May 312010
New HUMINOIDA single  (ex-Neuroactive vocalist solo)

Huminoida is an electronic pop band operating near / in the triangle
of old-school synthpop, darkwave and sheer weirdness.
"Huminoida loves you EP" is the third 7" single from this solo project
of former Neuroactive vocalist K-K- 

Huminoida makes music in the spirit & guts of wonderful synth pioneers 
like Fad Gadget, Human League, Coil, Soft Cell, Foetus, Tangerine Dream, 
Cluster, Suicide...etc, but it's take on synthpop / krautrock is highly original, 
following only it's own idiosyncratic logic.

Full-length album will be released later in the year 2010.

Check the songs here:
Buy records from:
May 312010

Some Basserk news facts, releases and free tracks!

1) New release: Some Tunes 4 –  Compilation CD
Just one month after Some tunes 3 we present no. 4 in the Some Tunes compilation series.
Again this compilation CD is full of killer tracks from various artists. Electro/pistolpop/fidget/dubstep/electropunk or whatever you should call the styles. It is all on this CD and it’s all wicked! As usual the compilation contains tracks from some artists who have already released tracks on Basserk and again we present some new ones. To name a few artists on the CD: Rawfare, Fantastadon, Petr Passive, Klipar, Distrakt, Lazy Late Kidz, Shock and Awe, Aerotronic and Boemklatsch.
Time, to have a listen yourself!
The release is now for sale at Beatport, Itunes, Basserk shop and other online stores.
Download free promo mix made by Aerotronic:

2) New release: PartyMode –  a la Mode
PartyMode are two young blokes from California USA and ‘a la Mode’ is their first release on Basserk records. They made four filthy, dubsteppie tracks and added two electro remixes by Chokr and Nite theories to the release. Six great tracks with nice dirty basses and beats. We loved them immediately when we heard them and I’ll bet you will love them to. Make sure to have a listen….
The release is now for sale at Beatport, Itunes, Basserk shop and other online stores.
Download free promo track:

3) Coming releases
As always we have quite some releases lined up for the near future
-Brilliants (I) – La Fuga
-Capacocha (NL) – Follow me remixed pack
-Bronstibock (NL)
-Moore & Lezz (B)
and many more

4) Basserk label night
On the 19th of June we organize the next Basserk label night at the OT301
Line up: Distrakt (AUS), Moore & Lezz (B), Timic (B), Rawfare (SK)
7 euro / Overtoom 301, Amsterdam / 23:00 hrs

That’s it, you are up to date again
For Basserk events, releases, parties and other info check our website
the Basserk crew

May 312010

Funker Vogt:

The rerelease of the “Funker Vogt” DVD “Live Execution ’99”, will be delayed about 1 or 2 weeks. In the very last moment we got excellent video material from the WGT Show 2004 in Leipzig. We decided that we have to include these 3 songs, as it is an outstanding document in very good quality and will fit in very well in this documentation of Funker Vogt’s early years. The DVD covers now everything from 1998 to 2004. Almost an hystoric document of the past of an outstanding band. and to be honest there are not many bands which can present live video material which was recorded prior to the year 2000.

Noblesse Oblige: Noblesse Oblige just got signed by MetropolisRecords for the American market!   And more good news, Noblesse Oblige just got the Hattrick. Third time in a row they got rewarded with best release of the month at Dussman, Germany’s most important record shop in Berlin ( Just like the two releases before, Malady got nominated as album of the month at Dussman.


04. Jun 2010 20:00
Arena Glashaus Berlin, Treptow, GERMANY
11. Jun 2010 23:00
Tanzklub Drushba Halle, DE
12. Jun 2010 23:00
Zwölfzehn Stuttgart, DE
18. Jun 2010 23:00
Search & Destroy Berlin, DE
25. Jun 2010 23:00
Le Klub Paris, FR
26. Jun 2010 20:00
Salon des Amateurs Düsseldorf, DE
22. Jul 2010 20:00
Madame JoJo’s London, GB
07. Aug 2010 20:00
L’Usine Geneva, CH
22. Aug 2010 20:00
drop dead festival vilnius, tbc, LITHUANIA

more dates will come soon…. (Profilepage) (Fanpage)

The LoveCrave: The LoveCrave also just got signed by MetropolisRecords!   here is an update about some compilations and magazine that are out now where you can find The LoveCrave:
– The Rock’n’Roll Compilations VOL1 is out now in Italy! Many great bands from the italian scene are there so make sure you get a copy. The song “Vampires” is included.
– Zillo of June is out! There are many stories of The LoveCrave in there and the song “Get outta here” from the new album is included in the attached cd.
– Orkus of June is out! There is a nice story on the band and a 9/10 review of Soul Saliva!
– Sonic Seducer is out! It’s the first mag that dislikes the album, you can read a different point of view and the same old story about being clones of Lacuna Coil …anyway you can judge yourself by listening to the album and reading these opinions.

Many reviews are also coming out on the internet:
Here is a nice italian review by ROCK REBEL MAGAZINE 5/5  check it out!






FFM-ROCK.DE sehr gut













May 302010
Minimal Wave

Unless they have sold out, Minimal Wave releases are available through our online catalog via mail order. If you are interested in a wholesale quantity (10+ of one title), send us an email requesting exact quantity and shipping location.
Note: Records not manufactured by Minimal Wave are designated MWX. Merchandise is designated MWZ.
Deux – Decadence (LP)

Minimal Wave is proud to present a full length LP by French duo Deux. Gérard Pelletier and Cati Tete formed Deux after meeting in Lyon in 1981. Their music can be described as minimal synth with stripped down rhythm compositions and suitably cold duets. Their influences are a perfect blend of Kraftwerk and French synthpop. Between 1983 and 1992, they released a cassette and several rare singles : Felicita / Game & Performance and Europe / Paris / Orly. They also appeared on the V/A BIPP LP (2006) and most recently on V/A The Minimal Wave Tapes: Vol 1 LP. The album features newly remastered demo trac ks as well as their best studio recordings. Check out their Felicita video here. This LP is a hand numbered limited edition, pressed on 180 gram vinyl, housed in a heavy matte jacket and accompanied by an insert. Check the sound samples and images here. Purchase the release here, $20.
Track list:
A1 Game & Performance
A2 Felicita
A3 Decadence
A4 Dance With Me
A5 Le Couloir
B1 Paris Orly
B2 Sex & Trouble
B3 Ministry Of Love
B4 Minimaliste
B5 Le Camion
Futurisk – Player Piano (LP)

Minimal Wave presents the long awaited 30th anniversary release by Futurisk. Originally from Florida, Futurisk was a pioneering electro-punk group that recorded and performed in the pre-midi era of the early ’80s. They had two vinyl releases that sold out : The Sound Of Futurism 1980 / Army Now and the Player Piano EP. They played a legendary live show and had some TV appearances and videos (check their video for Army Now here), but for a number of reasons by 1984 Futurisk was history. The Player Piano LP culls material they recorded between 1980-1982, featuring all the tracks from their two 7″ releases as well as some early 4 track tapes and rare studio recordings. The record is pressed on 180 gram vinyl, comes in a matte printed innersleeve (with old photos and press) and orange matte outer jacket. Check the sound samples and images here. Purchase the release here, $22.
Track list:
A1 Meteoright (1982)
A2 Lonely Streets (1982)
A3 Army Now (1982)
A4 Poison Ivy
A5 Push Me Pull You, Part 2
B1 Split Second Decision
B2 Damsel In Distress
B3 Lonely Streets
B4 Meteoright
B5 Army Now
B6 What We Have To Have
White Car (EP)

White Car is an industrial space funk outfit based in Chicago, IL. The duo is comprised of Elon Katz, who writes, records and produces the music and Orion Martin who plays live electronic percussion. The music utilizes classic heavy hitting EBM rhythms and early digital synthesis while integrating ideas of pop sensibility, post-punk funk and minimal synth music. Their debut self-titled EP is a record of eccentric paranoia and restrained emotion, characterized by a voice of hushed stammers and deep obsessive murmurs. The record’s lyrical content explores ideas of hypothesized reality and the perceived nature of truth, instinctive desires in relation to the concept of love, and the apathetic guilt of other’s mania and pain. The skeleton of the music is created by a solid rhythmic foundation of funk, vintage electro and proto-industrial references. Employing the empty spaces of these grooves is an assortment of spontaneously placed clamorous bursts, chugging analog arpeggios, faux brass sections and layered electronic percus- sion. Many of the record’s sounds might be deemed “unusable” by contemporary production standards, yet White Car discovers ways to make sense of tones like electric piano, sampled turntable scratches, vocal scat and orchestra hits. The humor of the sound palette is deliberately used to identify a caricature of fear and darkness. Limited quantity available, highly recommended. Purchase it here, $15.
Innergaze – We Are Strange Loops (LP)

This debut LP by Innergaze is chock full of rugged hand played analog synths lines, primitive drum machines, haunting vocals, and psychic jewelry. Call it synthwave, call it punk, “call it metaphysical body music” or at this juncture whatever one sees fit, but this duo’s music goes beyond naming names for the sake of it. From the freaky, unrelenting opener “No Shame” to the Chris & Cosey-esque “La La La,” this record creates many aural worlds to inhabit and explore. The title track “We Are Strange Loops” bubbles at a slow, hazy drug induced bpm, while “Illusions”, with it’s distorted almost guitar-like synth lines and stripped down 808 programming, brings things right back to the dance floor. The ideas and feelings executed here are a direct outpouring of what happens when the machines are turned on, played and recorded. “This is raw, spontaneous, move-your-body music”. Hand silkscreened by the artists themselves, limited quantities available. Purchase it here, $12.
Selected sound samples: No Shame, Illusions, La La La, Perception-Reception.
Charanjit Singh – Synthesizing : Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat (2LP)

‘This is so absolutely brilliant and bonkers, that when we first heard it, we thought it must be fake, some modern day Rephlex artist putting everyone on, taking the piss, with a “raga-techno” album supposedly from the early ’80s. But, no joke, this is the real thing! In 1982, Charanjit Singh, a famous Bollywood composer (he was featured on Sublime Frequencies amazing Bollywood Steel Guitar compilation), had a plan to translate ancient traditional Indian classical ragas to the synthesizer. Using the very synths that would later define Acid House (Rolands TB-303 and TR-808!), Singh unwittingly created a proto-acid masterpiece, before the techno genre ever existed. Since only a hundred or less copies were made originally, this release was mostly a rumor since its creation. We vaguely remember Drew Daniel from Matmos talking about it on Pitchfork, a couple of years back, saying someone should reissue it, but we weren’t ready for how incredible and ahead of its time it sounds. Im agine if Kraftwerk (or even Oneohtrix Point Never) started composing music for a Bollywood Rave. Or imagine a more raga-inspired take on another proto-acid classic, Manuel Gottsching’s epic E2-E4. While the “disco” rhythms are fast and frenetic and don’t really vary that much between tracks (they’re not really disco beats per se, but more akin to acid’s trancey bounce), the synth flourishes and squelches of the raga over the top are soaring and floaty, making the tracks deliriously hypnotic. Capturing acid house’s lysergic transcendence but with an outsider’s economy that refuses to date it specifically to the era. While we only have the double lp, there will be a cd release sometime in the next month or so. But don’t sleep on the vinyl too long as it’s highly limited, and we guarantee there is not another release quite like this one in your collection.’ – Aquarius Records Review. Purchase link and sound samples here, $28.
V/A The Minimal Wave Tapes, Volume 1 (2LP / CD / Digital)

The Minimal Wave Tapes release, Volume 1 is a great introduction to anyone new to the Minimal Wave label. “Stones Throw offers an expertly crafted introduction to Minimal Wave, a label that focuses on unearthing electronic DIY music from the late 1970s and 80s. Painstakingly and lovingly built by Veronica Vasicka, Minimal Wave locates the underground response– from punk-funk to early techno to goth– to the well-selling synth-pop of the Second British Invasion”.
Pitchfork voted “Best New Reissue”, read the review here. Purchase it : 2LP / CD / Digital
New buttons : Minimal Wave and Das Ding.
New shirt: Medio Mutante t-shirt. Futurisk and Minimal Wave t-shirts coming soon!
Stream the Minimal Wave radio show on East Village Radio, listen to the archives or tune in live every Sunday from 6-8PM EST.
EVR is also available via Itunes Radio under “eclectic”.
Listen to the exclusive mix for Stones Throw Podcast #53 – Minimal Wave here.
Also check Veronica’s recent visit to Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space radio show, here.
And via Vessel Music a mix of label highlights here.
On Wed, June 2nd at Bruar Falls in NYC, Self-Titled Magazine presents “Oscillations” with Led Er Est, Blessure Grave, The Passions + DJ Veronica (Minimal Wave). More info here.
Check our twitter for upcoming event updates.
Out in the fall on Minimal Wave, a 7″ release by Martin Lloyd of Oppenheimer Analysis, a repress of the Oppenheimer Analysis 12″ EP, an LP by Belgian band Autumn, an LP by cult Italian band Ruins, and more to come. A new website is in the works so watch for that as well.
We now have digital distribution through IODA, and were featured on their site in early April.
Check Boomkat for 14 recommended tracks, here. Exclusive, digital only sampler available via Other Music, From Minimal Wave With Love (sorry this is only available in the US!).
And many back catalog releases available via Itunes, Amazon, and emusic.
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Thanks to everyone who has contributed information regarding releases and artists. Special thanks to Minimal Wave interns. If you’d like to make a site contribution or release suggestion, send us an email. We’re still seeking web interns. If you know anyone in the NYC area who may be interested, please have them contact us via email. We look forward to hearing from you.
Happy summer from Minimal Wave.
May 292010

Artist: Jahcoozi
Single Title: Barefoot Dub (Taken from the album “Barefoot Wanderer” by Jahcoozi (BPC215))
Release Date Single (physical/digital): 19.04.2010 (BPC214) 21.06.2010 (BPC219)
Album Title: Barefoot Wanderer
Release Date Album (physical /digital): 19.04.2010
Composer, Producer and Performer: Sasha Perera, Robert Koch, Oren Gerlitz
Nationality: English, German, Israeli
Length: 03:22
Genre: Dub, Grime, Electronic
Label & Labelcode: BPitch Control (LC: 11753)
Catalog Number: BPC215
EAN: 880319466311 (BPC214)
880319459122 (BPC215 CD)
880319475115 (BPC219)
ISRC: DEAE61010212
Director: directed by Morgan Belenguer, edited by Florian Graßl



What’s a press release like this one supposed to be about? It’s supposed to sum up an artist’s journey, point out their career landmarks. So in the case of this band, you’d have to talk about their formation in Berlin in 2002. Something that wasn’t just about forming a band, but also about balancing different cultural backgrounds – the beats being arranged by Robot Koch in Berlin, the vocals coming from formerly London-based Sasha Perera and the basslines being laid down by Oren Gerlitz, who lived in Tel Aviv. You’d also have to talk about the early support from John Peel, and their album releases “Pure Breed Mongrel” (2005) and “Blitz ‘n’ Ass” (2007). Plus their countless 12” releases on labels such as Citizen Recordings, Crosstown Rebels or Playhouse. Not to forget their buzzing and unpredictable live shows which brought them to four continents in 2008 and covered everything from renowned festivals like Transmediale to raves in Transylvania. Then you’d have to talk about the numerous collaborations with folks like Modeselektor, Asian Dub Foundation, Anti Pop Consortium, Buraka Som Sistema and many more. And you’d definitely have to talk about them being at the forefront of producing eclectic sounds and merging genres like grime, punk rock, hip-hop and various blends of electronica to create a unique definition of pop music. A pioneering role they embraced with the same spirit that brought like-minded projects like Diplo or Switch productions, figures like M.I.A. or Terry Lynn or subgenres like baile funk, 2 step or booty bass into the public eye.

All of this had to be featured here, and well, it is now. But! A band that records an album like “Barefoot Wanderer” could hardly be interested in a text full of self references. It might even be quite useful to simply forget most things known about Jahcoozi. “Barefoot Wanderer” most definitely marks a caesura. As the title already suggests, it’s the implementation of a new-found purism. It’s not a loud, bright, stage-ready record. Recording something like that would’ve been far too easy. Of course they continue to be restless, they still filter their distinct dynamic from their different tastes in music and they are still crossing borders. With the support of the Goethe Institute they went to Kenya to record the track “Msoto Millions” along with MCs from Ukoo Flani, a Kenyan dancehall/reggae crew in Nairobi. Staying true to their core musical approach, they gathered friends from all around the globe, but this time took it further than ever. For example, there’s a track with percussionist Guillermo Brown from New York, they feature Belgian singer Barbara Panther on another, and (drum roll!) clay pot percussionist Oori Shalev from Israel, who of course played his part in making this track a quite unconventional affair. In general, they bring home sound souvenirs from every one of their journeys, but they wonít tour the world with Hypebeast-approved trainers on their feet – they wander barefoot. Not only does “Barefoot” happen to be the most fitting metaphor for this album, it is also a kind of branding for the mentality that Jahcoozi and their brothers in spirit, Stereotyp & Alhaca from Vienna, have come up with. A mentality that appeals to everyone who feels comfortable in the most varied worlds of bpm counts and bass variations. Itís something like an attempt to find a genre name for the act of refusing genres.

It’s not that this new album revisits all of the band’s typical reference points. Rather it examines all their unexplored niches in an incomparably subtle way. Chances are the band has never stretched itself so far, and it has ended up forming a unique microcosm with its own rules and language. “Barefoot Wanderer” is without a doubt the most self-contained and cohesive work they have done so far. Its sex appeal not only speaks through Sasha’s booty-shake, it virtually shines through a mysteriously hazy twilight. Unlike anything else, this album refines dubstep, it recalls the early dancehall spirit, it even reawakens the expressive force and agitation of digital hardcore, though without letting the formal execution become too explicit. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s a documentation of subtlety. Yet in every proclamation – some of which even reach into ambient aesthetics – pulsates the most lucid form of expression and the niftiest approach to pop the band has undertaken so far. And even the most explicit moments such as “Power Down Blackout”, fuelled by long-time partner in crime M. Sayyid of Anti Pop Consortium, are laid down with a nonchalance that will get a crowd going in the blink of an eye.

On the whole, “Barefoot Wanderer” is the album nobody expected, but perhaps that is the only possible outcome for a band that holds unpredictability as its one constant principle.

RELEASE: 19.04.2010
FORMAT: CD / Digital
EAN: 880319459122
LC: 11753
DISTRIBUTION: Rough Trade / Kompakt / Finetunes / Beatport


01 Barefoot Dub
02 Zoom In Fantasize
03 Powerdown Blackout feat. M.Sayyid
04 Close To Me
05 Lost In The Bass
06 Speckles Shine feat. Guillermo E. Brown
07 Read The Books
08 Msoto Millions feat. Ukoo Flani
09 Barricaded feat. Barbara Panther
10 Watching You (Deadbeat Stalker Dub)
11 Wasteland

Upcoming singles will include remixes by Click Box, Milanese, Ramadan Man, Mr. Statik and Object Object.

Supported by the Initiative Musik Non-profit Project Company Ltd. with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Bundestag.



16.04.2010 / AT / Innsbruck / Stadtcafé / Soundcity
17.04.2010 / AT / Vienna / Planetarium
23.04.2010 / GB / London / Fabric
24.04.2010 / FR / Rennes / Antipode
30.04.2010 / DE / Lärz / Kulturkosmos

07.05.2010 / DE / Berlin / Festsaal Kreuzberg / Record Release Party
08.05.2010 / CH / Zürich / Zukunft
14.05.2010 / SI / Ljubljana / Kino Siska
15.05.2010 / AT / Graz / Postgarage / Springfestival
20.05.2010 / IE / Cork / Pavilion Theatre
21.05.2010 / GB / Bristol / Thekla / Monkey!Knife!Fight
23.05.2010 / FR / Paris / Rex Club
27.05.2010 / BG / Sofia /Mellow Festival
30.05.2010 / CN / Beijing / Obiwan

01.06.2010 / CN / Shanghai / Expo
02.06.2010 / CN / Shanghai / Expo
04.06.2010 / IT / Florence / MUV Festival
05.06.2010 / DE / Hannover / Cafe Glocksee
09.06.2010 / DE / Leipzig / Campusfest
11.06.2010 / FR / Besancon / Citadelle / Electro-Clique Festival
19.06.2010 / DE / Nürnberg / DESI
25.06.2010 / DE / Lärz / Fusion Festival

02.07.2010 / DE / Berlin / Maria
16.07.2010 / DE / Hamburg / Hafenklang
18.07.2010 / DE / Berlin / Bar 25
24.07.2010 / PL / Szczecin / Boogie Brain Festival
25.07.2010 / DE / Gräfenhainichen / Splash Festival
31.07.2010 / DE / Darmstadt / 603qm

07.08.2010 / DE / Düsseldorf / Open Source Festival
to be continued…













Jahcoozi’s current Album Barefoot Wanderer must surely rank amongst the biggest surprises of the year at this early stage. Whilst it plays masterfully with all genre expectations, it is nevertheless a prime example of coherence. In keeping with the album, unpredictability also features heavily on the first single release. It takes us by surprise with the album opener “Barefoot Dub” – where a dub beat and 4/4 kick are fused logically into a unique and danceable form – and the hysterically cheerful and adorable “Close To Me”, a song which is in fact about the not so cheerful topic of loving and longing for Heroin….

A) Jahcoozi’s highly unconventional interpretation of “Close To Me” is taken to another level of abstraction by Brazilian DJ/production duo and Minus family member Click Box, who also skilfully blend in elements of “Barefoot Dub”. The pair almost effortlessly pull off the feat of retaining the hysterically absurd mood of “Close To Me”, even though the sound of their remix, with its old-school electro beat and nervously flittering filters, is light years away from the original.

B1) No less surprising to the ears is the extremely quirky dub-house-electronica blend of the antagonistic sound tinkerers Object Object / Raw Milk, who hail from the dubstep/grime epicentre of North London. Whilst the latter is still regarded by most in Germany as a blank slate, Object Object aka Mark Rutherford has already picked up remixer credits for Unkle and Yapacc in his previous incarnation as a member of Repeat Repeat. Their “Barefoot Dub” mix has an oppressively skewed feel. It’s laden with a peculiar energy and most certainly not from this world!

B2) Planet Mu hero Steve Milanese has put the brakes on his breakcore-heavy mash-ups. Here he appears in a relatively moderate mood and even surprises us with a song-like structure. His congenial “Close To Me” remix is even a trace closer to the original than the Jahcoozi edit. The focus is on the vocals and wonderfully cheesy sounds which once more – following his Planet Mu hit “Double Face” with the singer Kate Kestrel – demonstrate Milanese’s talent of writing genuinely catchy songs.

X) The digital track completes this extremely diverse remix package with an instrumental version of the Object Object / Raw Milk track “Barefoot Dub”. Identical except for the absent vocals, this version feels a touch lighter and more spacious.

A) Barefoot Dub/Close To Me (Click Box ‘Medley Mix’)
B1) Barefoot Dub (Object Object & Raw Milk Remix)
B2) Close To Me (Milanese Remix)
Digital Only: Barefoot Dub (Object Object & Raw Milk Remix) INSTRUMENTAL

ARTIST: Jahcoozi
TITLE: Barefoot Wanderer Remixes Pt. 1
RELEASE: 19.04.2010
FORMAT: 12” / Digital
EAN: 880319466311
LC: 11753

distributed by Kompakt / Finetunes

Jahcoozi “Barefoot Wanderer Remixes Pt. 2” (BPC219)

Jahcoozi’s “Barefoot Wanderer” keeps striding onwards. The A-side of “Remixes Part 2” explores previously unknown features of the marvellous album opener “Barefoot Dub”, whilst the flip side turns to the gently provocative “Read The Books”. One immediately noticeable aspect of all these remixes is the way they casually play upon the stylistic unpredictability of the tracks. The three remix artists filter out the typical clues to the various genres – dancehall, dubstep, hardcore techno – in order to produce tracks which aren‘t typical, but play upon expectations, excess and suggestion.

First up, one of the shining stars of the small but highly regarded Vienna downtempo scene turns his attention to the “Barefoot Dub”. Producer Stefan Mörth, aka Stereotyp, has been releasing his dancehall, ragga and hiphop-infused works for over ten years, predominantly on Klein Records (The Bug, Sofa Surfers…) and Kruder & Dorfmeister’s G-Stone. He has contributed remixes for his label colleagues from Sonarkollektiv as well as for Faunaflash, Juryman and several others. His “Barefoot Dub” remix cranks up the dancehall elements of the original in an almost paradoxical fashion: double tempo and a whole catalogue of harsh noises turn this dancehall into a rollicking pogo pit.

Ramadaman, commonly known as David Kennedy, takes a considerably deeper and more relaxed approach. The high-flying Brit only recently turned 20 and has already booked his ticket into the premier league of dubstep. As co-manager of Hessle Audio he has released tracks not only on his own label but also on Tampa, Soul Jazz, 2nd Drop and Bare Dubs to name a few. His remix works include Delphic, Howie B, SpectraSoul and Ragga Twins, whilst his parties in the London dubstep institution FWD have seen him share a platform with Kode9, Skream, Benga, Scuba – and Ricardo Villalobos. Ramadaman also plays a skilful game with the typical ingredients of his favoured genres, although he never allows his “Barefoot Dub” remix to nestle too comfortably into the dubstep niche.

The greatest shock factor surely comes from Ikonika’s “Read The Books” remix. Sara Abdel-Hamid, who has cemented her own star on Dubstep Boulevard with her album release on Hyperdub, turns the rhythmically and sonically dub-laden original into a kick-ass electro smash by combining a hard-as-nails lo-fi beat, cheesy 8-bit melodies and ultra-soft sound textures – all the more remarkable, since Ikonika has tended to favour playful dubstep variations with her own releases on Hyperdub. As a remix artist she has already earned the highest honours with her version of the Warp hit Township Funk by DJ Mujava.

The 12” is completed by the “Read The Books” album track. Finally, on the download release, there’s an instrumental version of Ramadaman’s “Barefoot Dub” waiting to be dropped in the club.

A1) Stereotyp Remix (Barefoot Dub) 06:05
A2) Ramadanman Refix (Barefoot Dub) 05:22
B1) Read The Books (Ikonika Remix) 05:13
B2) Read The Books (Original) 03:03
X) Ramadanman Refix Instrumental (Barefoot Dub) DIGITAL ONLY

ARTIST: Jahcoozi
TITLE:  Barefoot Wanderer Remixes Pt. 2
RELEASE: 21.06.2010
FORMAT:  12” / Digital
EAN: 880319475115
LC: 11753

distributed by Kompakt / Finetunes

web: |