)

Sonik Foundry – Explosive Street date: May 25, 2012

Nilaihah Records – nr054 EBM, Industrial, Dark Electro

“’EXPLOSIVE’ is our hardest, fastest, and harshest stuff yet and is going to blow you away!”

Yes, sounds contrite? Well, once you listen to this album, you will be forced to agree. Sonik Foundry is gaining momentum in the electro/industrial genres and has the talent to back those words. They continue to grow and perfect their craft, faster than most. With Nikademus’ strong vocals, catchy lyrics, pounding beats and striking programming, they forge ahead of the rest! If you had to compare, imagine Combichrist, Assemblage 23, God Module, Komor Kommando and a little dub-step thrown in!

Originally from New Jersey, but now based in Maine, Sonik Foundry formed in 2008 after having gained a lifetime of experience in the entertainment arena. With a unique blend of EBM and Industrial sound Sonik Foundry combines clean and distorted vocals with harsh synthesizers and heart penetrating beats. Their live shows literally extend beyond the stage, with an “in your face” energy.

And, if you can imagine, Sonik Foundry’s latest release, aptly entitled ‘EXPLOSIVE’, raises the bar to a whole new level! Forging a uniquely blended EBM-Industrial sound, the songs are catchy w/ harsh synthesizers, in-your-face energy and pounding beats. Jam-packed with 13 original tracks, plus 3 remixes by Assemblage 23, 00tz 00tz, and SINthetik Messiah!

For previews of ‘Explosive’:

May 232012
BEAST OF PREY presents:
IN SCISSORS “Destin” onYoutube:
Are we bound by a predetermined destiny, or do we forge our own path in life?”
John Santerineross sets the question through his short film “Destin”, IN SCISSORS from Hellas sets the question by composing it’s original score with Vincent Andelmoth on the piano, soundscapes & effects, Jason Andelmoth on Cello and Angel W.Black on Vocals & Choirs creating a unique cinematic ambient/neoclassical piece to dress one of John Santerineross dark films.
Peter Andersson (RAISON D”ETRE), Mich Spape (H.E.R.R.), Simon Kölle (MUSTERION, ZA FRUMI, ABNOCTO), INNER VISION LABORATORY and HOARFROST place their own aspect of the same question by remixing the original score of IN SCISSORS, each one in his own way! CD in special A5 digipack including along two additional bonus tracks.
A release by Beast of Prey in collaboration with No Angels Prod.
price: 11 euro

HARD ART 04 – magazine / Informant of Independent Culture
Inside interviews with Wojcek Czern (OBUH RECORDS), Justin Mitchell (COLD SPRING / SATORI), RAPOON, DAREK BRAŃSKI, EWT 811, ALL SITES, FUKA LATA, SPIKA, ZENIAL, ZAGROB, wSZANIEC, KALeKA, SANGOPLASMO RECORDS. Articles about: CYCLIC LAW, HYBRYDS, MARIA DE NAGLOWSKA, SEALED IN BLOOD, POLSKA SCENA NOISE, SILENTES RECORDS, ARCHIVE SERIES, SKINNY PUPPY, FACTRIX, SŁOWACKA SCENA INDUSTRIALNA, :WULGATA:, relation from CoCArt Music Festiwal 4… 11 pages reviews!!! On the cover and in this number are presented pictures and the profile of Darek Brański.
The fourth number of HARD ART / 64 pages about the music, film, art and independent culture. The magazine in Polish language.  HARD ART 04 + CD / SPIKA – “Death Trip” – GRATIS
price: 2 euro
EWT 811 – “B0833-45” onYoutube:
EWT 811 – side project of Anthony Armageddon Destroyer (PARANOIA INDUCTA).
The album which presents only original extraterrestrial sounds captured  from space by pulsars, stars, planets, sounds from space missions, scientific and meteorological satellites, radio signals and the space itself. No electronic and acoustic instruments are used in recordings of this album. Every track is created with original space sounds only slightly enriched with effects or sounds processors just to improve the quality of sound. All that makes this album very unique.
37 minut – Dark Ambient / Minimal + video.
!accessible already soon!
price: 10 euro

HARD ART 03 – magazine / Informant of Independent Culture
Inside interviews with: 7JK (JOB KARMA + SIEBEN), ROMA AMOR, OTHON MATARAGAS, MACIEK SZYMCZUK, MIRT, THEME, MACIEJ NABIAŁEK, MAREK MARCHOFF, MAAAA, HOARFROST, ANTI-MUSIK DER LANDSH, INSOMNIA + EXTREME AGONY, articles about: LAYLAH (Nocny Waratah Bestii), POLSKA SCENA NOISE, ICONOCLAST (BOYD RICE in film Larry Wesel), DARK AMBIENT RADIO, LUDOLA (polish neo-folk band), the report about the Polish avantgarde-scene of years 70-these and 80-these; ARCHIVE SERIES:  LEGENDARNE ZĄBKI, PANCERNE ROWERY. Reviews 10 pages! The Best in 2011, Relation from liveshow DEATH IN JUNE. On cover and inside we present graphicses and profile  Maciej Nabiałek / Polish occult artist.
price: 2 euro

Steel and polished pins/ height-2 cm / price = 6 euro


BAPHOMET                     CHAOSTAR                     Logo VOTC                     EDELWEISS
New examples of patch. The round (8 cm) – BAPHOMET – the black patch with grey threads. The round (8 cm) – CHAOSTAR – the black patch with white thread.  The square (8x8cm) with the logo VOICES OF THE COSMOS – the black patch with white thread. Shield EDELWEISS /Alpine Edelweiss/ – the black patch with white threads and the yellow accent.
price: 3 euro

All patches are available (Logotype, Shields with symbols, Rombs with runes). More details about it on website.
price: 3 euro

 ELECTRIC URANUS / X-NAVI:ET  –  “Voices of the Cosmos”
digipack CD 2011  / Oryginal Sound from Cosmos  / Dark Ambient /
In recordings of this album original extraterrestrial sounds captured from space by radio-telescopes (pulsars), sounds from space missions and the space itself. Every artists created 3 tracks that form the 40 minutes album. Instrumental tracks played and recorded in rhythm with tones of “space sounds”, are made manually with use of electronic and acoustic instruments. All that makes this project very unique. It is the only type of it in Poland. The project had also gain reputation in science circles. “VOICES OF THE COSMOS” is the electroacoustic dark ambient (although it should not be genered this way), it’s music that in 100% the title itself explains – the voices of cosmos. As a bonus two tracks are added in video version, made with exclusive video-art by Chris Konky. The “VOICES OF THE COSMOS” is released by Beast Of Prey and Eter Records in a three panel digipack.
price: 11 euro
“Voices of the Cosmos” onYoutube:

nearest concerts  /  najbliższe koncerty:


31.05.2012 – AQUAVOICE
Adres:  Klub “TANTRA”, ul. ślusarska 5, Toruń, Poland
Wstęp: 0 zł / Free
01.06.2012 – AQUAVOICE
Adres:  Planetarium I Obserwatorium Astronomiczne, ul. Hoffmanna 1-7, Grudziądz, Poland
Wstęp: 0 zł / Free
Wystąpią:  AQUAVOICE

Adres:  NOWA SYNAGOGA, ul. Raszkowska 21, Ostrów Wkpl., Poland
Wstęp: 0 zł / Free
HATI, BRASIL and the Gallowbrothers Band, ELECTRIC URANUS, MIRT, ARRM
30.06.2012 – RAPOON
Adres:  CSW “Łaźnia”, ul. Jaskółcza 1, Gdańsk, Poland
Wstęp: 0 zł / Free
Start: 19:00
13-14.07.2012 – AMBIENT FESTIWAL 2012
Adres:  Gorlickie Centrum Kultury, Beskit Niski, Gorlice, Poland
Wstęp: bilet: 30 zł (jeden dzień) / 50 zł (karnet na dwa dni)
Start: 18:00
Adres:  CSW “Łaźnia”, ul. Jaskółcza 1, Gdańsk, Poland
Wstęp: 0 zł / Free
Start: 19:00
11.08.2012 – NORDVARGR &  AB INTRA
Adres:  CSW “Łaźnia”, ul. Jaskółcza 1, Gdańsk, Poland
Wstęp: 0 zł / Free
Start: 19:00

 “BEAST OF PREY” wydawnictwo muzyczne
Dark Ambient, Dark Industrial, Noise and Military Music
May 232012

Hi everyone,

A little reminder for our label night at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam on Saturday May 26 2012.



Rooie Waas – coming soon!
We’re stoked to announce the debut release of Nederpop doomers Rooie Waas. Het is maar een constatering will be released on September 1. Meanwhile, you can preview two tracks on the Narrominded Bandcamp page where you can also pre-order the album. But first things first, check out the video of Elke dag.

Reviews of our winter collection: Katadreuffe, Peal and Boutros Bubba
This winter we released three pieces of work by Katadreuffe, Peal and Boutros Bubba. Reviews from all over the world came in. We’d like to share some recent highlights with you.

Still fresh: China by Matto Frank (cd / download)
In February 2009, Matto Frank traveled around China where he recorded sounds with a malfunctioning microphone. What struck him was the huge presence of pop music and other synthetic sounds in public spaces. ‘It seems like in China they enjoy turning up everything as loud as possible, even if it results in . heavy distortion from the speakers. Sales people use microphones to advertise their goods and in combination with the loud music, sometimes huge feedback erupts, but nobody seems to be bothered by that.’ He decided to capture the noise around him ‘as raw and blunt as possible’.

On China he mixes these recordings with his own work, ambient tracks that allow the listener some breathing room in between the hectic Chinese soundscapes. China is a quirky trip through China just after the 2008 Olympics. The fragments reveal something of the new hospitality of the once closed communist country: conversations with curious passersby, exuberant welcome hymns and pop music made by Western standards.


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